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Kerry Cassidy
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Default Update from camelot to avalon

Hi everyone,

I noticed that people are wondering what is going on with Bill and I and why aren't we showing up on the forum?

First of all I want to acknowledge and thank all the moderators, researchers, transcribers and other volunteers who contribute to making our forums and websites a success. We also thank everyone for all their efforts to discover the truth and then to share that truth. We salute your efforts.

In addition, I thought I might try to answer the question put out there by several of you, regarding why we don't spend time on the forum.... As many of you know we are often traveling and filming interviews. Once we return from those travels we end up taking care of editing and posting the interviews -- all of which takes weeks of full time work. We are always behind in our work and so catching up takes most hours in the day.

For those of you who wonder what is happening with the funds created by the subscriptions and donations, currently we are still paying off credit card debt that we ended up with at the end of 2008 mainly due to our trip to Australia which was largely self-financed. We are not able at this time to travel to do more interviews until this debt is paid off. At the moment we have, thanks to the generosity of all of you, paid off most of it but there is a remaining 4,500 approx. that still has to be paid before any incoming funds can go to future interviews.

The recent travel we have done, was financed in large part by a Camelot supporter who wishes to remain anonymous. And we are very grateful to them.

I am moving back to California after living 6 months in Sedona (a fabulous place!) because I want to work on various screenplay projects and being in close proximity to Hollywood will facilitate bringing those ideas to the screen and last but not least, I miss the ocean!!

As many of you know, Bill is living in Switzerland. We continue to work daily on Camelot and hope to be able to set aside more time for creating tele-conferences on Avalon in the very near future. Due to the distance between us it is often difficult to synchronize our efforts and what we have created with Avalon and Camelot take all our time and still, we do not accomplish all the things we would like.

As we enter this time of great change and transition there are new demands on all of us. While we continue to expand our efforts to detail the Big Picture, the picture itself is changing radically. It's a demanding challenge to try and keep up with the ever changing landscape and be productive at the same time.

We appreciate all the love and support we have been given during the past 3 years and hope to continue to provide thought-provoking interviews and reports in the coming days.

Love and blessings,

..."if you build it they will come"
Field of Dreams

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Default Re: Update from camelot to avalon

Thanks for the update Kerry ,I was wondering .Thanks again
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Default Re: Update from camelot to avalon


Well, I've donated in the past to Project Camelot. I'd encourage everyone here to do the same.

I'm heading over there now to make another donation myself. We need to keep Camelot alive and kicking back at the PTB.!!!

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Default Re: Update from camelot to avalon

I agree Rod i have just donated this is extremely importanat and i feel as thpugh the donation is going directly to a good cause
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Thumbs up Re: Update from camelot to avalon

I appreciate all your hard work Kerry and have never thought twice about it, as someone with an entertainment and radio journalism background I'm well aware of how time consuming the work you do is. The work you're doing is priceless and an invaluable contribution to the awakening, I doubt the movement would be where it's at without your work - I know it's what woke me up completely. I'd been making progress, but your work with whistleblowers has helped me to connect the dots that hastened the paradigm shift.

Lets not forget all the hard work from fellow Ground Crew members, you've also attracted a great community here on Avalon too!

So thanks for all you do Kerry and Bill, we couldn't have done it without you!! Keep up all the great work and don't listen to whiners, some people aren't happy if they're not complaining about something

Love, light & blessings,

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Default Re: Update from camelot to avalon

Hi Kerry and Bill, nice to read you
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Default Re: Update from camelot to avalon

For clarity's sake I would like to note that this update that started this thread was posted by Kerry on 3/15/2009, almost a year ago. The credit cards have been paid off. Someone just recently noticed it and bumped it up to the top.

You will find the latest here: http://www.projectcamelot.org/

Here is the latest appeal for funds:
• Donations needed for travel...

Thank you to all who have come forward to contribute. We are also collecting funds to go to South Africa and interview Michael Tellinger on the site of Adam's Calendar.Your donations make our work possible... more donations mean more interviews.
More travel plans, the specifics from the European trip announced below were laid out here (see rough transcript below):
• Kerry was interviewed by Rebecca Jernigan on her Radio Show: Journeys with Rebecca on Tuesday. It should be available on her site archives.
and here:
Camelot Whistleblower Radio
7 to 9pm PST on The Micro Effect Network. February 4th - 18th shows will be rebroadcasts of prior shows due to travel in Europe doing interviews for the next few weeks...
Here is a rough transcript from the interview on Jernigan's show.
K: Going to England to catch a few interviews over there … I may be able to get an update from Gary McKinnon, although I don’t know for sure. I think I’ll be in touch with some people that are close to him so will at least be able to communicate through them … if not meet him face to face again. On top of that we have some people in England that we are going to … try to interview and see how that goes. We’ve put a call out to James Casbolt and Barry King. Barry King has accepted so far and … possibly Casbolt might make himself available. This is a really controversial area – to try to interview and see how that goes.

R: … Jordan says nothing in this world works the way you think it does – language, words, what they really mean and how they’ve been misconstrued … its fascinating how its been manipulate and contorted into something that it really isn’t …

K: Yes, and Jordan’s an expert at that … almost anybody can play around with those concepts … the language of symbolism … even the average person can free associate to see where they’ve been deceived even on the most superficial level. But of course Jordan takes it several stages beyond that … he is not just a researcher, but has his own encounters, not only with illuminati and some very high level people but also ET and so on.

In England we will also interview Andy Lloyd – www.darkstar1.co.uk He is talking about the brown dwarf … also known as the second sun. … Henry Deacon mentioned a second sun in our solar system. We’ve never had any … witness follow that out … that is Andy Lloyd’s area of expertise … several years down the road in his investigation. He has a book out about that as well …

We’ll go back to the U.S. and interview some secret whistleblowers. A lot of the real “jackpots” tend to be in the U.S. maybe because the secrecy has been the strongest, maybe because we have been the military-industrial juggernauts of this era – its where the most serious whistleblowers tend to come from. I also like to chalk it up to the American character … standing for freedom and for truth … standing up for one’s rights and coming forward and speaking the truth …

R: The lie is different on every level, but I said so is the truth. Even if something is a lie, it becomes your truth because that’s what you choose to believe or that’s how you want to live your life … yes, American have that propensity, as a culture to stand up and speak their mind …

K: So there’s a certain level of rebelliousness and it’s part of our national character I think. Anyway, that helps us as Camelot, because … it takes a lot of courage to be a whistleblower … there are a lot of levels to courage … we’ve come into contact with in terms of Camelot over the last four years of operation

After that we hope to get at least an off-the-record update from Bob Dean. If we get a chance to turn on the cameras we will do that, no guarantees. That’s our plan and then back to LA and to possibly do an indepth interview with a group of whistleblowers from the mind control aspect/super soldier – hoping to connect with them. Duncan O’Finioan will be on Thursday’s show and to spend more time with him – he was on briefly before, but there is so much to talk about

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