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Smile Where's the key?

The bottom left corner-top of the air conditioning unit is my trusty and ever so handy frequency generator 15hz connected to orgone. this device cancels out their telepathic intrusion. i first have to locate where they put their device so then i could put mine within range. For the past 3 months we have been playing hide and seek with their telepathic intrusion devices. today i got home from work and my helmet was really tight. it took me a few hours to figure out where they put their device but sooner or later as we like to say to each other(inside joke). their device from what i can asses is radio controlled with signals. they can turn it on and off remotely. the location of the air conditioning unit is central to 2 bathrooms, stairs, garage and my bedroom.
they also use this device to jump into my dreams. about 6 months ago i acquired the ability to keep them out of my dreams. then of course they have their little toys.
they usually like to break into my dreams with very pretty woman or tricks of the trade. one trick they used was a man pretending to hide something in a his hand while he approached me. instincts will tell you to immediately find out what he's hiding in his hand. it really doesnt matter what he's hiding if anything at all. in their forced dream state we are in or on a type of stage or bubble. many people are viewing into the bubble, i can usually feel a number of people while engaged with the main target. i usually just HC the main target with an icon and if their not using electronic devices then they most likely wont return but you never know.
so the target that appeared hiding something in his opposite hand said, "i would like to buy this". i use a register at work frequently so you can imagine how these agents try to use anything and everything against me. the great thing about this is that i do the same with them(inside joke).
the moment i think a thought that engages the target i'am connected to the target and his goons. its as fast as the speed of thought.
the trick is to not care what or who is in the dreams just apply the HC. if it is a benevolent being or dream that is good the dream will continue. apply the HC then proceed.

please visit my blog if you would like to read the rest of this post and see the picture.
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