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14 Chakras
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Default Re: Operation Terra

Gratitude for the nice points Bushy, Initiate and Mudra.

Much respect to your Being.

Mudra the words that flow freely from you are always so wise, gratitude for Being my teacher in ways of the heart.

All of us here are both students and teachers, helping each other learn as we come up higher. Schoolroom is infinite, always MORE to learn. I Am grateful for all the learning opportunities I have here. Trying out different approaches in my own communication, discerning what comes from Self and what comes from self... The process of transmuting self into Self, always More.

Spiritelemental gratitude for sharing your understandings that you learned from your friend John. I agree with that.

I am very happy to be a part of the team, with those on this forum, that will help raise up planet Earth and ALL of it's people into a beautiful Golden Age which truly will showcase the Power, Wisdom and Love of God, through each one of our own Beingness.

We will bring forth a Golden Age by helping each other, like we already are, to come up higher in consciousness and Truth and into the kingdom of heaven consciousness that is inside of us here and Now.

Espavo ~~~
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Default Re: Operation Terra

Blessings to you friends .
Everyone here has spoken well .
Where there is no Love there is no Light .
Love is the carrier of the Light .
Let's always leave the Light on wherever we go.

Love from me

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Default Re: Operation Terra

A buddhist monk named Lobsang Rampa who was born in Tibet, could actually see auras. Only a handful of people world wide can see the finer aspects of reality, and most of them do not see with enough finery to be able to see the lotus pattern of a magnetic field.

Here is a site about Lobsang Rampa. My Dad read all his books and told me about them when I was a kid growing up.


Al Bielek of the Montauk project could see auras as can Micheal Talbot, the author of the Holographic Universe.

The Aliens that are in contact with Alex Collier have said that the entire universe is changing right now. All the black holes have begun emitting a new sound which is gradually growing stronger. A new density has emerged at the highest level with a frequency of vibration that has never existed before, and new entities have emerged within that density. Those entities could be said to have the greatest conscious awareness of the present moment out of all of us. Its the only place where you can truely see things for what they really are, and then from that place you are then empowered to make informed decisions and alter things at their source.

The picture above was made from iron filings and a magnet. See how a trees pattern is infact created by a magnetic field. Life and magnetism are one and the same.

I hope Ive been of some help. Thanks for listening.

Spirit Elemental

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Default Re: Operation Terra

Originally Posted by Spiritelemental View Post

Al Bielek of the Montauk project could see auras as can Micheal Talbot, the author of the Holographic Universe.
Al Bielek (his full name is Alfred Bielek) was proven to be a liar and hoaxer already in 2003. Wondering, why people still refer to his utter nonsense, maybe because his bedtime stories are popping up time after time.

See http://www.bielek-debunked.com
for a full report about him lying.

Originally Posted by Spiritelemental View Post
Life and magnetism are one and the same.
What a nonsense.....

Best regards,

Golf Sierra
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Default Re: Operation Terra

Originally Posted by mudra View Post


The term "Operation Terra" refers to both a body of information and an operational concept. The information was telepathically transmitted to Sara Lyara Estes (aka Lyara) by a group of higher-density beings who refer to themselves as "The Hosts of Heaven." It was presented as a series of Messages — cosmic "lessons" from these celestial beings. The Messages are fully available at no charge on this site, and all of the material has also been published in three softcover books, for those who prefer that format. Additional material is available in the Articles section of this site.

The concept of Operation Terra is one of assisting Planet Earth to her next form — the new Earth, Terra .

The "op" is a cooperative venture between those who are on the ground (the "ground troops") and those who surround the planet on many levels of being. You can read more about the purpose, structure and present process of the "op" by clicking on the links in this sentence or the appropriate buttons at the left.

The Hosts have indicated that we are living during a time when a major cosmic cycle will complete and result in an entirely new Creation, giving rise to the emergence of several different "future Earths," each of which occupies a different timeline and compartment of reality. The Operation Terra material focuses on the particular timeline that leads to Terra (which is only one of those "future Earths") and which is splitting off from the other possible timelines and destinations.

The number of people from Planet Earth who will end up on Terra is a little less than 1/10th of 1% of the present population, or approximately 6 million people. They have been created by their Oversouls to make this journey because that is what their Oversouls wish to experience through them.

It is not a matter of having earned anything or being more special than anyone else. The Oversoul simply creates its many projections within the context of the Creator's desires. The Creator desires to experience EVERYTHING, so the Oversouls serve the Creator by creating projections of everything that exists. ALL paths serve the Creator.

