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Arrow ECO-building group/product developement proposal-everyone welcomed

I truly believe that people and things are placed in our path for a reason. noticing them and taking hold of them is up to us. (not taking hold of people literally)

I recently did some work for a gentleman and our conversation turned to free energy and Nicholas Tesla, actually I brought it up. He then showed me a product developed by a friend of his, who I understand is into Tesla's work.
He just invested into the company and has offered to assist me anyway he can to let me use this product.

when I saw it and the website I knew that I could apply it in Eco house building, underground shelters, cave houses, monolithic domes and anything else I could imagine. I feel it may be a better substitute for concrete.

Though the company is pursuing a differnet direction at this time, I would like to explore using it our community.

What it is, is a sprayable ceramic polymer that can be applied to almost any substrate, reinforcing it, making it stronger. different additives can be put in, such as fioberglass, metal, etc. to give it different characteristics. It can be applied in the field or in a factory.

Pre-fab panels can be made with a select core and then spray the coating on to finish. It is highly durable, heat resistant, waterproof and termite resistant and more.

Though I am only a design/builder/dreamer and visionary I would like to submit an invitation to anyone interested in helping find a way (if possble) in making this product an answer to alternative building methods.

I am interested in people with knowledge in science/ engineering that understand wind loads, etc. and perhaps if it could be radiation proof or made to withstand.

I think with all the wonderful talent on this site in several fields, it would be great if we could form a group or sub-forum on the topic of building and how- to. give advice to those who need it, exchange ideas on building for the future and perhaps create the perfect Eco-house from top to bottom, with solar, water,wind,Jester's new LED's and everyone else who has ideas.

I am not looking at this for my own gain, but upon seeing this I knew I had to share it with others and see where it leads us.

So there it is. My idea and proposal to all

http://www.alphagenenergy.com/home.html Homepage

http://www.alphagenenergy.com/images...oof_Panels.pdf Structural Testing Data

The company is small right now and this product is not available to the public. They are currently focused on large contract orders for major infrastructure repair work around the world. (perhaps getting ready for a major earth shift)


Since I am new i would appreciate it if one of the moderators could assist me in forming a group.

thank you.

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