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Default Re: *hearing a high pitch frequency 24/7?*

deleted - was logged in as my wife accidentally
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physics envy
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Default Re: *hearing a high pitch frequency 24/7?*

On Astral Projection forums many people use the ringing sound to help them get out-of-body. One way is to concentrate on the ringing as well as the brow chakra at the same time. For some people, this triangulation makes their "energy" body start to shake quite a bit. I don't know if anyone has used it to successfully go OOB, but they say the vertigo-like feeling is a good start (if you get it).

Also, you may be able to control the pitch of the ringing to some degree. When I'm meditating or doing some types of body energy-work, sometimes I find I can raise the pitch easily and it will increase the energy/buzzing feeling in my body. At the same time if my eyes are closed I can get mental pictures to come in a little more clearly. It seems the higher the frequency, the clearer the picture (my mental imagery is usually pretty weak, however). Over time I have been able to see some things with eyes open as well, especially if I gaze at a monochromatic wall.

Another thing I've found I can do recently while meditating/relaxing is build up a pressure inside my head in the middle (sometimes near the skin between my eyes, sometimes more inward), and then if I raise the ringing sound quickly to a very high pitch, there is a sort of "brain orgasm" like someone above mentioned as the pressure "explodes". It gives a feeling of energy expansion outside of the body and it has a few waves to it. (As a side note - I've had this happen with the heart energy center as well - and that explosion felt more full-body and 'wider'.)

I have been wanting to ask for guidance from others more experienced with energy-work and in what ways one can use the ringing sound - so I was delighted to see this thread at the top tonight :-) If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I don't want to derail this thread, however, so I would be happy to create a new one regarding ways to use body energy if requested (for healing, projections, cosmic consciousness expansion, clairvoyance, etc.)

Also - in the interest of full disclosure, it is MUCH, MUCH easier for me to control this energy when using 'herb' prior. Otherwise, it takes a longer meditation period to get relaxed enough to have as much body control. The herb seems to amplify the energy and allows for almost immediate full body relaxation.
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john kennedy
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Default Re: hearing a high pitch frequency 24/7?

Originally Posted by whitecrow View Post
I also hear a high-pitched background frequency. I can tune it out so effortlessly I forget it's there, but if I stop and think about it I can hear it. I don't think it's tinnitis as I actually have had a touch of that once or twice and this is different. I've wondered many times what it is. I tend to think it's either a) a natural earth frequency or b) the way we perceive the fact that we're constantly surrounded by countless energy fields, both manmade and natural. It's an interesting mystery.

On another note, I occasionally hear music. I believe this is bleed-over from another density, perhaps what we'd call the spirit world. I mention it just because the two phenomena could have a single mechanism.
I do too lol
play my guitar to it
thought i was going slowly crazy
for about 18 mth - 2 yr.
same time i started rapid awakening!
like a tuning in frequency feedback we perceive.
reminds me of when the BBC used to go off for the night when i was younger, simular kinda unbroken drone sound.
Ply-able through concentration
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