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Lightbulb How to organize a meet-up

Hello again folks -

I just stopped by the Colorado thread & it made me think that a thread like this one just might be beneficial.

Now I certainly can't offer any proven methods or advice that's worth anything, but let me say a few words & then maybe some smarter folks than me can offer their opinions.

I get the distinct impression that fear is holding a lot of folks back from trying to get something going, as far as a good ol' fashioned face to face meeting with our fellow 'ground crew'. I understand, and I can't blame anyone for such thoughts - fear of being watched, of being singled-out for reprisal or to be made an example of, fear of finding out that maybe some folks aren't quite so 'like-minded' ... the list could go on.

Folks - if you're concerned that a meetup will expose you to undue risk ... I hate to do it, but I have to be the one to burst your bubble here:
Your mere participation in this very website has already exposed you and your intentions to the powers-that-wannabe! There is no anonymity in cyberspace!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way ... I have two things to cover & then maybe we can get some brainstorming going here, on how to get folks out from behind their keyboards & let's start getting to know our fellow tin-foil hat wearers!

First thing I'd like to mention in regards to face-to-face meetings is the issue of infiltrators. Anyone who's been on this board longer than a day, should recognize that there are plenty of people willing to spend undue amounts of time to wreck and confuse what we're trying to accomplish here. These same people will be coming to your meetings and you need to expect that up-front.

Secondly - how do we go-about setting up a meeting and trying to get something personal happening?

I know it's a little late in the season for this, but my own approach so far (which has failed miserably, I will freely admit) is to propose a meetup in a public place, a park for example. My thought was that we use this as a 'mustering point' and take the meeting to another location from there ... maybe just another part of the park, maybe a nearby coffee shop or restaurant. What I wouldn't suggest (and my first postings on meetup.com were exactly this) is a meeting at your own home. Assuming there will be those with less than honorable intentions coming to see what we're up to, it only seems prudent to limit such exposure.

So there's a 'primer' - an introduction to what I'm thinking ... If anyone would like to add anything - please do!

... and one last question before I sign-off:

Am I wrong in thinking that face to face meetings would be beneficial?
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