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Default Bilderberg Video

I just watched this Bilderberg video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...43052405232159 The quality isn't very good...but what particularly interested me were the interviews in the last half of the video. These included an ADL representative and several Bilderberg insiders. There was almost no ranting and raving in this video. I liked that. It seemed balanced. What is the distinction between privacy and secrecy? We seem to reverence our right to privacy...yet despise the secrecy of the Bilderbergers. If these people discuss and advise in private...I see no problem. If they conspire, dictate, and threaten...I see a huge problem. Corruption is the enemy...not privacy. I often think that placing oneself in the shoes of Bilderberg members(especially the permanent members) is a good mental exercise. I'd love to see the U.S. Constitution become the cornerstone of a world government. Perhaps, at some point, the U.N. could make such a transition. Which country might object the most vigorously...and why? I keep thinking that this is a group of people who are not really in control of everything. In a way...I wish there was a group of well intentioned people, who were not manipulated by demonic forces of any kind, who privately, carefully, and reverently discussed the future of humanity...and had the ability to genuinely create a better world without tyranny. I see even the Bilderberg Group as a somewhat fearful gathering of powerful people who answer to an even more powerful absolutely hidden group of humans and non-humans. This hypothetical group would NOT be meeting at resorts and playing golf. I envision this group traveling to their meetings on submarines, underground leviton trains, and even anti-gravity craft. Likely meeting places might be deep underground military bases on earth...or even on the dark side of the moon. I'd like to say more...but a shape-shifting Delta Force soldier just materialized in my office...and is telepathically communicating that he's here to help me...

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