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Default My awakening and the path its lead me on - Bosnian Pyramids

Hi everyone,

Ive been mooching around this site for a few months now and today I thought id share with you my last few months, how i become awakened and where it has lead me.

Im a geologist and prior to my awakening, I knew little of the conspiricy world. Id obviously heard the folklaw of the popular mysterys, JFK, Roswell, 911, Area 51 (I actually visited the bounderies of the base back in 2001), Burmuda triangle etc, Id even read a few books on the matter (which at the time Id have described as impartial books, now I know better!). However, like most of the population I thought nothing much of these 'stories', not seriously debating whether they were true or not, nor the implications.
Ill also add I would have definatly labeled anyone on this site or the whistleblowers as complete nutjobs. (How easy it is to be ignorant!!).
And as for the spirituality aspect of PC, David Wilcock etc - Dont even get me started! I was an athiest. I loved the Darwinian theory of Evolution. We live. We die. That about summed up my idea of spirituality or religious beliefs. This was me for 26 years.

November 8th 2009
Climategate breaks over the net.
Ive always been suspicious of global warming and when the news exploded over the blogisphere I followed it intently, I even went to wikileaks and got the leaked files for myself. I started sieving through the 1000s of emails, and got bored quick. 'Someone must be finding the juicy stuff and posting it on the net', I thought. Googled Climategate and eventually I was lead to Alex Jones.
I watched the mainstream news cover this story, and I saw for the first time through my own eyes how the media bastardised a story. I listened to Alex Jones show intently for the next 3 days, watching the climategate story unfold over the net as more and more dirt was found and seeing how the UK mainstream news said all but nothing of the controversy.
The Climategate affair was like a textbook perfect case study for global manipulation. It taught me how concencus in science really works, how the media only sings in tune with the governments and that our UK government is pushing someone elses secret agenda.

It hit me like a lightning bolt.
If the media can twist and hide a story like climategate, what else can they hide?
Well, what happened next can only be described as screwing the cap off the jar of red pills and downing the lot cos my whole world suddenly came tumbling down.

For 3 months now I have been reading book after book relating to many aspects of the global conspiricy. One topic that caught my attention the most was the pyramids, why I dont know. Ive never really paid much attention to them.
I was talking to my housemate about the possibility they werent built by the Egyptians. After the conversation he handed me a book, telling me it had been given to him by his father. His father in turn, had been given the book on a bus by a random guy who told him to read the book if he wanted to change his life. It was called Thoth; Architect of the Universe by Ralph Eliis and it certainly changed my life.
My mind became a sponge for all things pyramid, I needed to know everything.
A few weeks later after id read about 9 books on the subject and trawled through gigabites of data on the net, I recieved a txt message from a friend asking if I wanted to come and visit her. She lives in Cairo. I said yes.
Now, im no archaeologist but I am a scientist and boy, was I in science mode for that trip. First day, straight to Giza Plateau.
When we got to the kings chamber many people were meditating. This I was not suprised by because by this point I was aware of our spirituality and the importance of the pyramids to spiritual exploration.
My friend speaks arabic and after passing a few notes, when they cleared the chamber out during prayer time I was able to stay within the chamber alone with my friend and I actually got the chance to meditate for a short time in the sarcophagus, although i am unable to claim anything i was concious of happened while meditating. Still an incredible experience.
Later that week my friend took me to see the Egyptian Head of Antiquties, coincidence his office is just across the road from my friends apartment and she had met him earlier this year on press related business so she was able to get 5 mins with him for me. I only neeeded to ask him one question, 5 minutes was plenty of time.
Before meeting the man, my friend had described him as a media whore, and she isnt switched onto the conspiricy world so that meant something coming from her.
The question I asked him was 'Why, if the shafts within the great pyramid are air shafts, do they not break through into the queens chamber or to the exterior of the pyramid. Surly for them to be airshafts, they would need to be accessable to the air?!'
His explanation was that the stone masons responsibe for the shafts forgot to break through the rock to them.
Thats all I needed to hear.
If you have been inside the Great pyramid you will see the beauty of what can only be described as the highest quality stonework in the world. The 'stone masons' responsibe for such a feat would not have forgotten something as pivitol as allowing air to flow down the airshafts.
The reason why this fabricated story exists is to of course hide the fact those shafts are for star allignments. These prove the pyramids are older than currently stated and no Egyptologist is gonna admit the pyramids arent Egyptian are they.
I got back from my trip, head full of ideas, questions etc. but i was now convinced the great pyramids were constructed by at the very least, ET supervision.
I was pottering round the net and i stumbled on a website for the Bosnian Pramids. I didnt even know they existed until that moment. I clicked on the site and saw they were looking for volunteers for the summer to help in creating a more tourist friendly environment building paths and fences etc.
I had a month planned off this summer so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get out there and then do some of my own research.
I sent off the application, and where it had asked to talk about myself I decided to discuss why I thought the pyramids were older than currently accepted, only slightly insinuating ET involvment but clearly explaining the evidence I had recorded myself as to why the Egyptian line is bull.
Two days later I recieved an email from the Lead scientist of the project telling me he was fascinated by my data and agreeing with me whole heartedly. WOW, im not crazy! (because we all have that doubt im sure from time to time).
A day later the lead archaeologist emailed me asking me to be on her scientific team. Im going to be working with achaelogists, geophysicists, astropysicists and egyptologists from all over the world. Im going to be able to actually help discover some real truth about our history!

