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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

LOL....hardly EWO, maybe once in awhile a newbie does that but i believe most of us have years of research under our collextive belts and follow the goings on of the world closely...this currency has been reported underground for years...are you paying attention?
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

Its fake, there was a previous thread about this.

Theres a company that makes them as novelty collector coins. The actual amero will probably be an electronic currency.
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

Originally Posted by Steve_A View Post
Hi Contactee77,
Also you need to take into consideration how many Ameros = 1 US$
Best regards, Steve
the question is How many US $ = 1 AMERO
don't you know the US $ is devalued ?
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

yes steve, weve had £2 cions for the last decade i think at least 5+ years anyway, but i think its closer to ten. Some times you can get a silver £5 coin when theres a special occasion, i wouldn't be surprised if the amero came in but i wont believe anything in these documentaries that cant be proven physically or doesn't happen; and if it did it would put some verification on them
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

This link says that the american dollar is going to be devalued by 50 percent.
So that means 1 Amero = about 50 cents.


I dont know how true this is but i guess we'll see.
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

I find it hard to believe that they would make them out of a real precious metal.. They have us so used to paper that's worthless........ Why go to all of the trouble to hook us on the fake stuff if they are going to give us the real stuff. Maybe the chip / atm will be for the regular folks and the silver and gold will be for the elite leaders and controlers..................

Well they look good at least...
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

Interesting discussion. I think as someone else remarked, that the Amero is a bit more than a gimmick at this point, but it's pretty far from reality. Brings up another point I saw on another thread...one kind of money it does make sense to hoard (up to a point) is silver coins, the pre-1964 ones. It doesn't matter what they look like or how worn they are, they still contain a known amount of silver.

We have to get away from the paradigm that allows a piece of paper, or digital ones and zeroes, to represent money. It is not money, and that's the whole problem we are facing. The money wasn't real. But some means of exchange will always be around. I suggest picking up old silver, it's cheap.
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

most mints have stopped selling silver & the value is going down, such obvious manipulation. Spot price is probably around 13 an OZ yet coins (maples and liberties) i've been seeing bring in 20+ each.
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

I don't like the look of the Amero coins, even if they are worthless fakes. It implies global fascism by the way of North America.
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Default Re: The New Amero Currency! Is this for real?

YES, I believe the AMERO will come.....and probabely sooner than some expect. There is too much noise around this new currency since more than a year.

Now what the exchange-ratios will be is very difficult to say and I believe the following points and arguements needs to be taken into consideration (important, since I am Swiss I may have a bit of different view, than some US citizens - and more mistakes in the text ):

- when the AMERO comes, there will be enough noise ahead of the announcment and I expect the US Dollar to weaken and drop massively

- it only makes sence to introduce a new currency, if you can get ride of some other problems and the biggest is in this case the outrageous debts of United States

- so what ever the real debts are, but with the introduction of the AMERO, US wants to get rid of the debts - this is one arguement that may justify the rumour that 800 billion AMERO's have been shipped to China, remember China has > USD 2000 billions cash and they don't really know what to do with it...they bought already Freddies and Fannies...you know the result

- and still (if they (FED/government) don't lie in this case as well) US has the biggest Gold reserve >9000 tons = roughly USD 400 billions. Actually why they manipulate down the price of the funny-paper-money-COMEX Gold but didn't sell (at least officially) one ounce of Gold compared to other western central banks.

- I can imagine that the AMERO might even be gold-backed or at least partially

- taking just the said above into consideration; one will definitely not get more than 0.5 AMERO for 1 USD

- when they want to net-up the debts with the gold reserve the USD may loose 90% of its value...so the exchange-ratio is probabely rather 0.1 AMERO for 1 USD = 10 USD for 1 AMERO

- what you then can purchase with one AMERO is another issue; maybe you for 10 old USD 1 new fancy AMERO, question will what can you buy/purchase with one 1 AMERO....more or less than devalued USD 10....its not so easy to come up with figures!

Well what is sure WE ALL GONNA LOOSE SOME PURCHASING POWER (well probabely not Soros and Buffet - I expect them to make some 100 USD billions, since they are insiders and belong to the super troopers BBP!)

- But what about the 1 AMERO / Silver-Ratio? Right now one could go long 1 ounce of Silver at roughly USD 11 at COMEX. Which means that of 0.1 AMERO for one 1 USD is correct, that 1 AMERO is about 1 ounce of Silver....now there is one little mistake in there

- 11 USD for one ounce of Silver is probabely the biggest worse thing the plunge protection team or I call it the BBP (Bush - Bernanke -Paulson) achieved to manipulate down. The real and correct price of Gold right now and inflation-adjusted is rather someting between USD 2000 - 3000. Lets take 2000.
Right now one gets roughly 80 ounce Silver for one ounce of Gold. This ratio is a big big joke, if one has look at the primary deficit that exists in the Silver market since more than 15 years and the fact, THAT WE HAVE PEAK-SILVER. Planet Earth will run out of Silver within the next 15-20 years, before we run out of crude oil.

- So what is a correct Gold/Silver-Ratio? I believe already today it should trade between 15 and 30. Longterm (5 to 10years) Silver will trade at the same price or higher than Gold does. But ok, lets take 30.

- I took Gold @ USD 2000 / 30 (Gold-Silver/Ratio), which gives roughly USD 60, the price where Silver should trade today already bigtime MINIMUM: Now you will say, the Swiss guy has a sort of a chocolate flash (by the way chocolate makes happy) or he had to much Swiss Cheese Fondue: NO, I believe Silver should trade TODAY at worthless USD 60.

- BUT: if you belief that the Gold price @ 2000 seems to be a high price right now think about the following. Should the AMERO really be Gold-backed or partially Gold-backed and the US is without debts after the AMERO introduction, you might well add minimum another 0, times 2 and more. In such a case Gold could be between USD 50'000 and USD 100'000. This may also be one of the reason, why US FED / government block US mint to continue to deliver Gold and Silver in the US.

Now USD 50'000 USD 100'000, what will this be worth when the AMERO comes...YES ZERO! But one physical ounce of Gold will have the purchasing power of USD 50'000 to USD 100'000 in AMERO terms

I believe the purchasing power of 1 ounce of Gold will definitely go up by 5 times, depending on how they play the game this purchasing power factor could be even between 10 and 50. Remember Hyperinflation in 1923 in Germany. In 1923 with 500 gramms of Gold you could buy 1 building block! So all this we had it already!

But the purchasing-power-turbo is Silver: As I said Silver is so much too cheap, only a few people know about it! So go and get some physical Silver somewhere.....do a trip to Europe. When you need assistance in this, please let me know! The most important really is, try to get some Silver or Gold before the AMERO will be introduced. When the AMERO comes you start to sell it!


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