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Default China Releases Secret Pilot UFO File

China: Secret Pilot UFO file released


A detailed UFO report of an incident involving a commercial pilot that includes radar images and recordings of the conversation between the pilot and the airport tower has just been made public in China. The report was released at a scientific forum held in Shanghai.

Diagram of event

The event occurred on March 18 in the morning in Shanghai. Later that day hundreds of readers rang a local newspaper ‘The Xinmin Evening Times’ to report a strange object they had seen in the sky. One of these callers was the Tower Manager at Hongqiao Airport, Mr Jin Xin. He mentioned that a UFO had been spotted by tower staff and picked up by radar and that he had the recording.

Mr Jin Xin added that he requested that a pilot due to take off at exactly the same time chase the object and the pilot, who agreed, had reported that the UFO, seemingly made of two parts, was circling around his plane. A transcript of the conversation between the pilot and tower control has also been preserved.

The pilot witnessed the UFO for no less than 9 minutes and described the UFO in the conversation with the tower as initially a glowing fireball displaying extraordinary flight characteristics and quickly shifting position before ‘Descending sharply, changing colour from red to black and then separating into two objects: The top one a sphere, the bottom a rectangle. The craft travelled in a Northeast direction at level flight before climbing and disappearing.’

The pilot, Mr Zhu Zhaoyuan , was highly experienced at the time and was flying for Jinan Airlines. The aircraft he was flying was small commercial plane.

A number of UFO research societies were asked to investigate this event as well as scientists. Professor Wang Sichuao of Nanjing’s Purple Mountain Observatory (Of the July Eclipse UFO fame) thinks that this was an extraterrestrial encounter while the custodian of the recording, Mr Jialu Wu, an ex-engineer at the Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute and now director of the Shanghai UFO research centre believes the UFO was in fact two airplanes misidentified by the pilot.

In the process of releasing this astonishing file, a researcher from the Purple Mountain Observatory, Mr Liu Yan, revealed that the institution had investigated many thousands of UFO reports received from the public. According to Mr Yan, 90 percent of such sightings are eventually identified.

Chinese Ufologists have observed that this figure still leaves a lot of genuine UFOs that have been seen above China.

Source: Allnewsweb.com
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