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Default My Vision of WWIII's Beginning

This posting is for those who have asked me to share my dream/vision with them of how World War III will begin. I must remind you all that I did see this a very long time ago. And I do not guarantee that it will be the correct scenario. But as the world scene continues to play out, I am still betting on it.

So, here goes:
For those of you who have not yet read them, I suggest you read Ezekiel 38 and 39 before my prophecy first.
In my dream, I saw a hijacking of a jumbo airplane. The plane belonged to Russia. During this hijacking a very high and very beloved official of Russia, and I had felt he was holding the title of czar at the time, was assassinated during the taking of the airplane.
In my dream, also, the hijackers who did the crime were supposedly Jews. But in my dream the hijackers were dressed like the Palestinians, and so I knew that Muslims, not the Jews, were the real perpetrators of the assassination. (Note, Muslims did the crime, but the Jews were blamed for it.)
These hijackers wanted to make certain the Jews would be blamed for it, and they were. The Russians were so angry that they decided to take Israel down. They had help. The Muslims, whoever they were, were more than happy to help and joined with the Russians to obliterate Israel in a mass invasion—to pay for the death of their beloved prince. (Note I said Russians, not Soviets)
And so, World War III began.

A second dream came along with it. This war would become nuclear. I know this may sound silly to some of you, but my childhood sweetheart who had been killed in the Vietman War came to me in my dream. He said nothing, but told me telepathically that this would be so. And in order to protect myself from the radiation poisoning eat a lot of honeydew melons.
It sounds crazy, I know, but someone emailed me a nutrients chart of what honeydews, as well as other fruits, etc. have in them when I asked, and I was amazed. I actually think the dream was spot on. The vitamin C, I am told, helps!
Okay, there it is, you all. Like I said, it is just a vision, but I can’t help think, it could be the correct one.

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