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Exclamation FREAKING MAGIC - The veil removed

It has been often claimed that the black projects are operating on a technological level which their insiders themselves describe as “Freakin Magic”. That’s because these technologies are using hyperdimensions, psychic energies etc. to produce mind-boggling results.
Its been claimed also that these technologies are used to influence the general public to subjugate them into buying into a particular believe-system or mindset.
These claims can rarely be proven with public available material. One rare proof, for example, is the existence of alien implants in humans. But there is more proof…

Lets take a look at another phenomena called CRISS ANGEL, or the “MINDFREAK”:

Criss has proven to be a more or less talented illusionist. By using the standard repertoire, he disappears, get cut into pieces and walk on acryl plates covered by water.
But some stunts are going far beyond any possible explanation:


Of course we can always say, that all participants were paid actors and that its all a cheap sham. But that’s not what this thread is about.
Lets assume we are looking at a real phenomena in some of these videos.

So the question is: How and Why?

Lets analyse the first two vids: To make an elephant disappear/appear in concrete-floored garage is unexplainable by normal means. Remarkably in both cases a human chain was formed, with the elephant inside.
One can say that the circle serves as a proof, that the elephant has not been walked out of/into the bed-sheets from the place optically covered by them. But what if the chain is used like in a pagan or wiccan ritual, in which these magnified psychic energies are used to achieve the feat? Are these energies channelled here by technological means to make the elephant disappear?

Speculation you will say, but now I will proof to you that Criss is been helped by Freaking Magic technologies to achieve some of his stunts:

In the third video Criss is flying in an open golf course. There are no cranes or helicopters with any flying acryl-plate on which he can stand. I believe that he was really flying there. But how?
Look at timeframe at 0:57 . When he is been lifted up, briefly a UFO can be seen:

Also here at 1:15

and here at 1:24

This is far more than a casual optical glitch of the camera.

Can it be that the cloaking screen of the UFO was a little bit failing when they activated the beam which carried Criss?

Looks like.
It is a proof for me that Criss Angel is a Psyops participant of the PTB.
But what might be the agenda behind that operation?
For that we have to look at the bigger picture: Lets assume that the operation of the “second coming” of Christ/Aliens or whatever is on its way.

The main aim is:

The wilful subjugation of mankind to the authority of a “God Almighty” which has not so godly intentions.

Where comes Criss into play?

Criss might get groomed because he is a test to see how far a gullible youth can buy into accepting him as a god.

Watch this video:


There Criss walks on water with a Jesus-beard and chemtrails in the background. In this video 25 times “OH, MY GOD” was shouted by obviously payed actors.
The title of this short video is “Criss Angel is a GOD”:


It got nearly 500.000 views. This hammering of being a god because of some magical stunts is obvious.
If Criss´s scenario plays out to be successful, then he will be a kind of authority to facilitate the acceptance of the coming God, which proofs himself through doing the “impossible”.
Does Criss play a Petrus role for the PTB, by paving the way for things to unfold ?

Edit April 2010: ALL 5 vids have been removed from youtube. There are more than 10000 vids of Criss, but these 5 have been removed because of "copyright".


Well, 5 gone and 9995 left to go!

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