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Default Arriving to 2012

Just what is it that we are touching? It seems to be just out of reach, and yet we can feel it just out of our perceptions, teasing us, dancing there at the periphery of our awareness. It is causing anxiety, creating a shake up, rattling through our collective. It is percolating everywhere and noticeable effects are bubbling up in every society in the world, bubbling up in physical manifestations that are detectable on and encompassing all of our planets in the solar system, including the sun. It is beginning to show itself in the scientific community, teasing scientists, having them question reality in new ways, difficult ways for a scientific mind to adjust to. Our old world paradigms are dissolving around us. The few groups that are struggling hard to keep those old paradigms in place are finding chaos and futility the result of their difficult efforts.

World changes are coming fast and getting faster. The enormity of what is occurring in the geopolitical climate is to be as complex and as world encompassing that it has become an impossibility for the people to keep up with, much less making sense of the totality of what is transpiring on the world stage.

World changes are coming fast and getting faster. Global environmental tragedies have now become a daily sight as witnessed on the pages and websites of news outlets throughout the entire world. Global warming has been accepted by global factions including the voicing of third world nations proclaiming adverse topological changes occurring in their own backyards. The continuing rise of industrial powerhouses like that of the United States, India, and China has not even been factored into the crisis as they try desperately to increase production to stave off global recession. Refusal to sign into law by these and other countries the necessary desperate measures for immediate implementation of treaty bound stabilizers restricting pollution output and increasing greater research of alternative means of energy has been a ‘deliberate superiority complex reaction’ to the voices of the people and scientists around the world. Instead, these scientists are seen as opposition, rather than advisory, in reference to the climactic changes now manifesting as worse than worse-case scenario predictions.

World changes are coming fast and getting faster. Eco-System diversities are not on the verge of collapse, but in the process of collapse, creating the 6th and greatest of mass extinctions ever to take place in the entire lifetime of planet Earth. The decline of key species to possible extinction creates not only the destruction of that particular species, but also allows a domino affect of the specie’s environment, effectively occurring in the wiping out of entire localized ecosystems by the extinction of only one of its inhabitants.

Solar System wide changes are coming fast and getting faster. Recent anomalous atmospheric changes are occurring on every planet as well as some moons throughout the system. Magnetic pole changes, melting polar ice caps due to planetary global warming, strange geophysical anomalies unexplainable by current scientific theories, predicted solar activity beyond any previously known to man, extraordinary energy outputs creating plasma halos, supercharged volcanic activities, planetary auroras borealis observations never before seen, electrical plasma discharges indicative of increased planetary energies, and on and on…

Overpopulation and the resultant planetary resource unsustainability. Fossil fuel emissions. Declining atmosphere integrity. Destabilization of nations on a global scale due to wars, religions, and dissolving economies. Increased solar activity. Earth’s declining magnetic field indicative of electromagnetic disruptions and planetary polar shift. Loss of habitats essential for global climate stability. Increasing frequency of natural disasters, many of which of historical record breaking caliber. On and on.

And let me tell you this, it is not that these events are happening. It is that these events are happening now, all in the same period of time, all at a time in the human condition that has been foreseen, been prophesied and time-stamped. Add to this the massive outburst of paranormal, spiritual, and metaphysical events that are taking place across the world and we can begin to see the importance of the location we are heading towards at this place in time.

So what does this mean? What is this heralded event we are heading towards? There is a place in time that many civilizations have referenced to. They have referenced it by ways of the stories of their Gods, of a final time far in the future, where the human condition will be changed, will never exist again in the same manner. Humanity as we have defined ourselves will cease to exist in the same way as we have for thousands of years. It is an era when the cycle of seasons, cycle of years, cycles of Ages, and cycles of Equinoxes comes to a close.

This time frame is actually a place. How? What do I mean? How can a time actually be a place? This concept the ancients knew well, for their study of the celestial heavens was the foundation to their world. This study of the mysterious lights in the sky foretold times of harvest, times of cold, times of omen from passing comet tails streaking luminescent in the ether, times of worship and sacrifice when dragons would swallow the sun whole. Gestation cycles and Godly manifestations. Records of the past and portends of the future. It defined every aspect of their lives and they were very well versed in the subtleties of its spinning language. And they found a time, a place in the heavens that the world would pass through. And that place in the heavens was a place, that once entered, would alter, would transform everything humans once thought they knew. The ancients, particularly the Mayans, stamped this place in space of increased energy on stone for future generations to decode. They knew it was there and knew that the planet was spiraling directly for it. They calculated the passage of time through cycles. They probably never looked at it the way we understand it now. It was not time, but cycles spiral in form spinning out from galactic center, spiraling round and round.

They viewed the passage of the sun as locations in space, not as the passing of twenty-four hours. Their cycles were constructed of the concept of where on the horizon the sun rose, their seasons marked by the reverse movement of the sun along the lining of the horizon. The planetary bodies did not pass through a linear path of time, but spun in a complex pattern of dances through areas of space, sections of the heavens, new locations on a tapestry of invisible energy that our world, our solar system, forever spun inside. It was not seconds and minutes and hours and days, but rather the movement of the vast Gods and the entering of these different areas in space...that was their concept of our so-called 'time'.

It was not a concept of when, but of where. Now you are beginning to understand how the ancients viewed their universe. By releasing the illusory concept of time and viewing rather the movement of eternal changes in the space of celestial spirals, this spinning existence we experience holographically as the dance of life, a step in the process of awakening is put forward as this old way of thinking is remembered. You are beginning to understand the vastness of illusions we have created for ourselves.

And in their study in the ways of the world they discovered a location somewhere in space in front of them. It is a point the planet is heading towards where their calendar of cycles would not work anymore. It is a place, somewhere distant, that they were spinning towards. It is to be an impossible place where everything they believed in would end, would collapse. It is to be a place where their calendar, where cycles, their celestial Gods, their very ideas of what it is to exist, was to break down. It is to be a place in the darkness of space where their calculations broke down. Their religion, beliefs, their Gods, as is the eternal way of a universe in duality, would dance their final dance. And in that dance give birth to a new reality. Though they had not the word for it, this location was to be the singularity to not only their existence, but the existence of everything they viewed and studied in the night sky. And what they viewed and studied was the Gods themselves. And this place the world is heading towards was just in front of them. And once the place is crossed, when the celestial bodies line up perfectly with the God that was and is Galactic Center, when the world passes through, passes into this place, this world they knew will pass away. The cycles that defined their knowledge of what it is to exist, would not exist anymore.

"This does not mean that a “new cycle” will begin. It is the end of cycles."
- Carl Johan Calleman, PH.D., The Mystery of 2012, 2007, pg. 87

This location is where this cycle of life as we know it is to end and the birth of something impossible, indescribable, is to take place… Once alignment with Galactic Center is attained, once we make that passage through the other side of the galactic singularity, once we spin headlong, unable to stop the rotation of the universe, into and past the Winter Solace of December 23, 2012, everything will never be the same.

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