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Default Healed by electromagnetic waves

I received this from a colleague this morning. Enjoy

Healed by electromagnetic waves

The body's cells can be regenerated - recovered or rejuvenated - by treatment with electromagnetic waves. This sometimes goes beyond healing, for regeneration involves not only the recovery of the cells' functions, but also the replacement of irreparably damaged cells or wasted cells with equivalent ones. This regeneration process can recover body functions. The regeneration takes place in a completely natural way.

History and background of resonance therapy

The regeneration process is brought about using resonance therapy. If an organ or a part of the body becomes damaged, inflamed or sick, the resonance of those cells (their vibration and frequency) diminishes, or those cells die. In the early twentieth century, several scientists independently of each other studied different aspects of this phenomenon. These scientists were George Lakhovsky, Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife. Later the research results of Wilhelm Reich and Hulda Clark would also contribute significantly to the development of this field.

George Lakhovsky, a Russian-born scientist, assumed that every cell had its own resonance frequency. His idea was to build a device that could generate a field of frequencies in a very wide spectrum, so that if a sick person - and thus the affected parts of the body - were to be placed in this frequency spectrum, the affected cells would recognize their own frequency and would therefore begin to vibrate in their own frequency again, eliminating the disease.

Multi-wave Oscillator

Lakhovsky went still further, believing that it must in fact be possible to arrest and even cure degenerative diseases such as leukemia and cancer this way. He called on the assistance of Nikola Tesla to work with him to develop a machine that would achieve this. Nikola Tesla, who already had over 1,000 patents in his name (as the discoverer of alternating current, among other things), had given a lecture on this subject at a university 13 years earlier, and already had blueprints for this kind of a machine. The Multi-wave Oscillator made it possible to stimulate healing processes. Furthermore, it proved capable of curing most cases of cancer, leukemia, osteoporosis, and other diseases.

A significant portion of Lakhovsky's work took place around 1920-1930. Several of Lakhovsky's machines were operating in countries such as France, Italy, England and Germany. But these gradually disappeared. Ultimately, World War II meant that much of Lakhovsky's work was put on hold While on a trip to America, he was killed in a car accident under strange circumstances.

The Multi-wave Oscillator we use has since been integrated into the R. B. R. 2006, a machine that now works with a magnetic field, light therapy and frequencies; this has made the machine much more effective. Due to its effect people often relax quickly. We integrated the Multi-wave Oscillator into the R. B. R. 2006.

Orgone Radiator

The Orgone Radiator works by using orgone energy on the human psyche and body. It was invented by Wilhelm Reich, who created many great inventions. You'll find a great deal on Wilhelm Reich and his inventions on the Internet. We integrated the Orgone Radiator into the R. B. R. 2006.

Royal Rife, ignored and sabotaged

Rife was a brilliant scientist who was born in 1888 and died in 1971. He studied technology in courses which are now standard courses in the fields of optics, analytical chemistry, electronics, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation. One could say that Rife himself developed electromagnetic medicine. He was awarded 14 awards and an honorary doctorate at the University of Heidelberg. Rife worked for Zeiss Optics and for the U.S. government, among others. Now a great deal of information on Rife is available on the Internet.

Around the year 1920, Rife had built the first virus microscope, capable of enlarging microbes 60,000x. He was the first person in the world to be able to see a living virus. In 1920 Rife was also the first to identify the human cancer virus. He collaborated with leading scientists and physicians. Yet he was never mentioned in their reports and rarely received recognition for his discoveries. Rife concentrated on refining his method of using resonance to disable fatal viruses. He raised the resonance of the viruses until they were deformed and disintegrated from structural stress. In our practice we use Rife equipment which has the same effect.

It took many years of work before he discovered the frequencies that could destroy specific viruses such as herpes, polio, spinal meningitis, tetanus, flu and a huge number of other diseases. In 1934 the University of Southern California initiated a special medical study, bringing terminally ill cancer patients from the Pasadena County Hospital to Rife's laboratory and clinic in San Diego for treatment. The team of physicians and pathologists were charged with examining and treating the patients within 30 days. The research committee found that 86.5% of the patients were completely cured.

Based on these results, the treatment was modified further and the other patients were also cured in less than four weeks.

The total rate of recovery was thus 100%. Never before had such a high percentage been reached in medicine!

We also work with Hulda Clark's frequencies. Much has been published on Clark in recent years. Books have been published on her treatment method, as well.

More information relevant to your health can be found at www.NewTreatments.org


Our equipment and treatment method

In the beginning we worked with standard equipment. Our own research and our contacts with an expert engineer made it possible for us to develop very special, extremely sophisticated and much more powerful equipment. The results attest to this. Our treatment method is not used anywhere else, and our specialized equipment cannot be found in any other clinic or practice in the world. And is also not for sale.

