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Default What is a refugee?

Pending some crisis, Not everybody will come away cleanly.

What is a Refugee, where might they be coming from, what do they need, what will they want?, How will you react? Guidelines?

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Default Re: What is a refugee?

Big question quite thoughtful, Mostly a question of trust.

If you became a Refugee do you trust the authorities, to be properly informed?

Examine recent Flood protocals, and how well they were executed.

Proberly lots of info on local plans find out what those plans are, examine them, if things start playing out differently, Bailout.

If all chaos breaks out and people start maruading about the land. Looking for food. I'd like to think I'd be in a position to help.

I have personal provisions, a few of us have group provisions and Community provisions, people taking orders will not always know the bigger picture, even if they think they do. You have to trust the Integrity of who evers on the other end of their Radio.

Just make sure you know whats going on... People will kill for food, if they have to just watch out for that, if people start robbing shops then marshall LAw will appear quickly. Army will handout food, but shoot you for taking it etc...

If I'm approaching somebody for help for whatever reason I'm always friendly. There is alot more to be said on this subject, but its just not possible to discuss Online.Try talking to some refugees they might shareinsightasto what really happens in a serious crisis situation. Particularly Interesting to speak with various East Europeans.

Had some interesting conversations with some Dutch/Yugoslavians in Holland a fewYears ago, erh Make sure you know who your friends are well inadvance.

Make sure you show due respect to Everything and everyone in every situation. Can't be any fairer than that, but If you dont like somthing act quickly and unannounced. Best advice I can Give you. From what I've heard actully goes on.
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