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I dont need a label !
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Exclamation I'm bored now

Well 7/10/08 and 14/10/08 have both come and gone with nothing happening.
We also had that ray thing in the hill that broke.
Was really looking forward to some positive stuff happening but I guess it wasn't to be.
So what's next? Anyone got a new date we can get excited about??
21/12/12 is too far away to worry about for the moment.
Can some one make something up for maybe the beginning of Nov please
Please post your ideas below

How about something along the lines of a dimensional time slip??
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Soul Sequence
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Default Re: I'm bored now

I can definitely understand your frustration but IMO, (as predicted by the webbots), October 7th event did occur with the roller coaster downhill slide of the economic crash worldwide. As for October 14th, well, yesterday the markets shot up but to no avail, they came crashing down today. Also, mainstream media is bringing up "martial law" during their news segments in a serious state of mind. Also, we've got the huge earthquake prediction of Dec. 10-12th of this year, which is pretty close. We've still got the possibility of a scandalous election in the states, still a possibility of war between Israel and Iran/(Syria/Lebanon) which may include the U.S. and Russia before Bush leaves office. Ummm, oh, the "2009 Summer of Hell" with food shortages among other things that could cause civil rioting and unrest, engaging "martial law". What more would you like.

Regards and Blessings,
Soul Sequence
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Default Re: I'm bored now

well the way i see it , nothing ever seems to happen that fast it aways takes time hell, WW2 almost 6 years long!
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Default Re: I'm bored now

This reminds me of this time back in high school, this girl was upset about some stupid high school thing and she said something to me like: "Why is there always so much drama!! waa waaa... etc." I said to her: "Think about it, if there wasn't all this BS.... how BORING would life be?" and she just looks at me like I blew her mind.

I still have the same way of thinking. I don't get worked up about all this impending doom or whatever, I read about it to learn and prepare myself, but not for 'doom' but just in general. Anything that's gonna happen is gonna happen as long as it's out of my control. If I DO have some control over it, then I do what I can to achieve a favorable outcome. This is why I have minimal stress at this time of my life, despite things being less than ideal. As one of my former teachers once told me: "S**t happens, so make sure you wipe up real well".

I think people just like to constantly get worked up into a frenzy about things, and that's fine..... it's not for me. I guess my thinking right now could be summed up by that REM song: "It's the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine".

Now the next date on the horizon is 12/21/2012, that's a whole nother issue. Come what may.... "My heart is prepared, how's yours?"
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