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Visions of the Future Visions of the future, What are you seeing? Thoughts, Dreams, Intuition....

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Post Denver the Middle City

(Views of Denver The Middle City)

My room mate James had troubling dreams about something happening in Denver (martial law), my good friend Steve had a dream about some kind of explosion in Denver a few years ago and not long ago I had mine about something going into Denver and exploding as well followed by chaos and riots. I'd like to get deeper into this because I don't know if they do set a nuke off in denver its not going to be a grounded explosion, its going to be set off above the city to take out any electrical device out.

In this case my father wrote a book awhile ago about how to survive through natural castophy and nukular blasts, he and the other author explained through this that it would be easier to take out the city and control the population through destroying all chips and electronics through the EM blast.
Think about it they blow it up over say denver it takes out 99% of the vechicals and 100% of the computers.

The army pulls up ready to take you to the safety camps, so say your an ignorant fool that just witnessed a nukular explosion you can't get in your car to leave so what other options do you have? Your ignorant you think that you would be safe by doing so. Denver has just put in a fasttrack in that is being expanded to Colorado Springs (Fema Camps are located in CO springs) and through lakewood into golden and off to GrandJunction (in which is where another fema camp is at) of course these will be Denvers trains to the FEMA camps they are working through RTD the bus system to complete them in time but they are behind shedule, I know this because my father purposefully bought land in the way of the developing train system.

But none the less these trains have pyrmids and rising suns all the way down the track through Santa-Fe St in which runs into denver and continues south, on the side going down Santa-Fe is a Riverside commerical complex with the symbol of a pyrmid and a river flowing besides it representing movement through the area and just behind that we find a Chase bank sticking its head into the view, they widend I-25 in which they called T-Rex although it needed it there walls on the side of the highway are full of scared geometry and symbolism and some of the top coperations are setting next to this.

They are moving denver into its recognized order that they have planned for it, and since I live here Im doing what I can to make since of it. I see the movement where everyone thinks Im crazy but I understand why they don't see it, their perception and paradigm is not in line to see it. Blind us with the truth and we shall not see it. Basic human behavior not to, unless you are given a chance to see it and understand.

Peace N Love
-Brother Nate
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