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Default the Celestine Prophecies on you tube and beyond...

Iíve heard about it first about 9 years ago. When I was working in my Momís book store, I used to pick it up, than flick through it and read bits and pieces. It never talked to me enough to actually spend quality time with it. Years went by and I read, researched and experimented with a lot of aspects of spirituality. Sometimes when I was talking to people, randomly they would say,Ē It sounds like the Celestine PropheciesĒ and I used to reply, ďitís nice, but unfortunately I am not clear on the complete content, so I canít confirm that bitĒ. Anyways... long story short... I still havenít read the book(s) yet, but Iíve discovered the Celestine Prophecies on you tube. I watched it, well itís very much a ďchick flickĒ to be honest, but itís also a very gentle way of bringing the knowledge to people and shining the light on pieces of the truth and connection we are all searching for.
If you like blunt, hardcore fact based, brain expanding, knowledge driven business, than it will boar the living soul out of you, but if you like a cute little story with a bit of a magic, than it might just be your Friday evening entertainment.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfuztgeT5jY

There are 10 parts. Iíve only posted part one and the rest should show up in the related videos window, you know how the tube rolls.
Let me know your thoughts on the subject... I canít wait to hear from you all.
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Default Re: the Celestine Prophecies on you tube and beyond...

The book is great but the film is pants
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