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14 Chakras
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Default Jesus speaks today: Inner teachings from Jesus through one of his messengers

The story of Jesus is that he was resurrected and did not die. Therefore, according to the story we understand, he is very alive today. He is not confined to a book, or whatever beliefs have come up around him in various religions and societal agreements. He is the Living Christ right?

Also, consider that when Jesus showed up in Jerusalem to start his mission, he came on a donkey. He didn't exactly shout "it's obvious here I am!" with a big fire works display.

In fact, during his mission, only a few hundred people really followed him everywhere. In the end, the people even shouted for him to be killed and we're willing to set a murderer free to make it happen! Even his own disciples abandoned him to one degree or another on the last day and only one or two disciples made it up on the hill to be there while he was put up on the cross.

The point is, to see that Jesus was the Christ, it came down to discernment. Only a few had the right discernment to recognize the living Christ. This was the test that people faced when they met Jesus during his mission.

Consider today, that the same kind of test exist. Consider that Jesus message is not being shouted out like fireworks quite yet , and it is up to the discerning to connect with his true message and his true teachings.

Consider Jesus is very much alive and has given the people of planet earth access to his inner teachings for this very important time we are in. However, consider the teachings are similar to Jesus coming in on a donkey, not obvious and it takes your own Christ discernment in order to see if you recognize the voice of Master Jesus and truth.

Here is a link to ONE of Jesus messengers work. My discernment strongly tells me, within these letters are the true teachings of Christ from 2000 years ago and updated for today.

Note, my discernment also tells me Jesus has more than one messenger on planet earth. This messenger gives Jesus teachings from a more meditative perspective rather than a linear western perspective. They are very good and well worth contemplating. I do believe if we can truly connect to the inner message, to the reality behind the words, then we will indeed find the truth that will set us free.

I hope you consider giving these letters a chance and if you already believe in Jesus, connecting with him and asking him to you show the truth as you read these letters. Names have power, so calling to Jesus Christ to help you discern will be of benefit.

If you currently do not believe that Jesus is legitimate, then consider asking God, or your highest Self to help you discern the reality of these teachings.

My personal belief is we should also make protection calls to help us discern anytime we are faced with something of importance. Consider calling to God, Jesus, Archangel Michael or your highest Self, to cut you free from any entities, dwellers or opposition to you hearing the truth and ask for help seeing through any illusions that may be blocking the Way of your discernment. You can also call for the binding of any opposition to your divine plan.

It's important to ask not to confirm any pre-conceived beliefs, but rather to show us the truth of the inner teachings that will set us free, even if it means surrendering beliefs that are hindering our spiritual progress in truth.

I hope you enjoy!


P.S. There are nine letters, they are meant to be read in order, from letter one through nine. They are fairly long and I recommend considering purchasing them in book format if the first letter or two speaks to you. I personally found them easier to read and contemplate in print (especially considering the different kind of fonts and formatting that the messenger has chosen to use). Alternatively, if you would rather read them in print, but for free, you can print out the letters and put them in a binder as they are available in PDF format on the above link.

Here is a link to the book, which is all the letters combined, available on Amazon:

P.P.S. These letters are not so much about exposing the outer linear life of Jesus, rather the inner message of the teachings of Christ. As I stated above, they are from meditative perspective and are meant to be read in a meditative, intuitive Way.

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