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14 Chakras
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Default Re: The United States of the Solar System

I see that as a good one Initiate. The key for me in taking back our power is realizing that it wasn't taken away from us by bad guys, we had to give it up.

In other words, although we've been deceived, we didn't have to fall for the deceptions. So now's time to take personal responsibility as Co-Creators with the infinite and realize the mess we're in was created by our own unconsciousness and giving away our power and decision making to those outside of us. Anyway, nice work

Ortho ~ I agree with the theme here, here is the big question:

We have a constitution in the USA right now, but it does not stop the powers that be from doing their thing right? So what exactly is going to stop "lucifer" bad guys etc. from suddenly turning hte other cheek and respecting the divine in all people?

What do you think? Sure I hear yah, you'd like em to retire and have a beer with you. Now free will is the universal law. The whole point of creation is we are supposed to respect and celebrate teh divine in each other.

The whole point of the fallen beings is they are seeking to destroy the divine in all life rather than celebrate it or raise it up.

So my question to you is, what needs to change then in order for your suggestion for a universal constitution to be effective? Especially given that we already have a constitution in the US and it is obviously not respected by the PTB.

What are your thoughts?
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