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Default Disclosure Project News Bulletin - Clinton/PROJECT STARLIGHT Briefings

Disclosure Project News Bulletin - Clinton/Project Starlight Briefings

Bulletin from Dr. Steven Greer

* Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Clinton's Administration were briefed on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.
* Release of Clinton Library Documents shows proof of discussions with Laurance Rockefeller about revealing ET/UFO Truth to public, and briefings by Project Starlight, predecessor of the Disclosure Project.
* Dr. Greer can corroborate details of, and provide deep background to, this story.

It has recently been reported that Hillary Clinton met with Laurance Rockefeller at his Wyoming ranch in August 1995 to discuss his insistence that the government disclose the truth about ETs and UFOs, along with the resulting advanced technology back-engineered from their crafts (See: http://www.openminds.tv/hillary-clin...ook-discovered).

I was present at Mr. Rockefeller's Wyoming estate in the fall of 1993 to discuss this matter and to plan briefings for the Clinton Administration. I also discussed this matter extensively with President Clinton's first CIA Director, R. James Woolsey in December of 1993.

Additionally, I discussed this matter in great depth with Paul Davies, the author of the book on UFOs Mrs. Clinton is seen holding in the pictures accompanying the article in the link above.

Further discussions occurred between myself and other Clinton Administration insiders. The focus of these discussions was Disclosure of the UFO secrets and establishing open, peaceful contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth.

- Steven M. Greer, M.D.

An AP article by Andrew DeMillo dated Nov. 14, 2007 entitled "Clinton Library Offers Peek at UFO Files," (www.disclosureproject.org/clintonlibrary.shtml) refers to FOIA documents released from the Clinton Library. One of these documents is a letter from "The Project Starlight Coalition" (the predecessor of Dr. Greer's Disclosure Project) signed by Dr. Steven Greer and others, urging President Clinton to declassify documents about extraterrestrials and UFOs.

This letter from The Project Starlight Coalition was the result of the historic Asilomar, California meeting that Dr. Greer organized and Laurance Rockefeller paid for in June of 1995, just before Clinton's meeting with Rockefeller in August 1995. The letter of response from the White House to Dr. Greer is also included among the documents. The documents are all stamped "CLINTON LIBRARY PHOTOCOPY."

Link to the Project Starlight letter and its White House response:

For media interviews, please contact:
Dr. Steven Greer, Washington D.C., via media@disclosureproject.org

Additional Information:

In Dr. Greer's book "Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications," pages 320-333 contain references and background information about Project Starlight. Specifically:

Page 320 - An overiew of Project Starlight

Page 323 - Summary of Points regarding Project Starlight for the Clinton Administration. These points were hand-delivered to then CIA Director James Woolsey when Dr. Greer met with him.

Page 327 - A letter from Dr. Greer to those working closely with Project Starlight.

Source: www.disclosureproject.org
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Default Re: Disclosure Project News Bulletin - Clinton/PROJECT STARLIGHT Briefings

Good work, T. Thanks.
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