I was sitting at home 2months ago thinking how the hell can I do anything to help the people of this planet overcome this global conspiricy. And with what seemed like no effort at all im going to be on the lead team working on this discovery.
And it looks good because the team working on it are all searching for the truth, not some story to make it fit convieniantly with our now crumbling paradigm. They are at least 30k old and are not made from natural stone blocks. This fits with the Great pyramids, because they arent made of natural stone either.
There are many other discoveries they have made, and there will be many more this summer! Check the website http://www.piramidasunca.ba/en/

Looking back, I honestly believe this wasnt all just chance. Since my awakening I have been on what feels like a river rather than a path. And its downstream all the way!

Thanks to PC and everyone here, You were and still are all pivotal in my journey. Who knows where its going to take me in another 3 months, but im sure its only a matter of time before my next project bares fruit and I have my first OBE so wish me luck on that!

Peace, Love and cake
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no caste
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Default Re: My awakening and the path its lead me on - Bosnian Pyramids

Thanks for posting this your link! I was checking for it recently myself and had difficulty finding an up to date website. I've also been following Guatemala.

Rare Mayan panels found in Guatemala
Archaeologists excavating the Mayan city of El Mirador in Guatemala’s northern jungle have unconvered two large Mayan panels dating to 300 B.C. They’re representations of the Mayan creation myth, the Popol Vuh. http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/2210

I've heard rumours that Egyptian tourism (govt) is not happy about European pyramids
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Default Re: My awakening and the path its lead me on - Bosnian Pyramids

That is awesome, I hope that you can give us updates here on Avalon as to the things you see, discover, and photograph. I have been focused on the Bosnian Pyramids ever since I found them on the net a while back also. Here is the thread that I had packed some info about these pyramids into. The vids are missing from it for some reason.

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Default Re: My awakening and the path its lead me on - Bosnian Pyramids

Welcome to the Party - Glad You could make It...

TY for working on uncovering this Pyramid for the People. Now You know what it is You came here to do...

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Default Re: My awakening and the path its lead me on - Bosnian Pyramids

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
I've heard rumours that Egyptian tourism (govt) is not happy about European pyramids
Indeed, the recently formulated idea that the Great pyramids were built by free workers as apposed to slave labour is probably a ploy to appear more tourist friendly. The whole thing is a joke. And dont get me started on what they are doing to the sphinx!

I will be posting any info i uncover for sure.
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