Operation Terra is only one tiny part of the larger drama, but it means everything to those who are part of it. These teachings from the Hosts speak to the core of their being and their soul. It is very common for people to weep when they first come across the material — in both joy and relief to discover that they are not the only ones who know what they know. We are relatively few in number, are widely scattered all over the world and often quite isolated from others who share our vision and understanding.

Operation Terra has a radically different view from most other sources of information, in that it clearly states that we are here to SUPPORT and allow the "earth changes" as a necessary part of the cleansing and ascension of the planet. In other words, we take the view that there is nothing to fix, nothing to stop, and nothing to pray for except an outcome that is in keeping with the highest good for all.

We, too, are being purged of all energy patterns that are not part of OUR essential self, as nothing of the "old world" can be taken with us into the new world that we will inhabit, and that requires US to embrace all that WE contain, without judging any of it as being outside of love.

On our particular timeline (one of several that will exist simultaneously), we will witness the ending of the present Creation and all life on 3D Earth above the mineral kingdom. Massive Earth changes will culminate in a Pole Shift that will leave the planet totally devoid of life. There are many large fleets of spacecraft arrayed around the planet to assist in this transition, so that all will arrive at the destination selected by their Oversouls.

In the separating out of the timelines from one another, many will appear to die on any given timeline, but in fact they will be continuing their lives on another timeline and experiencing another scenario, so all expressions will be provided for. The Hosts have given us a roadmap for OUR journey and told us how to deal with these times. The Messages give us the overall map to guide us safely through the final phases, but we must also turn within ourselves for our answers in each moment that presents. Our spiritual team is with us every step of the way, and we are never alone in this journey, even if we can't see them.

This is a journey of transformation of both consciousness and form. Everything on Terra will be exalted. Every atom will be consciously connected to the whole, and all will operate on a foundation of peace, love, and joy — cooperation instead of competition, harmony instead of strife, and full, conscious, ECSTATIC communion with the Creator at all times.

Take your time and explore this site. Make use of the resources offered in ways that work for you. "Let go, let God [handle the details]" is the operative order of the day. Surrender IS the way through the chaos, and we simply need to bow our heads and let the winds and waves of change flow on past us. No one will be unaffected by what comes now, and no one will be lost.

September 2009

Messages from the hosts of Heaven




Love Always
Dear Mudra

You always so kind and thoughtfull, I have not read the material but from the posing above I am a little bit worried about the concept of "doing nothing" and allow the changes to happen

All human angels and indigos came here to help in the stellar activation cycle and part of their tasks is to help ground safely the energies from the Krystic races (nothing to do with Christianity with all due respect) which are ourselves

The Guardian Alliance is helping us but if we do not help ourselves and take responsibility for the planet we may suffer the concecuences of the Earth changes as with the case of Haiti, but we don't have to

On the other hand, the ones that are in power wants us to do nothing, to keep the status quo so it makes sense to think that while the people doing this channeling has good intentions they may not know from whom really this informations is coming from. The fallen angels fall from the 11 dimension.

I will suggest that all information from all sources be submited to serious scrutiny, I started a thread about discerment which says basically

A few valuable questions to ask are these:

1) "Who does this information source appear to be?"
2) "What are they telling me?"
3) "Do they really know what they are talking about?"
4) "Are they saying what they REALLY mean?"
5) "Where might their information be coming from?"
6) "What motive might they have for telling me this thing?"
7) "What are they hoping that I believe?"
8) "Why would they want me to believe this thing?"
9) "What are they trying to motivate me to do with my personal power; discover
and embrace it within myself, or surrender it elsewhere in worship or obedient
10) "If they are trying to help me, what are they trying to help me to achieve
and how could believing this thing empower me?"
11) "If they are covertly trying to mislead me, how might I be harmed in
believing them?"
12) "Are they inspiring me to lead through my own inner spiritual power and
wisdom, or are they seducing me to believe that I am personally powerless and so
must blindly follow an external power source to save me?"
13) "If I believe this thing, will it assist me in becoming more awakened,
aware, loving, kind, responsible, strong, spiritually alive, intelligent, wise,
compassionate, WHOLE and effective human being?"
(these questions are copywrigted by azureitepress)

I like you work for the well being of the planet and humanity

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Default Re: Operation Terra

There seems to be an issue with the terms angels, extraterrestrials, aliens. To me, aliens are physical beings (whether man made- cloned or from another planet. ETs are spirit beings, incorporeal or corporeal... okay now even EYE am confused as how to interpret some posters here when they cite these terms! lol
Is Alien merely different than a human?
I think Stewart Swerdlow has his clarity between alien and et, but I can't pull it to mind right now.

Stardust you mention "human angels"...

