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Default 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

'We are Not Alone', says NASA Veteran
by Clark McClelland
March 12, 2010

"In 1991, while monitoring a space shuttle mission, in the secret Mission Control Center at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay while it was in earth orbit."

Since age 12, I have studied the extraterrestrial star races that are visiting earth. How can I say that with conviction?? Read on.

My career has been dedicated to the study of astronomy and space exploration at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, from 1958 to 1992.

I graduated from a small technical college, Western Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. It does not exist any longer. Students now attend, Carnegie-Mellon University. My major was structural design engineering. I graduated with a 4.0 Grade Point Average.

When I initially arrived at Cape Canaveral, I was in demand. It was during the early space race with the USSR and the Cape seriously needed structural designers.

My career grew with greater responsibilities. I assisted in launching the ABMA (Army Ballistic Missile Agency) Jupiter C, Juno ll, and went on to the USAF Atlas, Titan, Minuteman, Thor, US Navy Polaris, Poseidon, Vanguard, NASA Saturn l, Saturn V, etc. I helped to design the rocket launchers and service towers working periodically with Dr. Wernher von Braun and his group of scientists during his many visits.

I have witnessed or assisted in launching 668 missions.

My final assignment was as a Space Shuttle Fleet, Space craft Operator (ScO). Mission astronauts said that ScO's knew the space shuttles better than the flight crews. We spent 12 or more hours a day inside them 6 to 7 days a week. Some called us GTA's, Ground Test Astronauts. It was a fitting title.

In 1991, while monitoring a space shuttle mission, in the secret Mission Control Center, at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay while it was in earth orbit.

The entity was very tall, much taller than the two NASA astronauts floating near it. I could estimate the height due to being familiar with the sizes of the interior of the Pay Load Bay of the shuttle. I was not able to view all facial features, other than thinking I recognized two eyes, a nose and since it had a large helmet on, nothing else was evident.

It was in a body tight type uniform space suit. I saw it at a distance on a 27 inch TV monitor. It appeared that the NASA astronauts were familiar with the entity. The entity appeared to be communicating with the two NASA astronauts. There was some NASA commentary, from the Houston Space Center, but there was no mention of the entity. Following a few statements, the audio discontinued, and I cannot recall if I heard any other comments.

I was in a secret monitoring office, and it may have been their mistake in Houston Mission Control to allow my monitor to view that incident. I cannot say anything else other than that.

It suddenly was on one of my several monitors. I had several to observe various shuttle operations while in progress.

I also observed many UFOs flying near the shuttle on many missions.
the STS-48, the famous shuttle missions when we took several 'shots' at escaping UFOs, I was on duty for that amazing incident. NASA said it was ice crystals. SURE IT WAS!

I have a POT LOAD of other data. No one will publish it. Why? Because they KNOW I KNOW the TRUTH. Hell, Buzz Aldrin knows a lot more. That makes me believe WE ARE an ENSLAVED SPECIES on earth.

A large, strange, unknown spacecraft was safely in orbit behind the shuttle. It appeared as a somewhat short-winged object and did not appear to have been used as a spacecraft for traveling stellar distances. It appeared to be too small for that and probably would not be capable of deep space flight other than on board another more sophisticated carrier craft designed to be used for deep space flight I witnessed this astounding event for a total of one minute and seven seconds by keeping the lapsed time on my astronaut watch.

I am an expert in recording such unique activities. I wrote a detailed report. The report was not forwarded to the NASA mission launch director. I had no witnesses, and had I made an "official" report; which I did not, it may have caused me job difficulties. Although it still seemed it may have because what I monitor is also secretly viewed by NASA mission Control in Houston, Texas, so they apparently knew I was seeing this tall entity interact with NASA astronauts without being officially assigned to view it.

Later, an expert graphic artist was able to exactly create this observation of this occurrence for my website at URL: http://www.stargate-chronicles.com
Open it and go to the link on the website that has the name, NASA Astronaut/Dr. Edgar Mitchell mentioned. Then visit the link: 'Incidents' for more revelations and disclosures by Dr. Wernher von Braun, former Senator Barry Goldwater, and other disclosures that are probably unknown to you.

