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Exclamation Prophecies Unraveling the near future

I came across to this web page
And I found this message very interesting

"Let me continue on the explaining this thread that I started at July of 2007, this is what I can say about this incoming world conflict:

As I explained in my thread about the Colapse of the Economy we are atending once again the preliminary of a terrible world crisis that is not going to be only in the social and Economical aspects but also in the geopolitical.

As the facts are running so fast in the Economical sphere I feel that is my dutty to warns with more details what are going to be the first stages of this generalized international conflict:

So soon when 2009 arrives the Chinese economy will go to bankrupty, this would be as a consequence of the American recession. The incapacity of our economy to fulfill the international compromises with the external sources of credit is going to be the core of this issue.

I can say that the way in which the Communist government of China is going to try to fix their issues will be through expropiation all the private foreign capital invested in their territory.

This so arbitrary ordenance, that of course America and other western nations are going to protest, will be followed so soon for the attack and invasion of Taiwan that China will use to show its force to the world and create fear to its rivals.

Following this first military action I see something even more surprising and scaring:

China will support a possible attack of North Korea to the South Korea and;

Also will support an instoppable attack of Iran over Iraq and more over a terrible and a suddenly and demolishing one over Israel.

These two facts are going to be decissive to motivate the radical countries of the Arab world to target other more ambicious objectives in Europe.

However, the appearant easy success in all those military plans will drive the Chinese armed forces to do his great mistake in this war: a so powerful and unmerciful attack over Russia, something that is going to change the course of the war against them.

So in Resume, be aware on time about what you can do to protect your interests if you are in any way related with manufactury in the Asiatic Giant, pay attention to this advise since it value millions of dollars for many investors, the time to move capitals from Mainland China to USA is now no in six months, no in one year, that would be unfortunately so late.

When the critical point arrives a huge confrontation between China and the USA will happen, something that will not be stoped in any form, since the two Giants, America and China will go directly in path of collision one against other, and this is going to drive the world to one of the worst world military conflicts of the History.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness. Comments (3)
End quote

So what do you think???
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Soul Sequence
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Default Re: Prophecies Unraveling the near future

Interesting read......but doesnt sit well with me. What I feel may happen, and of course, this is pure speculation is that yes, I agree that the U.S. will go into a depression bringing down globally the economics. Seems that no type of bailout will work as more and more investors are to the wise. As far as China, I believe them and other nations that hold property interest in the U.S. will just simply reclaim their property (corporations and such). As far as globally, it is very likely that the "elite" will bring forth a world currency and martial law will be instituted in the states during all this because of high food prices and shortages, people losing homes and jobs, etc... I keep thinking about another possible false flag attack somewhere in the U.S. and a date that hits me may just be too simplified. I keep getting the date November the 9th which of course would be the backwards of 9/11. Also I think Israel will go into and attack Iran/Syria/Lebanon anytime soon bringing the U.S. into the fray with them. We may even see China and Russia fight along side with Iran but who knows. As you can see, this is not a pretty picture because the rest of the world would have no choice but to join in as they are allies of someone. So, what I hold faith in is that the elite all crumble before playing war games with all our lives to serve their benefit.
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Default Re: Prophecies Unraveling the near future

There is allot that may happen or may not happen with China and the U.S. understand that China needs the U.S. also as they may claim the companies but where would they sell the cheap goods if the U.S. goes under? it is in there interest to keep China making money also as their people are getting used to having money and if and when the economy goes under here in the U.S. the world will follow.

I can see the U.S. is the great whore as the world revolves around the U.S. dollar and our economy and as we go so does the world. There needs to be change and it is up to all of us to make a change I hope there are Chines that would side with us and help to make change happen there also as well as Russia and the whole messed up middle east with their clergy having control of them and their free thoughts. Religion is a major problem there as well as other countries and religions too.

I just want to point out that yes there may be war or may not but it does revolve around the economy and how it is all intertwined with the U.S. economy and how China will do what it can to keep the U.S. economy up as long as they can as they are trapped also knowing what a billion Chines uprising there would be like as it was before to bring about change. To think China would drop us that quick would be a mistake why do you think they help us now, they need us as we need them.

If there would to be war I do think it would be started with Russia felling as though they are being infringed on by there former satellite states who seem fit to arm them selves with missiles from us pointed at them, sorta like how we felt during the bay of pigs we did not want missiles in Cuba too close for comfort why do it to Russia now? and why does not Russia have the right to say NO! like they are now.

I do seem to go on and on and will end my thoughts now good thread and good thoughts thanks.
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