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Edward Alexander
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Exclamation Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Lately I have been experimenting with a somewhat different approach in my meditations on how to get in contact with my inner guide. Before I get on to the technique itself, I would just like to say a few related things.

We are the creators of our own World, what we see around us and experience in our lives are the results of what we ourselves project out into the world and everyone and everything there. In a sense, every person is his own walking Universe, where everything is structured according to His or Hers "Inner Self".

Thus, as have been mentioned before, making changes Within Oneself will make changes in what you perceive as the "Outer World". The more balanced and in harmony you are with your True Self within, the more harmony and balance you will experience in the "outside world" and your Life.

This can easily be seen in the World itself by looking at other people and their Lifes. For example, you may find something extremely negative and completely dislike it, while another person really enjoys the same thing and loves it with all his heart. So the question then is not if the "object/thing/event" in question itself is "good" or "bad", "negative" or "positive" - it is why you perceive it as you do, and why someone else can perceive it differently.

The answer goes back to "We create our own World" - what we encounter that we dislike or find bad, negative and so on, are our own responsibility, same for anything we find likeable, good and positive. We have within ourselves, deep in our unconscious level, energies working that are projecting these "experiences" into our world.

One example is the person who always fails at everything he tries, never manages to get a job, is constantly poor and may even live on the street. Most others will look at him as a "failure" and categorize him as that, thinking negative things about him, even if they are thinking compassionate feelings they are often more destructive than helpful, as those who care may think "Oh poor old man who has to live on the street. Hopefully he will get himself together some day" etc - such a thought will only continue to manifest that current reality both for you and the man in question -of him being a poor beggar on the street-, as your image of this person is of one that is poor and living on the street, thus this is the energy you are sending out to the Universe you live within and maintain this creation through your own unlimited powers of your Mind.

Of course many people will just pass the person and barely even notice him or give him a thought, while once in a while there is a person that is somewhat different, and gets the person back "Up and going" so to speak. You could be that person - You could be a person getting YOURSELF "up and going" properly, and thus in turn get others "up and going" in a positive way by influencing everything and everyone around you in a proper and positive way.

When YOU are properly in balance, harmony, at peace and One with yourself, so will the World around you be, and the experiences in your life will flow freely and smoothly in your favor, making things better not only for yourself but for everyone around you and anyone you meet as well.

There is a depth to ourselves that few are aware of, a self deception so grand it is hard to believe and comprehend, but it is possible for us all to understand our true being, and eachother, by gradually working with ourselves and our INNER selves.

Hardly one living person on this planet is their "True Self", they are just a mixed up mash of various other people, the opinions and beliefs of these other people, other energies existing within that in turn CREATES those other people whom affect us and make us do certain things in life and have certain experiences.

Existence is thus in a way "inside out" from the point of view most of us have, thinkink that what we see "out there" is Reality, and that we are Individual Selves making our own decisicions, and to some degree many believe themselves to have a soul deeper within that basically is "Themselves" just as they are now but in spirit form.

Experimentation, testing and experience have shown things to be differently though - it seems that creation is in fact going "backwards" - We are not simply a soul that gets put into a body and then pops out in an already predetermined world. Instead it seems from my experience that we are the Creators of the World we find ourselves in, thus we are responsible for everything happening there to some degree, BUT we ourselves are the creation of Inner Energies, our Ego, which is being maintained and manipulated by other forces and energies, so we do not experience our True Self.

And that is where the Inner Guide can be of great assistance, your Inner Guide is the deepest truest part of yourself, so different from yourself that you will experience Him/Her as some external (or in this case, "internal" being). Your Inner Guide is what has been termed the Holy Guardian Angel and many other things throughout the ages, and its work is to keep your inner Center balanced and in Harmony - as long as you approve it and ask for it.

Once in contact with your Inner Guide, you can change yourself and your experience of the world dramatically - people have been healed from diseases, gone from poor to rich, been getting the gifts to heal others, having all negative influences in their life disappear and much more.

Even within yourself there are many forms of Life and Conscious Beings - for lack of better terms. I will call them energies, and these are the ones popularily called Archetypes, which channel different feelings and emotions, resulting in Causes and Effects both in your Inner World and your Outer World.

These Archetyptical energies we all share, they are part of the Human Collective Unconsciousness, which in turn explain how these energies can affect the world as you perceive it, through the Collective Unconcsciousness.

They are a natural part of us, just like our Soul is, our Mind, our Physical body, they are there within us all perminating all of our existence at all times, just like other things within and without us that we usually do not perceive yet still is there, such as the living cells in our body , the air we breath etc.