Our machines are unique and work on all complaints and diseases, even those of an emotional nature. In this way, the cause or causes of the complaint or disease are taken on, not just the symptom or symptoms you have due to your complaint or disease. What the machines do during therapy is to remove waste products, metals, harmful viruses, fungi, yeasts and bacteria while strengthening the immune system. Organs and damaged tissue can also be restored, allowing your health to recover. Moreover, our treatment methods work on both physical and mental (psychological) levels. Thus we also treat depression, anxiety, phobias and stress. In order to aid your body in the cleansing process, you must drink at least 1 1/2 liters of water a day in addition to what you ordinarily drink.

We have also developed a vitamin/mineral product: VITA GOLD. The Vita Gold can help people to become happier and have more vitality, and they have a cell-rejuvenating effect. This, in turn, makes you look better. Now, perhaps you are saying: "My health is more important than my appearance." But have you ever considered that your appearance is a reflection of your inner nature? Vitamins and minerals are very important to the healing process; they are the body's building blocks. Without building blocks there is no healing.

How we work

The first step is a telephone intake interview, which saves you time and money. We do not make diagnoses and we do not take measurements. That we leave to the doctor who is treating you. You can therefore be connected to the machines at your first visit.

Emotional stress

Over the course of our lives, we begin to acquire information, such as emotions, already in the womb Emotions such as anxiety, rage, grief, worry, depression, etc., experienced by the mother, can be passed on to the child. All of these emotions are stored in our cells (genes) as well as in the body's skeletal and tissue structure. Our treatment aims at cleansing the cells of emotional and physical contamination. This may temporarily aggravate the symptoms of the clinical picture. Note: only the symptoms, not the disease, will worsen. This is a sign that the body is already actively releasing that stress. The major cleanup and recovery has begun. You will gradually feel more cheerful, energetic and self-confident, and psychological stress and anxieties will diminish.


Of course, in addition to vitamins and minerals, it is very important to have a healthy diet and sufficient sleep. It goes without saying that we also provide advice in this area, if needed. Try to avoid all stressful situations, because they impact your health negatively. The resonance therapy works on all your complaints/diseases, from A to Z. All diseases are curable, in theory, but not in all people; many factors play a role in this. A positive attitude is a very significant aid here! You must see your mind as a computer that you yourself can program: what you expect from life will become reality.

So feed your cells with positive energy and set your mind to healing. Other significant factors are terrestrial radiation in your home and GSM radiation, among other things. The radiation from radio and television towers can also be very harmful to your health, as can eating vegetables and fruits that have been sprayed.


Our therapy can affect the following conditions/complaints/problems: facial neuralgia, abscesses, acne, phlebitis, AIDS, allergies, ALS, pancreatic cancer, angina, anxieties, arthritis, arthrosis, asthma, seizures, bladder infections, blood circulation, blood pressure, breast cancer, cancer of the bone, osteoporosis, broken bones, abdominal symptoms, abdominal pain, candida infection, carpal tunnel syndrome, Crohn's disease, intestinal cancer, instestinal problems, depression, diabetes, dizziness, dystrophy, eczema, emphysema, emotions, fibromyalgia, sinuses, phobias, joint pain, tumors, shingles, flu, cardiac problems, hernia, herpes, brain hemorrhage, heel spur (plantar fascitis), HIV, Hodgkin's disease, coughing, headaches, hay fever, skin problems, skin cancer, skin rash, pituitary, immune system, impotence, itching, gout, inflammation of the jaw, generalized cancer, pharyngitis, cramps, leukemia, liver cancer, lung cancer, pneumonia, lupus, Lyme disease, ME, stomach cancer, gastric complaints, acid stomach, macular degeneration, menstruation, migraine, MS, neck pain, cancer of the kidneys, inflammation, infertility, inflammation of the ear, inflammation of the eye, osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms, vomiting, parasites, Parkinson's, pain, taste disorders, prostate, prostate cancer, rheumatism, wrinkles, olfactory disorders, back problems, salmonella, thyroid problems, shoulder pain, sinusitis, insomnia, varicose veins, muscle disorders, agoraphobia, streptococci, stress, tumors, common cold, fatigue, viruses, whiplash, leucorrhea, wounds, St. Anthony's fire, and more. Everyone is different; some respond slowly, others quickly, but in many cases the health symptoms improve considerably or are even healed.


If you take medications, you must continue to take them until your health has improved. Then you will need to wean yourself off the medications in consultation with your doctor. Never stop medications all at once; always taper. Many people are extremely tired during or after a course of chemotherapy; resonance therapy can provide much relief in this case, as well. We believe that people must decide on their own whether to undergo chemotherapy and radiation; no one else can decide this for them. The same is true of surgical removal of tumors and any other medication use. Understand that a course of chemotherapy also always affects the good cells. Whatever you decide, resonance therapy will in all cases accelerate the healing process when used in combination with standard medicine or other healing modalities such as homeopathy. In no case will it negatively affect other treatment.


Naturally, resonance therapy is also suitable as a preventive measure, to prevent disease conditions. Prevention is always better
than a cure, after all.


Unfortunately, we cannot help people with pacemakers, due to the nature of our machines. Those with pacemakers must not even be present in our treatment rooms to accompany people under our treatment. However, they can consult us for advice on vitamins/minerals and nutrition. That in itself could already have a very positive effect on their health.

