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Default New Years UFO - As promised

I've taken my sweet time sorting it out but here it is, my set of 3 photos of the UFO i saw over my house at 00:10 on 01-01-10, Numbers are interesting even if the photo's aren't

Basically, after watching the London fireworks on the telly with my missus and the kids(fireworks were excellent as usual by the way), everyone went swiftly to bed, i was locking up trhe house and had to take the Dog out back for a wee, as usual on a cold night, he wanted to go for the longest wee the worlds ever known, so as usual, i turned my eyes skyward and saw the orange star i'd noticed in the sky a few nights previously. I was going to post about that as a seperate thing but thought it was probably me just not having noticed it before(unlikely), however, on that night, it started moving. Crapped myself i did.

Now, just to let you know, i've lived under the flight path of a MAJOR UK Airport all of my life (26 years) so i know a plane/helicopter when i see one, i know the holding pattern areas and routes, i know the approach/departure paths and because of this its very easy for me to spot when something in the air is not as normal or following these paths.

I've seen two bonafide UFO's in my time, both very similar, and both in the skies visible from my village. My partner spotted the first and pointed out to me and we watched it weave, backtrack and spiral its way around and through a large cloud to the southwest of our home for about an hour before it just disappeared. About three years later, which would be about three months ago, i was out walking the dog and bingo, i see the same UFO type again, this time to the west, like a cone of white light moving to and fro and weaving about inside a large cloud, only this time it was a damn sight closer so it appeared to be rather larger than i'd thought the previous time. Luckily, the bloke walking his dog the other way turned to see it too when he notcied i was looking up, and he commented on how he'd never seen anything like it before, and he's lived here a lot longer than me (about 45 years).

Anyway, my point is, that i've only ever seen two in my life up until now, then see another two on the same night, within minutes of each other, the first i saw alone, but caught on camera, the second i pointed out to the missus but the camera was out of battery by that point (i got it for christmas and haven't bothered getting new batteries yet, as i'm quite lazy). The first one i saw, of which i have photos to share, was to the south of my home, moving East-West, not a usual direction for air traffic, and seeing as it was orange and not the milky yellow-white or red of normal traffic it piqued my interest.

So, the photos, First one up is of the UFO passing under a bright star and heading towards the west. Upper left light is the star.

Whats interesting here is what happens when you zoom in. The only alterations to these next two images is the use of a single red eye filter level to reduce the orange glare, you achieve the same overall result without this filter, but adding it reveals further detail obscured by the colour of the lights.

First up here we have an extreme close up view of the star in the upper left of the pic, nothing particularly interesting, its obviously just a light against the background of the night sky, see below;

However, with the same unit of magnification on the "object" reveals what looks to me like physical structure, i may be wrong, don't quote me as saying it is, but the difference is quite startling. See below;

I'll let you draw your own conclusions on this, if you want to analyse the originals to see if you get the same results or otherwise be my guest. (I can even e-mail you the full size original pics if requested).

Ok, so the second picture was taken about 10-15 seconds after the first, the detail in this pic is evident even without magnification but i'll provide a zoomed in view for emphasis anyway.


I won't even pretend to know what the object is doing here, it appeared to the naked eye to be spinning or pulsing, i wouldn't say it was changing shape at all, but it did appear to rotate or the like.

The last picture is the most interesting of all, its about 30 seconds after the second photo and about 10 seconds after i took it the "object" disappeared completely, not out of view or beyond a cloud, it just winked out. As you can see, its also changed colour to a milky white, this change was visible to the naked eye. Again like the second, you can see the detail but i'll include a zoom version aswell.


Thats all the pics i managed to get, after that the batteries died. The missus' mum and dad suggested it could have been chinese lanterns (deja vu anyone?) but i know what they look like, they don't change shape or colour and they don't hang around in the same spot of the sky for 3-4 days before spontaneously moving off (of course i didn't tell them that bit, i'm not a massochist ).

All i used to edit these images was Windows Live Photo Gallery for the red eye filter and Gimp2 for the re-sizing, so no skull duggery, again, i have the originals on my PC if anyone wants to analyse them.

The second UFO i saw that night was to the North of my home, and followed the same East-West trajectory, its size was approx. 2-3 times bigger than the one pictured above, it moved smoothly, made no course changes until it stopped, then faded into nothingness. Can't really say more about it, if i had photo's of that they'd have revealed more i'm sure, just my laziness with ym electronics letting me down again .

I'll lay myself at your mercy

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Default Re: New Years UFO - As promised

Great pics.....looks like a boomerang shape.....
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