Now the good thing is that once you get Consciously Aware of this, you can start working with and exploring these energies to create Inner Changes which in turn will manifest changes in the "Outer World", or your Perceived Reality.

Regarding your Inner Guide, this one is unique to every living person and not "shared" in the way the Archetypes are. Your inner Guide will help you get to know these archetypes, and protect you on your inner journeys, and will be able to assist you in figuring out what archetypes or other energies are affecting a situation in your life, and how you can work with that Inner Energy form to project your situation in a new and better way.

We also have a Shadow Self, deep in our unconcious mind, which consists of your ego with your supressed and repressed feelings, ideas, emotions, beliefs etc - and your Shadow continuously project itself upon everyone in your life, and in turn what you experience back from these other people in your life is an effect of the Shadow you have projected upon them in the first place.

So getting to know your Shadow self, and bring it towards harmony with yourself, along with harmonizing with the Archetypes and other energies within, will result in profound changes both in yourself, as the person you are - going beyond your Ego, discovering your True Self, and help you manifest a new outer projection of Reality.

Within yourself you also have your Center, your inner "Sun", that force which is always there giving life and love, and finding your Center , the Inner Sun, and working with it with your Inner Guide is of great value.

No further introduction is needed for the moment, so I will now descrive the method itself, how you can get in touch with your OWN inner Guide and work with these different energies.

First of all find yourself in a comfortable position either in a nice chair with both feet on the ground, separated not crossed, and your arms by your sides - or simply lie down in bed or on your coach to relax there.

During this meditation it is important that you do not "drift away" or get into a "trance state", you have to be conscious throughout the whole procedure and be aware of everything you do and experience.

Thus you should try to do this when you are fresh and awake and not when tired or sleepy.

Once in your position, mentally imagine yourself somewhere else, such as in a cave. Feel and sense yourself there, and experience yourself as being INSIDE your body looking out from your own eyes - this is also crucial for this meditation, you need to experience yourself as "being there" and NOT as if you are watching yourself on a film screen. To "anchor" yourself more within yourself it can be good to touch your surroundings, feel your feet on the ground, notice the details - is the ground flat or bumpy, rocky and solid or sandy, how does it smell in there, do you hear any sounds, how does the walls feel when you touch them with your hands, look at your hands and see what they look like, look down at your body and see what your body and legs look like - how are you dressed?

Make this as vivid and clear as you can in your mind, really sensing yourself as being there and able to have a solid image of the place you are experiencing yourself to be - always go back into "your body" in any place you go during the meditation, should you suddenly see yourself from the outside in the cave, simply slip back inside yourself and make sure you look out through your eyes and see the surroundings as you would in real life, as clear as you can.

Work on this first part for a while so you really get it as strong as you can visually and in your imagination, sensing it as clear and powerful as possible.

If you for some reason do not like caves, you can imagine yourself somewhere else, such as in a room, or in a garden etc, just make sure to keep to the same procedure described above.

Now once in your cave, look around and see a door in front of you. This can also simply be a passage, a open portal, or any other sort of opening leading forwards from where you are at, and with an exit behind you from where you came into this cave - similarly imagine such things if you imagine yourself anywhere else than in a cave.

Walk forward, while walking notice the feet stomping on the ground, let your hands touch the surroundings, the rocks, when by the portal touch it, look at it, study it for a while. Then continue forward and through it.

Once you have either gone through it, or if you are walking in a passage, immediately turn to your left and now find yourself in a new landscape, as if you have found your way out of the cave and now are outside the mountain the cave is in. Or out of the house, garden, or whatever else place you may have preferred to imagine yourself.

In either case, after moving forward, and then turning left, notice the landscape your are now in. In the whole process let the images come to you, dont try to force it or create it with your mind, just be open like a blank piece of film where the image is slowly becoming clearer and manifesting itself.

Study these new surroundings, where are you? Inside or outside? Is it hot or cold? Dry or wet? Is the ground hard or soft, is it any smells there, touch your nearby surroundings with your hands and look around.

Then ask for an animal to appear - your power animal - this one can come in any form but it should not be a fantasy animal or any animal you know personally such as your pet. It could be anything from a great eagle, to a frog, to a kangaroo, to a snake, and so on. As soon as your animal arrives look at it, and ask it to lead you towards the RIGHT and to your true Inner Guide.

Follow the animal where its going, if you have problems keeping up with it just let yourself have the ability to move faster, or simply fly above the ground after it. Soon you should be by your Inner Guide that your animal have lead you too.

