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Exclamation !!!The Unifying Belief Theory!!!

The Unifying Belief Theory

Please keep in mind while reading this: there is a reason for everything & there’s a reason for my being here today telling you this. Please do not forget that. I have divided this into question & answer format because I've noticed information is generally processed better this way. I wrote this last year but only got the courage to go through with it today.

Who am I?
Since 2004, I have been a member on the board of research division for FHI in Oxford, UK under the directorship of a fellow who I will refer to as NB (google the first acronym and the city, it should be obvious). I have to speak this way to avoid data miners from collecting sensitive information. For what it's worth, I’m also a member of certain disclosure groups (UFOs are real) although I have never personally spoken in front of an audience. Once you have a rough idea of who I might be & what my background is, continue.

Why am I here?
To expose a carefully planned - (sub)layer upon (sub)layer - 'self-fulfilling prophecy' scenario, that will develope towards a Grand Finale in 2011, & the convergence of what we have termed a Unifying Belief Theory. The Unifying Belief - being that "an unprecedented turning point in human history will occur in 2011."
The theory, being that the principle of Unified Belief can/will/shall result, in a FEW people being given an opportunity towards 'GOD-hood', while the rest of the population becomes ‘assimilated’.

History in a nutshell
For thousands of years world leaders have been trying to find a way to get around the ‘Conondrum of Belief Groups’, i.e the difficulty of having power over everyone, when there are differing methods of thought. The 3 major ones being '(a)theism', 'secularism', and the most challenging: the middle road of 'spiritualism'.
For a long time they tried to exclusively promote the simplest, being (organised) religion. But we all see how that worked in controlling the masses. Now, they have learned that the way is not to control one group towards a belief, but to instead allow the existence of multiple groups and direct each one towards their own ‘flavour’, of what is practically the same idea.

What is planned for 2011 is a self-fulfilling prophesy, where the goal is to have all 3 major groups - religious, spiritual & secular - converge upon the expectation of a major event that will change humanity. And it will! It just won't be what you think, but it will be close enough for most.

The danger lies right there. Most of you are in the ‘spiritual’ division, and you have your own version of the self- fulfilling prophesy. But so do secularists and theists. And in the end, you will all be ‘correct’. This is the recipe for ultimate control, that you must keep in mind the next 4 years. I will elaborate on this.

What is this so-called ‘major event’ and how does it relate to us?
2011 is the target year for the manufacturing of the most climactic state in human history. The climax of human evolution has been quantified for several major periods in history. I am over-simplifying this but my point is that these are things that are mathematically modeled. For example, the industrial revolution might have been a 1.5/10 on a scale of climax, the bubonic plague might have been a 2/10. The future holds many horrible things and many wonderful as well, I'm sure you've been made aware of this already. You could combine such events, so that they add up. Basically what is being planned is to orchestrate a ‘Climax Threshold Quotient’, close enough to a 10/10 (a combination of good and bad) so that everyone will be receptive to the idea, and will be pushing towards a ‘historic turning point’. In fact as the years pass by I expect the phrase ‘historic turning point’ to be repeated over and over again in the media. A quick rundown of what this historic turning point is in the most basic terms:
1) For Spiritualism: non-earth beings (ETs) will provide us with spiritual aid towards a higher state of being. (ascension)
2) For Secularism: science will provide us with cognitive aids to reach a higher state of being. (singularity)
3) For Theism: a deity will provide us with divinity to reach a higher state of being. ('The rapture')

These three separate and polarized belief systems have in effect become beholden to the same prophesy, and they will each think their version is correct when in fact they are all being directed towards the same idea in a different packaging. THESE 3 ARE ONE AND THE SAME. In each of the groups eyes it will look like their version is coming true. You will have UFO disclosure, there will be strange ‘miracles’ there will be amazing scientific progress. Everyone is meant to be barreling towards their own version of what’s basically the same thing; a "historical turning point" brought about by some kind of assisted "higher state of being".

How do these 3 ideas converge? Are you saying all of these three will happen?
Here is how it's been set up as far as I know: Technology (the secular side) derived from ET guidance (the spiritual side) will allow us to transcend our humanity and become the creators (the theistic side).

I can only speak of the part that deals with the technology itself. Certain scientists have access to some very old and very LIMITED ET technology. Of special interest is a UFO navigation system from remains of an unmanned spacecraft, which is based on a very complex nervous system of an alien species I've never seen before. It was biotechnology: not comprised of metal and transistors, but of neuron and semi-organic material. Certain researchers claimed about a month ago to have turned this technology into what we could describe as an implantable neural processor that will change the human brain to some thing completely unfamiliar; not only in the conventional raw processing speed but also in the creative, reflective, and analytical aspects that to this date have only been observed in biological brains (as opposed to synthetic machines). Supposedly this kind of technology will allow us to transcend our humanity & our physical limitations, explore the several dimensions, do things unimaginable.

So why is this bad?
This is bad because the Climax Threshold in 2011 is meant to condition you to be willing to compromise.

What do I mean by this?
Seculars are expected to compromise that the technology was made available to certain people first, and later to others but most will see no choice but to become a part of it.
Spiritualists are expected to compromise with the fact that human evolution was not achieved solely by spiritual means but will be coerced to accept the interpretation that this technology is a result of their spiritual evolution and will become a part of it.
Theists are expected to compromise with the fact that no diety came down directly to bring humanity to a higher state of being, but that a diety has indirectly blessed them with this opportunity and they'll become a part of it.

Of course people do not think this way right now, but the theory is when the Climax Threshold nears 10/10 in 2011, the longing for a Paradigm Shift will be so great that instead of resistance we’ll see willingness.

This is the plan of a few people, blind with power, to become Gods. The only way I know of it is because I was offered (and am still expecting) a sentient role after the true historical event, in exchange for my research, but now that the research nears completion I don't trust them, I expect to be assimilated like everyone else. And to be honest I'm bitter, I won't let them get their way without a fight.

I am here to tell you this: make the commitment to not fall for it. Open your eyes to the massive movements starting to stir in the religious, scientific, and spiritual realms, the best thing you can do at this point to avoid being sucked into it is to not be a player in their game. Unfortunately, this is difficult, if you're not religious, secular, or spiritual, what can you be? We can discuss this and maybe arrive at an answer...


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