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Wink John Titor - Coincidences or a Similar Timeline

I have read the posts by John Titor the time traveler. www.johntitor.com. And I have noticed that the predictions are about 4 years off. But I am noticing somewhat a setting up the stage for a revolution and this could parallel to the civil war mentioned in John Titor's posts.

John Titor mentioned that our timeline may be a little different than his. But similar scenarios will occur in ours if no major changes were made.

But then he talks about the third world war that ends the civil war in the United States. Russia nukes all major cities in the U.S. with small multiple warheads. The East Coast will be hit hard in 2015. But the enemy will not be the people but the U.S. government.

The question is what major cities and bases will be hit according to John Titor's predictions? I notice that John Titor always avoids this question with a vague answer. Is the John Titor material a hoax? Because 20 or more states are trying to declare Soverenty. (Why do I always have a hard time spelling that word?) And I don't even want to think about a civil war.

And I know that nukes are so much cleaner. So people won't be able to enter major cities without going into a major radiated area. By no means am I trying to stir up any fear here. Many people have claimed that John Titor was made up. But if the third world war breaks out it might be a good idea to create a ground crew community into safer areas not in nuke blast zones. John Titor could be a good cross reference to find safer locations. So that means stay away from military bases and major cities?

Does anyone else have an opinion on John Titor?
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