Start by looking at the feet of your inner Guide, what is he wearing? What kind of footwear, what does he have on his legs, if anything, and continue up through his body noticing every detail of how he looks and what he wears. When you come to the face it may for many be hard to see the face clearly, this is something that is usual for the true Inner Guide, while false guides usually are crystal clear and have faces that are easy to see.

In either case, whether you see his face or not, greet him, and grab both his hands in yours and check how his hands feel, are they soft or rought, cold or warm? Give him permission to let YOU feel how HE feels about YOU.

The feelings from a true Guide should be that of deepest love, acceptance, goodness and kidness in any way. Do you not feel this, call on your True Inner Guide and ask him to appear before you and test again.

Once you have found your Inner Guide, ask him so if he truly is your Inner Guide, and if he can protect you in your Inner World. If he doesnt answer anything but yes to this do the process over again, calling upon your True Inner Guide to be there with you.

The next thing and last test is to ask your guide to point in the direction of your Inner Sun. A false guide will not be able to do this, or stagger or try come up with something else. Once he has pointed at your Inner Sun, look at it, and ask it to come down in a human-like form for you to interact with.

Once the Sun is down, notice the appearance, is he male or female, what does he/she wear, old or young, etc. Take both of the hands of the Sun and ask to be sent as much Light and Love as you can physically handle.

At this point most people will feel themselves overwhelmed with amazing love and sensations that can even result in tears of joy, and blockages and energies are cleansed. Should you not feel much, ask the sun to clear any blockages you have so that the energy can flow freely.

After you have done this, ask the Sun what you need to do for him or in your life to be more in harmony and friends with him. He will usually tell you something which will be beneficial in your general life or the inner work. Then ask him what he has to give to you. He might tell you something, or give you an object with a specific purpose, ask him if unsure what the purpose of the object is and where in your body it will be placed. If the function of the gift is uncertain to you, ask your Inner Guide for clarification.

Then you may ask your inner Guide about the two same things. Then ask him for his name.

At this point I recommend that you return to where you came from, enter the cave, and get out of the meditation bringing with you everything you have learned and write down the whole experience in some sort of log book, which you always should have by your side when doing your meditations.

If you have problems in your life, go and meet your Inner Guide and ask him to explain to you what is causing the problem, or if he can symbolically bring up an image with the solution to the problem. If you are working on issues with other people, then ask the Inner Guide to bring the person you have a problem with to you in your meditation, and then ask him to transform the person to the true form the energy represents in you, this could turn out in many ways such as your angry husband turning into a barking dog etc. Then ask the energy form which you now see in its true form what you can do with it and in your life to be friends with it and harmonize things - ask your Guide if he agrees. You may also ask this energy form if it has a gift for you that you can use similarily to how you asked the Sun and your Guide the same.

Always ask your Guide if the information you receive from other energies/entities are truthful and if advice should be followed or not. Your Guide knows everything about you and what is best for you, always consult him lastly before making any choices.

The energy form mentioned above is one of the inner energies you project outwards to the person that makes him behave the way he does with you. Or if in the case of a specific situation, it is the energy projected out on to the situation itself that make the situation be the way it is for you etc.

These energies do NOT represent the persons or situations themselves, they represents INNER energies that YOU project outwards that causes these behavior and effects in people and events towards you. Thus always work with the Energy Form and never with a Person themself, and NEVER perform healing or anything else on other people unless you have asked them for their permission to do so first.

There are so many more things you can learn, experience and do with this type of meditation that it really has no limits, this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. If you get to know, meet and befriend the various archetypes (usually represented by the 22 cards of the Major Arcana in the Tarot, also called the "22 Faces of God" and 22 paths of the Kabbalah etc) you will experience your outer world and your inner self changing and transforming greatly towards the better and deeper understandings of Existence and Creation and Life.

I highly recommend anyone interested in this meditation, whom want to learn more and explore it further, to get the book "The Inner Guide Meditation" by Edwin Steinbrecher. It contains a wealth of information on this topic, goes into details about the 22 Archetypes, Tarot and the Horoscope, and how you can find out your relation to anyone in your world, and how to solve basicially any problem you have and get closer to the Inner Guide, Yourself and God. For more information on the book click the link below:

Blessings and peace , may you find this information useful!

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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Edward, this is wonderful information. Advanced! and Amazing!

Thank you. Peace JT
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Edward Alexander
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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Here is some futher information that may be useful.

Your natal horoscope, using Kochs house style, can reveal many things related to both the archetypes you can meet in your inner world, as well as things such as the appearance and personality of both false and true guides.

A true Guide is always shown in House 9 of the Natal horoscope. False guides appear in House 3. So this is a great way to check if you are actually in contact with your real guide or not.

