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Bill Ryan
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Exclamation MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: all members please read.

Hi, All:

After a little more than two weeks, we have over 2,700 members and over 2,200 threads. The explosion of activity and enthusiasm has both astonished and delighted us.

The fairly small team of moderators has been almost overwhelmed by their job of trying to keep abreast of all new threads, posts and developments.

Many members have remarked that there is a bewildering profusion of threads and topics, almost too much to navigate.

There is a danger, too: that the diamonds become lost in a sea of sand.

The principal purpose of the forum was to support PROJECT AVALON.


* To support the GROUND CREW.

* To provide them with information concerning networking, communities, resources, earth changes, and news reports and analysis of economic and geopolitical events.

The distinction between CAMELOT and AVALON is reasonably (but not totally!) clear. Essentially:

CAMELOT is retrospective, and describes the problems.

AVALON is forward-looking, and proposes solutions.

CAMELOT is also primarily concerned with testimony from whistleblowers and other truth-tellers that reveals information hitherto kept secret from the human race.

We passionately believe we have a right to know our history, our heritage, the problems we face, our possible destiny, and how we have been abused and manipulated by those in a position of leadership and/or power for thousands of years.

It was an afterthought - which we readily agreed to - to provide an area on the PROJECT AVALON FORUM for discussion of Camelot information. The provision of a CAMELOT WITNESSES area was also unplanned, but quickly followed.

Some events have occurred, however, which have focused our minds and have made it clear that if this is the state of the Forum after only two weeks, then after two months - or six months, or a year - the Forum would become uncontrollable and unnavigable.

Therefore we've decided a number of actions.

1) We're going to put the Camelot section of the forum on ice. It'll be available on a read-only basis (and there's a LOT to read). All threads will be closed, including the CAMELOT WITNESSES area.

We MAY re-open it at some future point. Nothing will be deleted. But we have to stop the clock and take stock before the Forum becomes dysfunctional.

2) We will close the entire Forum for 24 hours from 1800 (6 pm) GMT today, Monday, for essential maintenance (including a full back-up) and to reorganize the thread structure.

3) The reorganization of the thread structure will include removing all threads from the Avalon area which are not in support of the PROJECT AVALON MISSION. These will be closed and removed to the PROJECT CAMELOT area. Everything will remain readable and searchable.

4) No disrespect or criticism is leveled, in any way, at any individual members. We fully recognize that it's not at all obvious where to post certain threads or topics which lie in "crossover" areas - relating to both past and future, problem and solution, Camelot and Avalon. We will use our intelligent discretion as best as we possibly can.

5) A word needs to be said about the way we want the forum to be: an inspirational example of what Michael St.Clair called a RADIANT ZONE.

In the Project Camelot FutureTalk II conversation with Michael St.Clair, he explained very clearly (and accurately) how a few dysfunctional people can wreck a Radiant Zone.

Again, no criticism is leveled at any individual members here. But we emphasize that membership of this community is a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT; that questioning of Camelot witnesses is also a privilege (which has been abused, once or twice, by a few); and that the purpose of this forum is NOT to grandstand one's ego or parade one's uninformed personal opinions.

Rather, the purpose is to facilitate intelligent, informed debate and discussion with a view to mutually enhanced understanding and knowledge. Anyone who does not understand this is free to go elsewhere!

David Bohm (the quantum physicist) wrote a wonderful little book called ON DIALOGUE. It's a brilliant thesis of the real purpose of debate: to engage in a mutual enquiry in which the participants give up their positions and their egos, only concerned with reaching greater understanding.

This is the model we wish to see here: (1) realise how much you don't know, and (2) commit yourself to discovering more. Regarding point (2), there are over 2,700 people to help you - including ourselves.

PROJECT AVALON is something unique, and the Forum has the opportunity to be one unlike any other.

The quality of debate has been high. The quality of the membership is also (extremely) high, and the intelligence on display is significant. We're fortunate and privileged to be joined by a number of people who have had extraordinary experiences, or are respected researchers in their own rights. No forum we know has such a wealth of informed and aware participants. This is the GROUND CREW.

Furthermore, there's a huge amount of information here already. There is a team, unannounced and behind the scenes, working to data-mine the Forum for valuable information which will be posted to the main pages of the website. This is a work in progress which we'll report on soon.

We ask you to remember:

1) (as stated above) Membership of this community is a privilege, not a right.

2) This is not a public service provided by your government.

3) We reserve the right to moderate, edit, delete or move posts and threads as we see fit. Like pruning and tending a garden for optimum growth, we have to do this. The alternative is a jungle - which could not be the Radiant Zone that we want to see growing here.

There's been a lot of self-moderation. We salute this. Remember that the EDIT button is your friend - to help you restore balance after posting a message that may have been composed rather too hastily.

Remember that there are very many people here with huge reservoirs of knowledge and understanding who will be delighted to share what they know if they are asked in the right ways.

Remember also that we all co-create the future that we want to exist, and that this Forum is a microcosm of this. It is what we all make it. It does not priorly exist. It's a model of the world.

We must be the change we want to see: understanding, not arrogance; questions, not sarcasm; positivity, not doom; facts, not rumor; appreciation, not criticism. This is our house, and you are all invited here. But we have just closed some doors, and may have to close some more. Help us continue to make this what it can be.

Warmest wishes to all,

Bill and Kerry

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