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Default October 7th & the Web Bots Crystal Ball

from George Ure....

Among the 115-or so emails, was one from the Time Monks at www.halfpasthuman.com because it moves our expectations of how the events prior to our hot area around October 7th will be playing out. So here's the scoop from the time machine:

"Salve omnes, as you may have guessed from the [markets] actions today (Wednesday) , the emotional tensions are quite high.

We have run the most recent data reads and the immediacy values are pointing to 9-17 and NOT 9-27 as the beginning of the plateau of the emotional tensions which holds prior to the plunge into release language. The shift into the 5/five months of release language still is showing as beginning on October 7.

So we have *now* entered a 20/twenty day plateau which will release on October 7th.

Sorry about that, but the data shifts all the time (with each processing, duh!@!)....so we have already hit the peak of the current building tension period...and it didn't even hurt that much...yet.

What we will look for is a 20/twenty day period of the same level of emotional tensions around the global economy. Mostly it is about the dollar, but no one is admitting that part of the secrets just yet. The emotional turmoil will be felt to build and perhaps will even have some small dips, but in the main it will stay at today's levels. Over the course of the 20/twenty days we expect a whole lot of international thrashing around, and not much progress in solutions.

If we humans are really really lucky, then 20 days from today, we will slide off into the release of global depression and dollar death. If we are not lucky....

Sorry about missing this, but we had not had a reason to reset modelspace and progress it through from zero point until today. Several changes brought in by the immediacy values and the shorter term sets have shown up. These have been noted in Part Two. "

As you know, my worst-case fear about events to come lines up on the notion that says something like "Markets fall apart so much going into October 7th (or so) that we have people starting to awaken in huge numbers to the idea that a long wave cyclical economic depression is unfolding - and that in turn is such a threat to the modem (sic) world that event a terrorist attack (false flag or otherwise) is "necessary" to prevent a sudden cascading of runs of banks and so forth.

So, once we get our 'conveniently timed' terrorist attack, that will spin the public's attention to the events going on in the rest of the world to the extent that just "money" will not seem so important. And, because the predictive linguistics crew has had a coiuple of body count references (2.2 million and 22 million - decimal points being slippery in the timestream) there seems to be enough gore on tap to meet the linguistic void.

Except of course this whole business of looking into the future using language shift on the internet is still an exact science, and just because we've caught global emotional bumps since mid 2001 (including 9/11 and so forth) the idea of a 6-6 month unwinding of your whole lifestyle should be taken with a grain of salt, slice of pie, shot of Jack, and serious prayer that it's all just an artifact of processing. But, just in case, we've done a whole lot of preparation figuring that the worst that could happen would be we'd have some new items to depreciate on the long form tax papers and a bunch of prepaid expenses.


Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, you'll recall I have been bemoaning the fact that we have not had the 'military" component coming up as much as expected to have the 20% terra entity, 40% military and 40% economic descriptors met with anything other than a sudden onset event.

But wait! Here's something that would feed into our worst-case fears that a 'terrorist attack' will be what spins the world into war: A piece on Douglass Hagmann's "Northeast Intelligence Network" reports that "Islamic terrorist operatives reportedly dispatched, in place, and possibly ready to executive terrorist operation in U.S., Europe" Or, if you read the details here, both about the same time.

Nothing like kicking markets when they are down, but as I've said before, the appearance of Osama bin Laden at precisely the moment of recognition of the Internet Bubble's collapse leads me to expect another such "outlier" (as I'm sure it will be positioned) as we are quickly approaching a similar point of recognition in the wake of the Housing Bubble Collapse and subsequent fallout.

There, feel better now?
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