You can get your natal horoscope for free at http://www.astro.com/cgi/genchart.cgi - make sure to select Kock in "house system" and leave the other settings as they are, except the ones you have to fill in yourself (birth date, place, hour etc)

When starting the inner Guide meditation described in my initial post, always use the movement going FORWARD from starting point (In your Cave i.e.) then LEFT and call upon an animal leading you to the RIGHT to your inner Guide. This has proven to be the best way to get there, why this specific movement pattern I do not know, but it has been tested on thousands of people and concluded to be the best way to go.

Always have your Guide with you when working on the inner world, ask him to go with you wherever you venture as he can always protect you and answer any questions that you may have. You always have to ask him, he knows everything but will not speak unless asked. Remember that.

The following is from a private email conversation with another person, but I think it may be useful for others as well thus I will post the following part which is my explanation on how to create a World of your own in the Astral Realms where you can find the Answer to virtually anything - as you will be connected with the Source of All.

I will try to describe another method I use to get in contact and get answers on questions I have, and to generally just explore the vast regions of Existence.

I have created an astral world of my own, where I can go to whenever I want when meditating. In this World, I have a mountain, and one of my Spirit Guides are present there to guard the place and make sure it is always kept free from others than myself and those whom I permit to enter. He also guards a portal which leads to my Astral Sanctum, which basically is a room I have created, where I have various objects and things placed that I can use to gain various information. For example, in this room I have a big screen covering the whole of one wall, and in front of the screen I have two chairs with various controls on them. These chairs are for me and my Guardian Angel or any Spirit Guide or other entity I want to have with me. The chairs themselves function to activate the screen, so that I can ask a question, for example about a past life, and it will be shown on the screen visually. Then I can simply fly into the screen, and I will BE in that previous life and experience and see it just as if I am there. I can do the same thing with other entities, for example if I want to call on an ascended master, I ask him to appear on my screen if he is available and want to be in contact with me, and then when he appears I can either just communicate with him on the screen, or make him come out of the screen and manifest in the room I am in, or I can go into the screen on various journeys with him.

This place is extremely useful to say the least as I can get the answer to virtually any question I may have, and find out anything I need. The way it works is that the place itself is directly connected with the Superconscious, and through what is called the Akashic Records to the Source of All Existence itself, and thus it has access to everything that ever has happened, is happening, or will happen. Things that will happen are always only possible outcomes, and can of course be changed, so the future is not something set in stone and when trying to view the future you have to have that in mind, and also be aware of the fact that many different future timelines exist. You can even create your own future timelines, where you for example have the exact life you want, a great and positive future, and then "grab" this future timeline with you back to your present and implant it in yourself as a seed that will grow to make your future become the way you want it to be, as long you follow and do the things that needs to be done for that specific future to properly unfold for you.

Well that was a lot of talk about this place itself, so now I will try tell you how you can create it and go there.

First of all, do a meditation, enter an altered state, and visualize yourself in a place of your choice - this will be the world you are creating. Personally I visualized a nice valley surrounded by mountains and nature, with great fields around, rivers and lakes. Then I envisioned a portal on top of one of the mountains, and asked my spirit guide to come there and guard it, and thus visualized him there as well. Then I did this meditation several times to properly manifest this reality in the astral planes, meaning that I would daily go and visit this place in my mind in my meditations, and just fly around, explore the scenery and landscapes, and make sure all was the way I wanted.

Then I moved on to the next step, which is to go through the portal, and visualize yourself entering a room or other place of some sort, for example like I described above. I have created a room that have various things that has a personal meaning to me in the room to bring it a sort of familiarity and spiritual strength, among other things I have placed my altar in there which I use in real life for various rituals, and all items that I have on this altar. I also have a couple plants by a window, and the window has a great view out over the valleys and mountains of the previously mentioned world that I entered this room from.

You decide yourself how you want to decorate the room and what to put there, I do however recommend the screen and chairs for making contacts and getting answers to things you wonder about. So, basically do this meditation and these visualizations for some time until you have properly created it as a place you can easily enter in your mind whenever you want, and you can use your pendulum to ask your guides and guardian angel etc to help you make the place strong and protected and in assisting with maintaining it and helping you use it for the purposes you want to use it for.

Then, all you have to do is to finally start going to the next step, which is to enter your World at some time you want to find some answers of something, then enter your Portal to your own special Astral Sanctum room, and sit down in a chair, have your guardian angel with you to make sure all contacts and experiences you have are truthful and real and that you are protected against false prophets and deceivers. Then just turn on the screen in whatever way you have chosen it to be done and ask the questions you want and let the answer appear on the screen.

