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Default Glenn Beck on CNN

Check out Alex Jones' infowars site current page (Oct 9th) to see Glenn beck's rant on market collapse, a one world currency and the NWO!
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Default Re: Glenn Beck on CNN

Also on youtube - Glenn Beck: NWO Order Launch.
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Default Re: Martial Law discussion makes the mainstream media

"Guys at the highest level of global banking are reading about the Weimar Republic"

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Cool Re: Martial Law discussion makes the mainstream media

Will the public pick it up?
Will the mainstream media hit the subject enough and on time?

It confirms what more mainstream writers warned us about:
Noami Wolf with The End of America
Noami Klein with The Shock Doctrine - Disaster Capitalism

and even
Noam Chomsky with his Manufacturing Consent

It also confirms what Alex Jones tells us, but he's not mainstream. He's a conspiracy theorist and those are laughed about, are not taken serious.

see also
NAOMI WOLF: Americans are facing a coup, as of this morning it's happened - 10/6/2008
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Default Re: Martial Law discussion makes the mainstream media

What To Expect When Martial Law Is Declared
Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You After The World-Wide Economic Collapseby Timothy K. Perry
Sunday, October 12, 2008

After the coming economic financial collapse, a state of world-wide martial law will be declared. Considering the current events which are in direct alignment with documented plans for totalitarian one-world government, (white paper plans published by the Tri-Lateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and Club of Rome), martial law will be imposed without official dissent upon the various countries of the world. Martial law is military rule imposed upon civilian populations in a time of war or during a (sic) "State of Emergency". The following elements can be expected to occur once the t.v. news anchors tell people not to panic, but that a State of Emergency has been declared due to the crash, and a (sic) temporary state of martial law has been declared, which will be rescinded once the State of Emergency has passed.

What the news people won't tell you is that given the history of martial law, the suspension of such a draconian state is far more difficult to achieve than its original imposition. Esteemed reader, ask yourself the question, why dictator or group of dictators ever voluntarily relinquished their dictatorial powers? I'm searching really hard through the history files of the world to find out the handful of amazing people who did so. So far, all I can find is George Washington who declined being elected "King".

Whenever the "Powers That Be" decide to impose martial law, the following items can be expected:

:1. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE ENDED-Under martial law, the U.S. Constitution is suspended and the citizens immediately lose all the protections, safeguards, and human rights guaranteed by that document. The citizens also lose every rights and privileges granted under The Bill of Rights. The constitutions of other countries will likewise be suspended with similar conditions imposed upon the citizens of those other countries.

2. CURFEW ENFORCEMENT-Anyone caught outside after curfew can be shot dead. There are no exceptions for personal emergencies unless of course, these people have some sort of official written permission or are in possession of other material which gives them a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.

3. WRIT OF HABEUS CORPUS SUSPENDED-This means that soldiers can bust into your house, or arrest you on the street without warrants, and can throw you into prison without explanation or access to legal counsel. They can hold you there for months, even years, since there are no time limits imposed on how long you can be imprisoned.

4. PERSONAL FIREARMS WILL BE SEIZED-Armed forces can invade your home and force you to surrender any weapons you have, regardless of your constitutional right or need to bear arms for your self-defense. If you refuse, you could be shot dead in your living room, and all your possessions seized. If you're lucky, you might just get Tasered, or butt-ended with an AK-47, to eventually wake up in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) Detention Center with a Prison Identification Number which you will go by as a "name" instead of your old name, the one on your birth certificate.

5. PERSONAL PROPERTY CAN BE SEIZED-This means that under the excuse of "requisitioning", soldiers can kick you out of your home, and seize both your home, all the contents inside that home, as well as any vehicles, or other items you have on your grounds. They also can claim the actual real estate of the acreage as well. If you refuse or resist in some way well....I guess you can fill in the blanks or use your imagination.

