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Default Naval Officer's Extraterrestrial Contact - silicon based life form A Must read!


An extremely interesting extraterrestrial contact case is continuing to develop on the Open Minds Forum. I have previously written about the military’s UFO Working Group that took a UFO/ET pro-disclosure stance. It all began with leaks about secret UN/UFO meetings but evolved into leaks about an official extraterrestrial contact team’s experiences with at least three different types of extraterrestrials.

The credentials of the active duty naval officer known as Source A have been verified by several well known UFO investigators including, Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Clay and Shawn Pickering, and Robert Morningstar. In my opinion few in the UFO community are taking a prolonged and serious look at this case and that is a shame.

There is a precedent for such a contact team case that was brought to light by retired Captain Robert Collins in his book, Exempt From DisclosureExempt From Disclosure involving a group of extraterrestrials called Ebans or EBE’s. I think Bob got close enough to the truth to force a disinformation operation run by people in the Defense Intelligence Agency to trash, obscure and confuse the information released from Bob’s sources. Elaborate stories have been created and propagated through the Internet that Bob continues to fight to this day.

While it is possible that the revelations by Source A could be disinformation, I don’t think it is. I have been following this case since it began almost a year ago. Very respected UFO investigators have talked with Source A. Clay Pickering has been the closest to Source A and he strikes me as a very honest and diligent investigator that I trust. As long as Clay believes this is the real deal I am going to keep an open mind about this case and continue to watch it develop.

Clay Pickering has released a lot of information in bits and pieces but this re-release of some questions and answers is very interesting and should be looked at in the context of other contact cases. This silicon based life form and its relations with other ET groups and the United States military should be really interesting to contactee investigators. I took the questions and answers and altered them a little to be more grammatically correct and easy to read. The title of this evidence is called, Conformers in Bio-suits and Without Bio-suits.
What do the Conformers look like in their Bio-Suits? Their height is roughly five feet, (suspect very heavy), Dimensions 5 by 3 to 4 feet roughly, the color is dark grey like an aircraft carrier deck, no smell, body movement is constant/undulating underneath, appendages – legs very short like a midget.

How many occasions did you see the Conformers in Bio-Suits? What were your impressions upon seeing them? I saw them a few times and they were always different because of the telepathic images projected. How did they communicate with you in bio-suits? Telepathy, members all saw what they wanted to see. What form did they take? They took human form. How many saw the same image you saw? It was never the same. How long could they hold an image? Three to five minutes then they went back to clay-dough form.

Did the Conformers touch your or you touch them? No. How long were you in the presence of the Conformers? It was thirty minutes the first time. What was the purpose of the meeting? It was to pick candidates for the program. Can you provide any other features about bio-suit contact? No, it just looked like clay-dough with no sound. Were you fearful upon being exposed to the Conformers? No. What was the age of the inter-service group exposed to the Conformers? The age was from 35 to 55. I was the most senior and was called “the ole man.” What were their reactions? Their reactions were mixed but the most extreme reaction was the Air Force Guard that was somewhat scared and wanted to get out of the room.

What do the Conformers look like out of their bio-suits? They were bright white with silver flakes, like a white ceramic jewel with silver flakes, and very angular and beautiful looking. What about their composition? They were ceramic looking/crystalline and were composed of primarily silicon with maybe a little carbon.”

hat about their body temperature? It was very hot and would give a severe burn if touched. What about the appendages? They created them as needed. The appendages looked like they were glass-translucent and they molded around objects they touched, one Conformer shape-shifted to reach up to a twelve foot ceiling to touch something. Are their any distinguishing features of the Conformers outside of their bio-suits? The Conformers grow crystal appendages as needed and they can modify their shape to better explain themselves. Can they breathe our atmosphere? No. How old are the Conformers? They are very old with a life span of 4000 earth years. Conformers said they had been around for at least 5000 years in our Solar System and most likely longer. Where is the Conformers home? The conformers do not have a concept of home.

Can the Conformers make sound other than telepathy? The Conformers sound like rocks being dropped into a metal bucket. What is the Conformers real name? It’s like rocks being dropped into a metal bucket. How long did you spend with the Conformers? I spent three weeks to a month. Do the Conformers like humans? I cannot read the Conformers; I only know that the Conformers appear agitated with the Greys. The Reptilians (this sect) hate the Greys. Reptilians show their teeth when the Greys are mentioned. Why? I am not sure.

What do the Conformers think best of the human species? It is the speed of our development and human development overall. What do the Conformers think the worst of the human species? The think the worst is over-population and our complete disregard for our entire bio-systems and environment as well as our wars and killing of our own. What does the Conformers space ship look like? It is angular, like an asteroid, no craters or celestial impacts on the ships. The scout ship which has three decks is roughly the size of the Staten Island Ferry.

The interstellar ship is roughly the size of five aircraft carriers lumped together. This is a guesstimate on the interstellar ship. I saw the interstellar ship from the observation deck. I saw another scout ship being deployed from the interstellar ship. I believe the interstellar ship can carry five scout ships but this is a guess. What and how do the Conformers feed? I am speculating based on what I observed when I saw a Conformer extend an appendage into (blank) leaving a two foot hole.

What is the Conformers relationship to the Reptilians? My best guess is to save them from extinction. What is the purpose of your being with the Conformers? My purpose is to be a messenger, a human diplomatic envoy for the PTBs (Powers That Be) and Conformers. What do the Conformers want from humanity? They want us to change our violent ways and to protect our environment. This means understanding the systems of bio-connectivity in which we are tied together. They want us to decrease our population growth for environmental reasons. They want to educate people about punctuated catastrophes that have happened and will happen again. These are some of the conditions for disclosure/contact.

Have the Conformers been in contact with any other military branch? Yes but no comment on details it’s on a strict need to know basis. Have the Conformers been in contact with government officials and civilians. Yes. Do Conformers work with Greys? No, but my best guess is that they monitor Grey activity. Do the Conformers work with the Tall Whites and Reptilians? Yes. What about other races? Yes. Do the Conformers participate in abductions? No. Do you trust the Conformers? Yes.”
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