Our specialty

Our practice is the only one in Europe using the following two new machines:

Magnetic Pulser.

With the Magnetic Pulser it is possible to reduce pain instantly and in a few cases to eliminate it completely, no matter what the cause of the pain is.

R. B. R. 2006.

A unique machine that works with high energies (photons). It can have a powerful effect on the central nervous system, preventing many diseases such as muscle disorders, Parkinson's, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. But this machine also works extremely well on diseases such as cancer, ME, neck and back trouble, among others. Here too, treatment does not target a specific part of the body; rather it affects the entire body and all its complaints. It allows you to relax quickly, and depressions subside. All the cells are set to the correct vibration, releasing waste products. The R. B. R. 2006 also affects the aura and the chakras. The machine works with magnetic waves, light and frequencies, among other things. The frequencies we use were created partly from blood analyses from different clinical pictures. This analysis is done with a microscope which can enlarge more than 80,000x, so that harmful viruses, fungi, yeasts and bacteria become visible. Using the results of these analyses, we can combine the frequencies to eliminate these harmful elements in the body. In addition to the frequencies that eliminate harmful elements in the body, the R. B. R. 2006 also emits frequencies which have a healing effect on the total body, enhancing health and reducing pain. The machines will always have a positive effect and will never have a harmful effect on health.


For further information or to make an appointment, you can reach us by phone on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We are closed on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. In case of emergencies, you can try to
contact us anyway.


The treatments are usually given at two-week intervals. If someone is seriously ill, we advise more frequent visits. If you wish to come more often to resolve the problems more quickly, that can also be arranged. The cost of the first treatment is € 48.00.
All follow-up treatments are € 38.00 per treatment. All payments must be in cash. Debit and credit cards are not accepted for payment. The treatment lasts approximately 1 to 1½ hours. If unable to make an appointment, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Appointments canceled after that time will be billed. (It is also possible to cancel by leaving a message on the voicemail.)


Jacob Duursma and Erik Alleman.

N. G. C. Energy-Healing bv
Provincialeweg 75
5503 HB Veldhoven
The Netherlands
Phone / Fax: 0031- 40 - 252 11 07
International calls: 0031-40 -252 11 07
ABN: 49 59 90 736

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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

Ed Leedskalnin states that he cured himself of Tuberculosis by sitting in a chair and spinning in the Sun for 3 or 4 hours a day. He would go out and spin around in the chair, and was cured after a few weeks.

"Modern medicine" hasn't cured anything in over 50 years. Trillions of dollars of research, and nothing cured. I am frustrated enough that I am thinking about stopping my yearly participation in Relay for Life.
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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

There is also Dr Bob Beck...

I have a silver pulser 4 Hz square wave supposed to help your immune system fight the bugs in your blood... and makes collidial silver.
Ozone generator (cleans water and oxygenates it)
magnetic pulser

In addition I have

a far infra-red blanket
a coffee enema kit - natural detox method like blood cleaning (gerson therapy)
juicer - ideal for nurtrients and getting structured water out of vegetation...
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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

Originally Posted by Bigfatfurrytexan View Post
yearly participation in Relay for Life.
Is this a run?

How about where a T shirt with RIFE and GERSON etc written on it

It frustrates me to hell having lost Dad 4 months ago to a very agressive hormonal lung/brain cancer.

All I would say to people is if you are on medicine, research it and see if it is good for you.

My Dad popped anti-acids after virtually every meal. It destroys your bodies ability to digest food and screws up your emymes. everything is less and less good for you with paterising and GM and and and!!! I'm seriously going tot investigate living from light... (No food) breathianism.


This would certainly mean you could stop worrying about food
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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

For anyone interested. The latest skinny on this is using PEMF for anti-aging.

I personally have had Ondamed sessions.....in 24 hours(one session) depression gone.

Much of this technology is far better known and used in Europe.

Used in conjunction with the usual diet/exercise/vitamin regimin one has another tool for well-being.



Follow your gut feelings on any of this advice. You will know if it is for you.

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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

Interesting stuff.
I live very close to NGC, so I decided to have a try ...
I experienced a few sessions at NGC and it cured my psoriasis partially.
Got a lot of energy ... and a very "light" feeling lasting a few days.
I had to change my diet and my lifestyle anyhow for
an optimal result.
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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

The adress in the mail is actually very close to where I live.
Veldhoven is a city 50 km away from me.

I knew they existed. I was thinking of going there and consult them on some issues I have.


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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

I purchased and have been using a 500,000 volt D/C current electromagnetic wave generator from:


-has some Tesla tachnology in it. Met John Riley at a conference, heard he had been skunkworks employee, quit to do his own thing. He states it rejeuvenates the cells back to their maximum voltage potential-makes them healthy so they can heal. So far have been relieveing aches and pains with it. he claims they are having success with alzheimers patients.
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Default Re: Healed by electromagnetic waves

I purchased and have been using a 500,000 volt D/C current electromagnetic wave generator from:



Please tell me more. How much was this machine, and have you benefited from it? How long have you been using it?

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