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Question AQ: Is this fact or fiction? Torchwood.

I recently posted this same message earlier today...

I thought it might be agood idea to begin again with a title to arouse interest.

If there is anything else you all might know to add,,, plse do!

any 1 done some research on the new tourchwood series,,,

well heres something that mite rock u lot or maybe not..


123 456/789 10 11 12
species 456

1+1 = 2
1+2 = 3
2+3 = 5
3+4 = 7

4+5 = 9
5+6 = 11

can you see in a
456 = a 911.

In the tv series they say that if we dont hand over the kids, they wouldnt provide the cure for the flu! Note:1965,

! pause for thought!

Very close to the last outbreak 1976.

Q: how many years from fiction to fact mentioned above?

They 'the Invaiders' mention and carry out a 'reminent' which kills the old man...
but this also means killing of the remainder of a community after it under goes a catastrophe!

Muslim Book: Hadith: 4:456 = that the profit had seen a green carpet spead all over the horizon of the sky.

456 = means the mixing of colours
456 = Alien invadiers
456 = a 911.
456 = exodus formula... children of Israel
456 = the higher primes in Barrac obomas name...

what do they want the children of earth for?

the mixing of colours, the blending of the speices....

another notch too Eugenics,,,

whats happening now,2009.... the fear is this flu outbreak... and all of a sudden an old tv show gets five days bbc broadcast...

insighting an alien negotiation, with the uk gov, and the cover is that the kids need an inoculation,,,

strange days ahead...lol

Oh! and just to remind myself....and others,,, that fact & fiction are very closely linked,,,

heres a snap shot of two i made eairlyer...

Juss Click on the image to enlarge...


I dont know if you remember...

but Aliens the movie... the 1st Alien film... towards the end of the film 'watch how the lady dies.. with the alien killing her between her legs with its tail...

Another Film... Jacobs Ladder... He sees his girlfriend on the dancefloor being brutaly assulted in a sexual manner ware a falic horn emerges from her mouth.. same again sexual assult.....proper sick!....

All most all film directors have this perverted theme... sex with aliens..

Sigorny weaver.. super soldier... ex c...

the same again in torchwood...but this time they want our children to be used as a drug...sickk...

Well Im jus sayin what i see... I dont mean to be a propergandist... Im just a viewer and thought id join the party..4awhile...

well share the hare, lol

Dont forget to leave a reply, gives me something else to go on later...

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Default Re: AQ: Is this fact or fiction? Torchwood.

I think you are giving Russel T. Davies too much credit. However, I wouln't be surpized if he got some of his imspriation from some other sources. And the miniseries was very good. Poor Ianto. Poor Jack's grandson.
Bill "the Doctor"
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Default Re: AQ: Is this fact or fiction? Torchwood.

thanks for the feedback...doc..

it was a good show..but i juss found it a bit odd..too have a 'come back' to the series in five strait days air time bbc1... and more importantly, the coicidle with a flu virus.

To me its like looking over the bible sometimes,,, when the book refers to a man walking on water I think what a load of Bull...but that 'Fact/Fiction' thing I mentioned...

they could be trying to warn the uk..
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Default Re: Q: Is this fact or fiction? Torchwood.


Just remember that "Reality follows what thought is..." Therefore, the PTB are "Trying" to get us to think this way... We have a choice how to think...

AND I choose to think that people are smarter than that & this will all settle down...the flu thing will just be a "bad investment" for the big pharma....

They should REALLY start working with nuetracueticals(Herbal tinctures that actually help!!) that are the real deal.... Sigh....

They will learn albeit the hard way!!!

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