I ask 14Chakras: is not Jesus an Angel and did he not occupy a human body at one time? Could he also be an ET or an Alien? Was archAngel ever a human? Angel to me is about the spirit animating a body.... it does not designate benevolence or malevolence... satan/lucifer the most beautiful angel... etc etc etc

How can we get these definitions sorted out?

Anyone wanna start a thread to get these terms defined according to Avalon? Heck, we could have a Terminology / Get Acquainted thread about Jargon...

ok, off into the day...
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Default Re: Operation Terra

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post

I will suggest that all information from all sources be submited to serious scrutiny

Blessigns Stardusaquarion ,

Welcome on this thread and thank you for your valuable insight .
I agree that all information from all sources be submited to serious scrutiny .
The questions you raised in your thread are very pertinent ones.

My views on all things where ever they come from goes much along these lines of Osho :

The Inner

Question: Last night You said that by changing the outer, the inner remains unchanged, untransformed. But is it not true that the right food, right labor, right sleep, right actions and behaviors are also important factors for inner transformation? Isn't it a mistake to ignore the outer completely?

Osho: The outer cannot change the inner, but the outer can help, or it can hinder. The outer can create a situation in which the inner can explode more easily.


Remember this: that the inner is important, significant. The outer is helpful, it is good, but you must not become focused on it. It must not become so important that the inner is forgotten. The inner must remain the inner and the central, and the outer, if possible, should be changed just as a help.

Don't ignore it completely. There is no need to ignore it, because really the outer is also part of the inner. It is not something opposite to it, it is not something contrary to it, it is not something imposed upon you -- it is you. But the inner is the central, and the outer is the periphery. So give as much importance as a periphery needs, as a circumference needs, as a boundary needs -- but the boundary is not the house. So take care of it, but don't become mad after it.

Our mind is always trying to find escapes. If you can become involved with food, with sex, with clothes, with the body, your mind will be at ease, because now you are not going towards the inner. Now there is no need to change the mind. Now there is no need to destroy the mind, to go beyond the mind. With the change of food, the same mind can exist. You may eat this or that -- the same mind can exist. Only when you move inwards... the more inside you reach, the more this mind which you have has to cease. The inward path is the path towards no-mind.

The mind becomes afraid. It will try to find some escape-- something to do with the outer. Then the mind can exist as it is. Whatsoever you do makes no difference. It is irrelevant what you do -- this mind can exist, and this mind can find ways for how to remain the same. And sometimes, when you struggle with the natural outlet, your mind will find some perverted outlets which are more dangerous. Rather than being a help, they will become hindrances.

This is what everyone is doing. If one outlet is blocked, then a perversion is bound to happen. And you don't know the ways of the mind-- they are very cunning and subtle.


Someone is smoking too much and he wants to stop it. But smoking in itself is not a problem; the problem is something else. You can stop smoking, but the problem will remain, and it will have to come out in something else. When do you smoke? When you are anxious, nervous, you start smoking, and smoking helps you. You feel more confident, you feel more relaxed.

Just by stopping the smoking, your nervousness is not going to change. You will feel nervous, you will feel anxious; the anxiety will come. Then you will do something else. And you can find something which is a beautiful substitute; it looks so different. You can do anything. You can just use a mantra instead of smoking, and whenever you feel nervous you can say "Ram Ram Ram":-- anything continuously.

The problem has not changed; only you have changed the trick. Previously you were doing it with smoke; now you are doing it with a word.

You can do anything on the surface, but unless deeper roots are changed, nothing happens. So with the outer remember this: be aware of it, and move from the surface towards the roots and find the root -- why are you nervous?


Once you come to know the roots, once the roots are exposed.... Remember this law: the roots can exist only in darkness -- not only the roots of trees, but the roots of anything. They can exist only in darkness. Once they are brought to light, they die.

So move with your periphery; dig deep and go to the roots, and bring the roots to consciousness, to light. Once you have come to the root, it simply disappears. You have not to do anything about it. You have to do something only because you don't know what the problem is. A problem rightly understood disappears.

From Osho The Book of Secrets

The outer ... the world we live in manifests in various ways that our minds have to show discernement towards. This will call for questioning , comparing datas , analysis...so constinuous actions are required in order to do this and make the right choices .The outer is plotted against time always.

The inner ...our essence .. knows it is part of consciousness and completely selfless...it is motivated by pure Love and one with all there is ..To grow it needs to let go of apparences and ideas and have faith it's own guiding Light . And as it does it comes to realize there is only Now always ..When the inner grows the outer changes ..For the inner comes to see that the outer is only a reflection of within ..

I value the work that is done on the inner ...
Heart .. who we really are and the complete awareness and manifestation thereof is in my eyes the key to real transcendance of all dichotomies.

Love from me
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