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Default Glenn Kimball visits Hell

A fascinating show which many here will be interested in.

Here is link to download the show, well worth the effort.


During the middle two hours of the program, researcher Glenn Kimball discussed the mystery surrounding the origins of DNA as well as his recent spiritual visions. He explained that Francis Crick, one of the scientists who discovered DNA, determined that the odds of the material forming in the primordial soup was 10 to the 260th power, thus making it a statistical impossibility. As such, the scientist surmised that DNA must have been brought to Earth by extraterrestrials. However, Kimball disputed this theory, noting that it merely transfers the problem instead of solving it. To that end, he put forth the idea that DNA was brought to Earth by an ultimate creator, a messiah, and this is why Earth is visited by ETs and other entities, because the planet is a special place that was chosen by this creator being.

Kimball also discussed his health struggles, which have recently taken a turn for the worse, and how, as his health has deteriorated, strange events have begun to take place in his life. He revealed that he was visited by an entity that took him to see Hell, which he described as extremely crowded and smelling of brimstone. He was then visited by another being who reminded him of all the wonderful things he'd done for others over the years. The next day, the entity returned and told him that his time on Earth was coming to an end soon and provided Kimball with an experience which he likened to "riding the back of the creator, going through the universe and the creation process." He said that the experience was so joyful that he thought, "I don't need to go to Heaven if I can be a janitor at the gate where this man is ... it would be worth everything that I've ever done."
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