I guess that should be enough to get you started on such a work, which I personally have found tremendously useful and its great to just enter this world to relax and renew oneself whenever needed. For example in my World all the lakes and rivers have Holy Water that cleanses me and charges me with the Holy Spirit if I pour it over me or take a bath in it.

It is your world and you can make it however you want it, I hope these examples will be of some interest and use.

Every thought manifests itself on some level of existence, and the astral realms / planes are as real, and more real, than this physical realm we find ourselves in now. You may be able to perceive this Astral realm as vividly and clearly as this physical one, perhaps even more clear and real, specially if you are able to fully astral project. However, this is not necessary for the above method, as it is in its essence an "all in the mind" exercise where you do not need to actually astral project but simply perceive the mentioned places and receive the answers in your mind, in your way - this can be visual, or as thoughts, ideas, sudden knowledge, audible and other ways of perception.

The important thing to remember is to trust your intuition and what you feel, and listen to yourself, to your inner guide, and try to sense and feel what is your "own" creations, and what is "external input" - in other words, find the difference between your own thoughts and outside communication. With some practice this will become more and more easy until it is as clear as the difference from speaking yourself to listening to someone else talking to you.

This may be a somewhat complex exercise for some people to do, and I might create a guided meditation in audio format and publish here at some later time as that might be useful for anyone whom may experience some problems with this. Until then, may you have great success and enter a wonderful world of new experiences!

Suggested reading/items for the practices mentioned in these posts:
Tarot cards - Recommended: The Golden Dawn Tarot Deck at Amazon.com
Book on Tarot - Recommended: The Qabalistic Tarot at Amazon.com
Book on Astrology - Recommended: The Only Astralogy Book you'll ever need at Amazon.com

Hopefully this information will provide useful for someone here, good luck to everyone diving into the depths of Self!

Best of luck be with you, and blessings

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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

What if you have nothing in your 9th house?
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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Thank you so much Edward for these very thorough and thoughtful posts. I'm going to order the book (Inner Guide) and try some of these out. I would love to hear more of your personal experience with this method as well as any tutorials/examples you would be willing to give. I'm all ears! =)
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Edward Alexander
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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World


There is always a symbol for each of the 12 houses, such as one of the Zodiacs themselves. If there are no planets in the 9th house look at the attributes for the Zodiac itself. I really recommend the books I mentioned above to get a clearer view and understanding as there are many different ways to interpret your natal chart, and each planet and zodiac sign have a meaning of their of as well as a relation to the 22 archetypical cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.


I wish you good luck and hope you find it as useful as I have! As soon as I have the time I will write further on the topic.

For now good luck to everyone, blessings be with you!

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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Thanks Edward, I'm going to check them out. It's been a long time since I've delved into my chart.

Peace and Harmony
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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial View Post
Edward, this is wonderful information. Advanced! and Amazing!

Thank you. Peace JT

Im with Jester on this one

i will read this again

so much usefull info

thanks ...
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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Hi Edward!

Really interesting and user-friendly information you have written here. Just have one question - or make it two: 1) what if you inherently know that you astral project but you can't remember the incidents when you wake up? Some of my closest friends/colleagues/lover tell me I visit them in their dreams but I don't remember a single thing except the fact that I usually think of them in my conscious moments before the dreams happened. So the question is, why can't I remember? Is there a block somewhere?

and 2) how do I program myself to be conscious and remember my thoughts when I astral project?
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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Thank you, Edward. This is very good information. I will try these methods.

I'd like to echo Mystic Pilgrim's questions, as well. And one other thing, too. Do you think it's possible for these meditations to induce an out of body experience? I've been attempting to have a conscious one, but haven't succeeded yet, though my dreams have become more vivid.

Thanks again for this excellent material.
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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Thanks Edward. One thing I would add. Have you ever though to ask the name of this inner being. I did, and it was most interesting. A name I would never have chosen myself and whenever something like this comes up in my life, the name is always repeated. The same name.


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Default Re: Contacting your inner Guide - Change yourself, change the World

Originally Posted by Luminous View Post
Thank you, Edward. This is very good information. I will try these methods.

I'd like to echo Mystic Pilgrim's questions, as well. And one other thing, too. Do you think it's possible for these meditations to induce an out of body experience? I've been attempting to have a conscious one, but haven't succeeded yet, though my dreams have become more vivid.

Thanks again for this excellent material.

Try 20 Hz Twice daily, for no more than 5 min. Easy on the volume.
Like elevator muzak [background]. Your meditations will change to
Bright, Brite colours in a period of three weeks... This is what the
ancients used... And, it will work pretty good for you also.

Everything is abt the frequency....


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