About two months following my incident, I was informed of another report by another aerospace engineer. This person was also involved in the launching of space shuttles.

This shuttle engineer observed a similar entity, eight to nine feet tall, INSIDE the space shuttle crew compartment as it orbited earth. Yes, inside the shuttle! It was slouched over to protect its head from hitting the shuttle overhead structure. Again, it was communicating with two much smaller NASA astronauts.

Neither the United States Space Program nor any other foreign Space Program known on earth constructs their spacecrafts to accommodate such physically large entities.

A few months following my experience, I was summoned to a NASA office. I was earlier told that I was being reassigned to the NASA Astronauts office for other responsibilities. The shock was the summons was not for an upgrade in my position, but rather a bogus charge that had me fired after so many years in service.

The committee said I had not listed a past address of a residence where I had lived on my original application. It was a minor error, if that. I returned the next day with a Xerox copy of my original employment application showing that in fact the past address in question had been added. They would not take it into consideration. A kangaroo court had heard my case and denied me my job, health benefits and retirement. Please, God, BLESS America. I have lived in poverty since that decision was made.After, you are fired from NASA no one will hire you.

People of earth, the human race are absolutely NOT ALONE in our Milky Way Galaxy and NOT in the vastness of the Universe.

During my numerous years in astronomical science and aerospace exploration, it is very obvious that the human race is controlled by an evil higher shadow government. It is powerful enough that it can override various national political decisions, keep us all in a condition of global slavery and total economic control. Are you aware of the decline we are presently experiencing?

The ancient Bible talks about Giants mating with earth women. Giants are included in all of earth history. Are they still with us? The giants we both observed?

Please open my website at URL: http://www.stargate-chronicles.com

I would like to thank Dr. Henry Makow for his courage in having my report delivered to all of you. Few people have offered such assistance. I offer my genuine gratitude for his allowing this to be published through his website.

Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, in the soon to be, former, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Source: Henrymakow.com
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Default Re: 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

You know what?
I don`t care about that entity.
But I care that people finally get the truth and stop living in a balloon.
Sooner or later it will break!
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Default Re: 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

I was shocked to read this story. I have my own reasons to be and/but feel strongly for how unfair someone with his expertise must be feeling about losing his job .
Can just confirm that Truth without embelishments , adds , adverts and banana coctails is extremely difficult to 'sell' ,
even if it concerns destiny of mankind.
There are controls and checks in every corner. Now, we have to pay someone to be able to disclose facts,
is it not all rather ridiculous.

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Default Re: 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

Agape, I agree 100%!

I am not going to judge anyone because I am enjoying a pretty secure lifestyle albeit not luxurious. But at least there is no anxiety re finances..... I guess someone has to be really desperate...
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Default Re: 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

I think this brave man really is financially desperate.
That's what they will do to you.

I hope to hear more about what he knows.
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Default Re: 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

Linda, he has a beautifully done website, look him up and if you email him, he will answer you back. He did me

Clark has loads of information and quotes from many people that were involved with the space program.

Check out the website that was listed on the first post here
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Default Re: 8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

I can imagine it's hard to win a case against such gigantic monopoly such as NASA. What strikes me is the general intolerance from any official places to admit we are visited and actions taken against people who have no other choice, moral and scientific than to speak truth about what they've seen.

But, can simply witnessing an entity on monitor be a sole cause for signing someone of his duty for the rest of his life ?
They must be having hundreds of such ''incidencies'' and loads of documentation, even if all is not perfectly clear and more on the side of 'unidentified phenomena'.
So what ...is the case here ? Had he been asking 'too much' ? Talking about it over and over again while still on job ?

Hope not sounding offensive. My career was not one with NASA .

I think it's more psychological damage that in turn causes physical one, sending someone on highly qualified position to 'sell hamburgers'.

There's lots of intellectual harrassment going on in society , no matter where one finds himself . But to feel so degraded about ones capacities , life and knowledge is worse than losing money .

That's where the damage is done and actions taken against the benevolent intelligencies, ET or human,
can't bring benefits to anyone in the end.

And yes, these http://www.stargate-chronicles.com pages are amazing and don't require another proof.

One would expect more tolerance from scientific body such as NASA.

Gods help us all

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