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Default Re: **october 14th! Blossom goodchilds message!!**

The ET being Bashar (channeled live by Darryl Anka) talks about the 14th october event/non-event: http://10-14-08.blogspot.com/2008/10/2012-evolution-podcast-for-october-23rd.html

Basically he says that contact is becoming more and more imminent due to mankinds rising level of consciousness, and that this is something that more and more people are "picking up on" or "downloading". He does not guarantee for that specific date, but repeats that an event like that is imminent.

Further, he says that sometimes it is necessary to give out a specific date like that in order to measure collective/individual response and "degree of readiness". A "dry run" in other words. It seems that Matthew and Bashar are pretty much on the same page with regards to this.

Quote from Bashar (as accurate as I bothered to):

Lets make a comment on the fact that more and more people are recieving the impression that it will be happening. Sometimes the dates they (channelers/seers) recieve in this download of information is accurate and sometimes they are interpretations. But that is not really the point. The point is that more and more people know that contact is imminent. Thats what they are picking up on.
With regard to the recent widespread sigthings in the US, Commander Adama has this to say:

This is a quick update about current happenings.

As I am sure many of you have heard, or will hear; there have been massive extra-terrestrial ship sightings within the state of Texas as well as other states within the United States of America. Some of these ships have been spotted as being very large in the night sky. My ET contacts have just contacted me and informed me as to what is happening.

First of all, this is NOT the October 14th event. What this is is a prelude of what is to come. These sightings are just a consciousness and awareness booster. This is a step being taken to get humanity to the point where a very profound worldwide extra-terrestrial event can occur. That is nearing manifestation, though we do not know exactly when it will happen and won’t know until it actually does occur.

The following is a message from an off-planet representative of the Galactic Federation of Light. As a reminder, I do not channel these messages, but am told what to write through direct telepathic communication.

“Hello and Greetings. Currently what you are seeing and hearing about is a public showing of some of our ships. Of course, from time to time this does happen. We plan to escalate these showings over a period of a couple of months which will lead up to an October 14th type event as was talked about on your planet. At this time, your Earth is begging for change and is under extreme amounts of stress. You are amidst a global financial crisis that continues to worsen every week, as well as an election in the United States of America that is being heralded as one of the most important elections. Governments worldwide are also clearly trying to bail themselves out of a situation that will lead to their downfall. As you can see, your planet is going through some very rough times. However, with all of this happening, First Contact and Ascension are quickly moving forward to manifestation. Everything is related to one another and our presence is not coincidental in occurring around this critical time in Earth’s history. Just know that we are here, and the day is quickly approaching for our reunion with you. We are waiting for everything to play out before we make our major move. And it shall be soon.”

Extra-terrestrial ship sightings will become more frequent and numerous starting now until the early parts of 2009. Everything that is happening on the planet is interconnected to creating change and set us on a direct path towards First Contact and Ascension. Things are going to start becoming more profound in a positive way! Are you ready?

Love and Light,

Commander Adama
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Default Re: **october 14th! Blossom goodchilds message!!**

Originally Posted by viking View Post
Not quite sure what going on here???? UFO???



It would truly be a wonderful News!

You know what?
One of my Decisions was to quit smoking on October 14th - for i assume that one could not smoke aboard a Beamship.
I might then not have to wait till New Year, after all ...



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