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Default Re: Wish you had taken the blue pill?


I also go back to learning whenever I feel that I want to accomplish more.
Here is a reference site that I started. Feel free to join if you'd like to post additional links. Otherwisw, it is unlocked and open to read or listen to music or watch great videos.

************************************************** *****

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Default Re: Wish you had taken the blue pill?

It's a trippy process to say the least.
I allow myself to go through the ups & downs emotionally.
I am done trying to wake people up.
It's only my ego that thinks it's my job anyway, especially if they already said no.
I've discovered that I'm basically like a table,lol..I have 4 legs, and each of those legs stands for something vital to my emotional, spiritual, physical & mental integrity.
I can stand if one of the legs breaks, a bit wobbly though..
If two of them are off, I'm screwed.
It's about balance.
Define what the legs of your table are. Know what you find necessary for stability, and do your best to stay balanced.

Feel Good,
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Default Re: Wish you had taken the blue pill?

There was an announcement on Radio 4 this morning about a 50 billion bailout plan (for now!) for the UK which will be paid for by tax payers! As the population of the UK is 60 million that is ~£1,000 per head. but much more per tax payer as not all work or are imployed. Personally I think the fat bankers should be wind fall taxed.

I feel much better after a good sleep and know the blue piller takers will need us soon enough.

ps thanks for some great comments and links I'll read them when I'm at the black hole
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Default Re: Wish you had taken the blue pill?

Originally Posted by Bagatell View Post
I took both pills but I couldn´t swallow Project Venus.
:l ol3:
Aloha, thank you, do jeh, toda, arigato, merci, grazie, salamat po, gracias, tack, sukria, danke schoen, kiitos, dank u, mahalo nui loa
Images to nourish the spirit: http://mistsofavalon.invisionplus.ne...&showtopic=198
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Default Re: Wish you had taken the blue pill?

Hi John

I know how you feel! Living in the "blue pill" world having taken the "red pill" really sucks but the internal pressure, I hope, will encourage us all to create someting better.

I have to say that I don't think Camelot helps in this regard as all interviews at the moment are gloom and doom. I mean, what was the point of interviewing the guy from Half Past Human? He sends web spiders out into the fictional reality/matrix, created by TPTB, in order to find trends in the fiction which will be communicated via his own sujective filters, no matter how much he'll protest that it's all objective. How does that help? Or is that important because it appears to back up all the other gloom and doom stories?

I loved the post about being grounded; nature is great for picking up the spirits (I'll be off to my allotment this morning to enjoy the sunshine). I also liked the "unity" symbol - glad to see the "peace" sign turned the right way up instead of the CND upside down symbol which means death.

Lastly, those who say they couldn't swallow the Venus Project, what was it about the project that was unbelievable to you? It made sense on most levels to me: it does away with a monetary economy (it can't happen too soon), it points out that current technology could solve our energy problems given the chance (I believe it could) and frees mankind from "wage slavery". I'm not sure about placing all our faith in technology and AI but I see no need to throw out technology if it can be used for the good.

Myself, I'll throw myself behind the "Anastasia" movement, take my hectare of land and live happily off that, in tune with nature and the divine as a co-creator...
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Default Re: Wish you had taken the blue pill?

i feel like many of you on here. i have been sucked into a maelstrom of searching for the truth.. but i didnt have a morpheus to show me how deep the rabbit hole goes. it goes as deep as you have the stamina to dig.
im running out of steam.. i agree so much w the poster that said most people have ambitions and hopes and have found "hapiness" in "slavery/control".
i've always felt like i've excelled when the going gets rough.. so i almost WANT a doomsday scenario so i can feel comfortable and in my element. but ive come to see this really clearly as i try to "awaken" people who dont want to be "awoke". they've invested a life into this, and i have things to lose. i'm such a bizzaro that i really took to heart tyler durdens "only when u lose everything are you free to do anything." and not being "part of the problem". but look at revolutions throughout history, always good intentions but get highjacked by people who can surf these waves of sentiments for greed and power. i may be selfish in certain ways but im so incompatible with greed and basically capitalism that i can no longer function in this system knowing what i know, but i also have a really difficult time convincing anyone of anything besides the fact that i am nuts.... because my brain is almost overloaded to capacity with loads of often contradictory tales of what the fu-- is really going on. its too late for the blue pill unfortunately, but i wish i had red pills to sell to my family and friends so i dont feel like such a psycho. my dad wouldnt prepare for the "coming economic collapse and martial law" so i bought a bunch of **** i couldnt afford to bring to my parents house. my life is a shambles and i actually hope this economic disaster happens so it levels the playing field cuz if not, i am just plain old screwed.. i will be a miserable recluse in the primitive foam of new york city forever
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