The following list of Executive Orders have already been signed by past U.S. presidents are in effect immediately upon declaration of a national State of Emergency or Martial Law:

Executive Order 10995: All communications media will be taken over by federal authority: radio, television, websites, newspapers, even CB and Ham radio systems. Freedom of expression, otherwise known as the First Amendment will be canceled until further notice.

Executive Order 10997: All fossil fuels, related substances as well as all electrical power, both corporate as well as privately owned devices and generators will be seized by the federal government.

Executive Order 10998: All food, means to produce such food and related products and machinery, warehouses and collectives which obviously include corporate and private farms will be seized by the government. You will not be allowed to hoard food since this is regulated. If you are caught hoarding food, you could be shot dead, or perhaps you will be lucky enough to be Tasered, knocked to the ground, sent to a FEMA camp and be immediately classified as a "domestic terrorist", otherwise known as an "Enemy of the State".

Executive Order 10999: All modes of transportation will be placed under complete government control. Any vehicle can be seized.

Executive Order 11000: All civilians will be drafted into forced labor which the t.v. anchors will euphemistically call "volunteer labor" at a variety of designated work places or camps under federal supervision. Go watch old film reels of the slave labor images under Nazi prison camps, or if you prefer, go watch a copy of Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman, to get a more modern updated "American flavor" of what it's like to be part of a slave labor chain gang. Of course, you must always remember, that if you go against the Boss, you will be accused of "A Failure To Communicate."

Executive Order 11490: Absolute dictatorial "presidential" control will be exercised over all US citizens, business as well as church institutions during a State of Emergency where martial law is declared necessary.

Executive Order 12919: At the direction of the president, this Executive Order allows various Cabinet officials to take over all aspects of the US economy during a State of National Emergency.

Executive Order 13010: This Executive Order allows FEMA to take control over all other government agencies.

Executive Order 12656: "ASSIGNMENT OF EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS RESPONSIBILITIES" -This order allows for the declaration of a State of Emergency during natural disaster, military attack, technological emergency, or other emergencies that seriously threaten the national security of the United States. This order allows for total, unquestioned federal takeover of every local police enforcement agencies, as well as local price fixing and wages. It also forbids reassignment of personal financial assets within or outside of the United States.

All in all, it makes me wish I was born several hundred years in the future, because by then, we will be genetically designed to obey without question, with no personal will or identity of our own. So in that case, we won't know what we've lost, because all the history books, or shall I say history "discs" will have been rewritten. Hopefully, this game plan will be abandoned, and the planned scenario will never happen to us, even though plans have been written for just such a scenario. Hopefully, the decision will be made to abandon this plan and revitalize the world economy without dramatic incident so such draconian methods are not necessary to unite all countries under the one world globalist banner. I don't think anyone is going to resist the transition to a one world police state anyway. Most people just want to be able to pay their bills and get by, and enjoy what little free time they have, no matter what group is ruling. After all, this transition is already being achieved as we speak
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Default Re: Martial Law discussion makes the mainstream media

Looks like local police are utilizing government police forces...hmmmmm.

Blackwater now assisting N.C. law enforcement

K-9 units from Elizabeth City Police and the Currituck Co. Sheriff's Office responded. Blackwater was called to assist in the search with a helicopter.

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Default Re: Martial Law discussion makes the mainstream media

Martial Law will only be declared in select areas where civil unrest over takes the system.

Where will this happen?
It will begin in poor minority dominated inner cities, as these people are already ready to riot as is and only need to be pushed over the edge.

LA, Boston, Detroit, Chicago and New York are you most likely candidates for the first areas that will see it, because those areas are the most likely where the poor and distressed will start to riot for food and such.

There wont be a global Martial Law crack down on the United States because the majority of people will obey the law.
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Default Re: Martial Law discussion makes the mainstream media

I saw an army truck on the way to work. Only two soldiers, they were female and unarmed. There was a news van following them. Channel 4 I think. Watch the news sheeple.
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