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Default Appropriate 'I Ching' reading from today:

Wasn't sure of the correct location to place this, so the "Off Topic" forum seemed the most likely destination. Apologies if it should be elsewhere.

Having brought myself relatively up to date with all that is ongoing "behind the scenes" in this world (after a year away from my truth seeking activities), this evening I set out to perform a I Ching reading, to consult with Higher Knowledge on the way forward.

The question I asked of my friends in the Spiritual Realms, was as follows:

"In light of my recent understandings of our current perilous situation on planet earth, please advise me on what I most need to know right now, and what I can do to help?"

This was the reading I was given:

6) __ __
5) _____ (transforming Yang)
4) __ __

3) _____
2) _____ (transforming Yang)
1) _____

Which translates as follows: Force / Gorge = 5

The Transforming Lines mean the construction of a further 'Relating' hexagram, which is as follows:

6) __ __
5) __ __
4) __ __

3) _____
2) __ __
1) _____

Which translates as: Radiance / Field =36

This is the reading that the above Hexagrammic formations provides:

Force / Gorge = 5 = Attending:

5. Attending:

Keywords: Wait for the right time. Attend to what is needed.

"Attending" describes your situation in terms of waiting for, and serving something. The way to deal with this, is to find out what is needed, and carefully wait for the right moment to act. You aren't in control of things, but in time, you can provide what is needed. Act this way with confidence, you are connected to the Spirits, and they will carry you through.

One day, you will bring the rain. Look after things. Think about what is necessary. Illuminate the situation through repeated efforts.
This is pleasing to the Spirits, through it, they will give you success, effective power, and the capacity to bring the situation to maturity.

Put your ideas to the trial, that generates meaning and good fortune by releasing transformative Energy. This is the right time to enter the stream of Life with a goal, or to embark upon a significant enterprise. That will bring you profit and insight.

Hexagram's images: Take care of, look out for, serve; necessary, call for, provide what is needed, know how to wait, have patience and focus.

The ideogram portrays rain, and a sign that means both 'stop' and 'source'. It suggests being forced to wait, but having the ability to bring about the rain which is needed.

The Hexagram figure shows an Inner Force confronting outer danger. Clouds mounting above Heaven. Turn potential conflict, into creative tension. Attend wholeheartedly to the needs at hand. There is something immature in your situation, which must be nourished. Eating and drinking together, are in harmony with The Tao. They serve to nourish your spirits. This isn't a time to advance yourself or champion a cause or climb a mountain, you must be cautious.

Spread repose and delight. Encourage. Help leisure, peace of mind, pleasure and harmony permeate the situation, like a close meeting, banquet or feast. Have patience. Carefully yield to precedence and subtly persist in your efforts. Don't think of your waiting and care as an exhaustive burden. It is how you can act Justly and Righteously in this situation, and connect what you are doing with the Spirit above. It will bring you accomplishment and praise.

Transforming Lines:

Nine @ Second:

Attending on the sands, the shore laid bare by receding water. Small people and small talk surround you. Adapt to it. The source of this is in the centre, which is where you want to go. Going through with your plans will generate meaning and good fortune by releasing transformative energy. The situation is already changing.

Nine @ Five:

Attend to taking in Spirits. Join with others, in eating, drinking and being filled with Spirit. This corrects one-sidedness and isolation. The Spirit separates what is worthy, from what is unworthy.

Direction: A fertile, and prosperous time is coming. If you let yoursef be led, you can realise a hidden potential. The situation is already changing.

36. Brightness Hiding:

Keywords: Hide your Light. Accept the difficult task.

Brightness Hiding describes your situation in terms of entering the darkness to protect yourself, or begin a difficult new endeavor. The way to deal with it, is to hide your light. Conceal your intelligence by voluntarily entering that which is beneath you; like the Sun as it sets in the evening.

There is real possibility of injury in the situation. By dimming the Light of your Awareness, you can avoid being hurt. You have the chance to release yourself from the problems and inaugurate a New Time. Putting your ideas to the trial by accepting drudgery and difficulty will bring you profit and insight.

Hexagram's images:

Brightness: The light from fire, Sun, Moon, and Stars. Consciousness, awareness, human intelligence; understanding, illuminate, distinguish cleverly; lucid, clear, evident, anso a Bright Bird, the Golden Pheasant. The ideogram portrays the Sun and Moon.

Hiding: Keep out of sight, distant, remote; raze, lower, level; ordinary, plain, colourless, cut, wound, destroy, exterminate, barbarians, strangers, vulgar, uncultured people. The ideogram portrays a threatening man, armed with a bow.

The Hexagram figure shows Inner Light, hidden in a common labour. Brightness enters the Earth's Centre. Deliverance from your problems is already being prepared, so accept what is confronting you. Advancing always creates the possibility of injury. Hiding implies injury. You are being proscribed and excluded. Carefully watch the desires that connect you with others, so you can consciously choose when to darken or brighten them. Brighten the pattern within yourself, while yielding to outer darkness. Use the enveloping obscurity and difficulties confronting you to clarify worthy ideas.

Be like King Wen, who organised the I Ching when he was imprisoned by a tyrant. Accept drudgery and difficulty. This brings profit and insight. Darken your Light, accept the burden and inner heaviness, and let it correct your purpose. Be like Prince Chi, who knew how to distinguish what is Right in a difficult time, and become a model for others.


I was pretty much blown away by this reading's spot on accuracy in so many areas. Thought I'd share it in case it is in anyway of help and encouragement to anyone else.

Warmest Regards,

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