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Default James Martinez - $$ Cash Flow! $$

I've had a chance to look over the website of Camelot witness James Martinez, interviewed 30 November 2009:

In the last 13 years Mr. Martinez has participated in the elimination of over $730 million dollars of alleged credit card debt through legal countermeasures as well as the necessary psychological reconditioning process needed to avoid future financial pit falls for a client's future. This has not been limited to alleged credit card debt alone. Mr. Martinez has also helped participate in the recovery of homes from the foreclosure process as well.

Mr. Martinez has had a unique experience working in the entertainment industry. He’s worked as a Casting Director, Manager, Producer, Actor and Radio personality. Throughout his years in the business he’s met and collaborated with representatives from Hollywood and decided that the world was in need of something on the public's side. Future programming that was to liberate the human spirit. In 2007 Mr. Martinez was elected Director of Public Affairs for S.O.M.A Corporation. (Semiotic Offscreen Media Arts) The first consulting company ever designed to use media to heal the public through the use of film and television.

Prior to any of the current news today on international banker abuse against the public and planet Mr. Martinez discovered the real crisis. A crisis in consciousness associated with our collective idea of money through the use of credit and the effects of living under digital conditions in a world where the acceleration and speed of information has now made proper accounting of our collective idea of money impossible. While meeting with representatives from The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Bank of Warburg Mr. Martinez discovered the real truth and now has decided to give this to the world.

Mr. Martinez collaborated with the late Aaron Russo Freedom to Fascism prior to his death regarding the issues of money and then went on to interview the top film-makers associated with our current money crisis. Some of these include James Scurlock Maxed Out and Danny Schechter In Debt We Trust to name a few. Prior to his career in radio Mr. Martinez was on The Board of Directors of the Freedom of Thought Foundation headed by world re-known author and activist Walter Bowart author of international bestseller Operation Mind Control. It was during this time while working with Mr. Bowart Mr. Martinez discovered the codes, cues and triggers associated with debt consciousness, law and media and began to unravel the long-term program to hijack the human central nervous system and turn it into an investment property to enrich International Bankers. Consequently, these discoveries and the humanitarian efforts to liberate the public and release them from suicide, broken families, bankruptcy, loss of property and slavery led to being placed on The Board of Directors of the Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications.

The “Cash Flow” show is the first Executive Produced radiobroadcast in history that accurately predicted the release of cold fusion to the world months before its public announcement on 60 Minutes thanks to Bob Neveritt and his team, which was responsible for delivering mankind’s greatest invention ever. Free energy.

Currently, Mr. Martinez is on The Board of Advisers for ImagineThisTV.com one of the most highly anticipated new television series ever. Executive Produced and created by Emmy Award winning actor Eion Bailey. This promises to be the first television series in history to address entertainment, humanity and technology for a better world.


Wow!! I'm really glad I've learned about his work.
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Default Re: James Martinez - $$ Cash Flow! $$

WOW is right................how fascinating indeed
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consciousness, counter-measures, debt, healing, humanitarianism

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