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Default Re: Matrix 5

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
I've subscribed to this thread! Way back in the mid 80's I began experiencing a frightening phenomena in and around the sleep state as though something was trying to pull me out of my body (this began after I had practiced lucid dreaming for a while). I would wake up (w/body paralysis in the sleep state) and I'd "hear/feel" a frequency that would begin to rise, that felt like something was "taking" me, it was very frightening and would impose itself on me. I never knew when it would happen and took all of my might to resist.

I then wrote Charles Tart (author of Altered States of Consciousness) and he wrote back advising me to get in touch with Robert Monroe. Within a week I met a lady who ("coincidentally") plopped Monroe's book in my hand.. (synchronicity all over the place)... and, come to find that he described ExactLy what was happening to me and referred to himself (and me or anyone else) as the unfortunate ones, those that actually experience the transitioning from lucid mind through the process of going out of body (most people just find themselves out). It began as an imposition for him too.

It was very frightening but his book was comforting in that he gave advice on how to work with it. Anyway, I really didn't want to do that much after awhile as something told me that because of my ignorance of what's out there in the astral, that I might heed caution, which I did. Not to mention that I might examine my belief system. That was the start of it all for me back then, the fringe topics! My experience with the times that I actually made it out of body using his techniques I found that whatever I thought would likely manifest and I knew that I was not in control of my thoughts to such a level that I would be fearless (then)...also I "heard" feminine voices (two) speaking to me that "we are always there to help". I said WhoTF are "we"? I wanted outathere!!!

I went on from there into a spontaneous kundalini rising, now really knowing what it was... all before the internet. Man, how much I've learned since then. Still I'm cautionary but have a mighty intuitive mode that I do trust!

Now here I am immersed in Ash'a Deane's work and now about to order Matrix V. .... much more cognizant of shielding/protection & 2 way communication w/my Higher aspects and such. I'm SO glad I'm not "normal".

Enjoying this thread alot!
Hello Moxie, it is because of posters like yourself that I am attracted to this forum.
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