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Default Re: The United States of the Solar System

There hasn't been a comment on this thread from someone other than me since October 2. Why is this? Why isn't the governance of this solar system one of the most important issues? You may not agree with my proposed solution...so what is your solution? I'm not fishing for approval...just input...both positive and negative. It's not really my solution either. I'm just promoting pre-existing documents and videos in a unique manner. Why re-invent the wheel?

Once more...Dracs...why can't this proposal be accepted by you? I can understand business deals...but I can't understand the indescribable cruelty, domination, and deception you have heaped upon the Human Race. Is this payback for past wars and atrocities, etc? If so...when is enough...enough? Why not leave us alone...and allow us to rule ourselves...and then cut business deals with us which don't involve the enslavement, extermination, and domination of the Human Race? If what I'm hearing about you is true...all of this cr@p is utterly insane. But everyone involved is supposed to be oh so very, very smart...so much smarter than us stupid mortal peons. Once again...what the hell is going on here? Speak to me Lord Draco!!! I don't bite...but perhaps you do!!!! I won't bite your head off...if you promise not to bite my head off!!!! Oh I forgot...you Dracs don't negotiate...you just dictate...right? The Universal Church is a Draconian Theocracy...right Lord Draco? Why can't you accept Constitutional Responsible Freedom...and then use your military might to make certain that tyranny never rears it's ugly head again...anywhere in the Universe? Wouldn't this ultimately be in everyone's best interest...including yours? The ball's in your court...Lord Draco.

The Universe is Watching.

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