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Default Synchronicity

Sometimes it still amazes me how "things" all seem to happen at precisely the right moment.

I stumbled across this web page only 2 nights ago - which led me off on a tangent re-researching Pine Gap. Follow the links - they are welll worth a look - even if you are familiar with the Pine Gap history.






Then the following night i sat listening to the Bob Dean interview where he also mentioned Pine Gap.

Then last night the kids are switching channels on the TV and lo and behold a documentary on the disappearance/drowning of Harold Holt!!!

As i had already formed an opinion that the mystery surrounding Harold Holt was a lot lot more than accidental given the controversy and non-disclosure of the construction of Pine Gap at that time - i was left with the overwhelming question of "why now?"

The doco was made after the 40 year release of govt records and was aiming to show the political pressure he was under at the time and lack of investigation into his medical records - and the idea of Billy McMahon waiting in the side wings to "seize" power so to speak but I of course look at all this political "reshuffling" in a whole new light now

I realise its easy to become complacent when you are living in such a peaceful, out of the way environment as i do - BUT i am also well aware that there is nothing but one highway and about a thousand kilometres of uninhabited desert between me and Pine Gap!!!
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Default Re: Synchronicity

i've had a similar experience about pine gap on another forum. i posted a mention of it, and within 24hrs, i randomly came across 11 other references to it, without actualy looking for any.
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