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Default Friends of an enlightened & free humanity

Friends of an enlightened & free humanity your help is desperately needed, I am sure & hope you are all aware of the predicament Wayne Herschel the author of the book the hidden records now finds him self, if not please you can read the full story under news on Wayne’s website its in regards to his recent book distributor blocking his title after over a year of falsely listing it as a rare book in short supply... the distributor has blocked trading and 3 tons of his stock is now locked up in storage, Wayne now finds him self between a rock and a hard place Wayne has to secure and transport these books to a new distributor when found with no return funds this is impossible, so I am appealing to you to help with a donation small or large what ever you can give will no doubt be very much appreciated & humbly received, friends I do not no Wayne an occasional email or 2, & in no way do I have anything to do with the book or the websites although I did own the book I sent it to project Camelot in the hope they would help,

I am still hoping! the book & websites of Wayne answered so much for me, my children & I have a vested interest in this truth Wayne has brought to light & I will do my up most to help in anyway I can so as from Thursday 15th April I will be donating £20 every 2 weeks, its all I can give but its given gladly and for the highest & best good for all concerned,

Wayne I hope you don’t mind the appeal & I hope I have not embarrassed you but my focus on help from others in a position to help like Camelot, Icke, Conscious Media Network, Tsarion, Wilcock, divine cosmos, was fruitless but I suppose when you have your own story to tell why bother with someone else’s,

My friend’s searchers of enlightenment & truth its up to us please help donate what you can on any 1 of Wayne’s websites




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