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Default Welcome Michael

A warm welcome to Michael

For information on Michael St.Clair and Project Camelot interviews, please check this link out:



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Default Key Posts

Thanks so much GateKeeper for helping me keep order in my little shop here. I will use this "sticky" topic to park some of the interesting posts which otherwise disappear in the fast growing threads. I want to say to you that you are the Gate Keeper of one of the most (if not the best) advanced experiments on the internet. It is an honor to help and assist you here.

Here is my update in astrological terms for Sept & Oct 08 now

Here is my "Situation Zone" where i post relevant current things

"An inconvenient opinion" by myself :-)

In answer to many requests....

AND HERE is the "TALK BACK LIVE" Topic thread
where any one can contribute positive thoughts


((Hint idea suggestion for posters, readers and visitors:
If I can develop my presentation on all the other threads, then we could keep responses and questions and your interactivity in the "Talk Back Live" (599) thread and then my work would be easier to follow for people who join in later to watch the other threads develop, because "I know things" and I have some little plan in mind how to display my suggestions over time...))

HERE is a post that replicated my original 29 August 08 prediction on the internet, and this post has caused quite a stir on the many forums world-wide. OK please see the explanation on the SOURCE link quoted at the bottom of the original 1st post. ( http://light-seeds.com/Palin.html )

SURFING THE APOCALYPSE - posted by AquaLight

Peace & success to all of us in this Avalon venture worldwide

Michael St.Clair

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Thumbs up Re: Welcome Michael

Hello Mr. St.Clair, I must admit that I didn’t see your interviews yet just as
some others here on project Camelot but that’s only because I spend most of my time on the Extraterrestrial issues so far.
But nevertheless I welcome you here on this forum.

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Default Re: Key Posts

Originally Posted by StClair View Post
I want to say to you that you are the Gate Keeper of one of the most (if not the best) advanced experiments on the internet.

Now I know I have been around on the Internet since 1996 and get involved in many, many different area's, but I never have thought of myself as an experiment

Thank You for your vote of confidence

Take Care and cheers

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Default 1995 entry point

With PLUTO's entrance in 1995 in Sagittarius I entered the internet observing the search engine mania. It took me SEVEN years -- an Uranus per star sign cycle -- to assess where this would go, and in 1999 i started giving a few predictions in seminars and witten printed brochures, to find out that seriously we needed to cast the net much wider...

Later in 2002 - on March 31st - I put my first site - http://Passage11.com - on the map; and then I began to network things slowly. I take my time to watch stuff. Maybe because of me being born in the Saturn in Capricorn cycle of 1959-61... Times have accelerated. I now find people 30 years younger also with Saturn in Capricorn, who as serious questions here...

Well this is looking good.

In 2002 I also began to cooperate with other forums. This "PROJECT AVALON" Forum is not just a forum, it really has the potential with Jupiter in Capricorn now to become an OMNI-NET of its own. You just took on a really very ambitious job. And I need to go back to my other work. Meanwhile I invited many of my readers and clients and very old friends to join here... little by little a tsunami of members will appear here...

Soon you will need your own global search engine for AVALON. Then we are back to where it all began in 1995. The next step is "O.L.I.N."

What is OLIN ??


OLIN Technology

Intelligent networks are able to operate from a single language with translation interfaces that enable global intercourse. This means language is no longer a barrier to communication. Intelligent networks will introduce a meta-language that translates both real-time written and spoken applications. It will revolutionize the genetic mindís global construct, and facilitate the digitalization of your global economy.

There will be many within the Hierarchy, who will object vehemently to the notion of a global, digital economy, but we will tell you, it will happen regardless of the complaints and registered concerns. Your most powerful banks, computer manufacturers, and software companies will merge to create this momentous technology, and the One Language Intelligent Network (OLIN) will become the standard operating system of all the worldís computer-based systems.

This will not occur until the year 2008, so it is some time before you will encounter this globalization of your economy, but all of the systems and architecture are already being designed and conceptualized in the minds of some of your brightest engineers and scientists. We assure you, this is not something to be feared, but rather embraced, and not because of the economic values, but because of the way the OLIN technology will facilitate the development of a global culture.

As the OLIN technology evolves, it will increasingly become subject to individual control. In other words, individuals will become inextricably linked into the networkís entertainment and educational applications, which will become globalized. No longer will global media companies publish for a geographical market. They will produce content for a global audience and each individual will define what and how it desires to be entertained or educated.

The OLIN technology will "know" the preferences and interests of every individual linked to its network, and by the year 2016, it will be more ubiquitous than telephones in the late 20th century. Hence, the network will be controlled by individuals, and producers of content and services will be the "slave" or reactionary force of the individual. Thus, the individual will need to define their entertainment and educational desires carefully, or the OLIN technology will deliver content that is undesirable.

We know this sounds obvious and trite, but it is profoundly different than the way entertainment and education are delivered in your world of the pre-OLIN technology. The time capsules that the WingMakers have left behind will act as a template to those who operate outside of the limiting force of the genetic mind, and desire to create content for the OLIN technology even before it exists. The time capsules will show how to do this and demonstrate how to create multi-dimensional content that carries its viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.

This is how the genetic mind will fragment and become unable to exert a unified force upon the human instruments of terra-earth. When it is in this condition it will yield to the transformation/mastership model of existence and form a synthesis with it. It will transform itself, and the genetic mind will become the leader of transformation for entities upon terra-earth instead of its barrier force.

from its source -- http://www.wingmakers.com/glossary.html

Peace Success
Michael St.Clair
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Default Astro 2009-11

Here is a major new update
about 2009-2011 in approach

Astrological Analysis three years ahead

It is also mirrored in its original at http://Light-Seeds.com/Astro2009.html

This essay study features the question and issue of URANUS - ruler of Aquarius:

Simultaneously the opposites are true and this is a paradox of the constance of change brought about by the planet ruling surprises, higher technologies, astrology and the unexpected... this should answer to many of the questions this forum has brought up so far... it describes the themes of 2009-2011.

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Talking Re: Welcome Michael

thank god for you michael st.clair

much love and respect
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Default Sources & resources

Hi Friends

Having been asked by many about what kinds of sources I use/d and what resources I would suggest you can use on several topics of interest, I will develop a list in this one post over time. This is a mere introduction of the most outstanding and necessary things that come to my mind now.

So while you read this here now, it is probably not yet complete by any means, as I will update it. As is this short list will give you enough to go into deeply in your chosen subjects. In my book, I gave a number of "suggested reading" books at the end, and here I can point you to web sites.


- Read the book "Astrology for Dummies" - sufficient to understand basics

- Astro data programs http://astro.com & http://www.astrosoftware.com/

- Spiritual astrology http://www.aquariuspapers.com/

- Medieval astrology http://new-library.com/zoller/

- Political astrology http://www.neptunecafe.com/

- Financial astrology http://www.mmacycles.com/

Gold & Economy

- Jim Sinclair & Dan Norcini http://jsmineset.com

- Dr Robert Schoon http://www.drschoon.com/

- Gold http://www.321gold.com/archives/archive.php

- US Metals http://kitco.com

- Euro Metals http://proaurum.de

"Spiritual Stuff"

- Krishnamurti http://kfa.org & http://www.kfoundation.org/

- Peter Fenner Zen Master http://www.radiantmind.net/

- Jo Dunning http://www.jodunning.com/

- Lyricus Discourses http://Lyricus.org

- WingMakers http://Wingmakers.com

ETs & Cosmology

- First Contact http://www.karmapolis.be/pipeline/in...zeitlin_uk.htm

- Open SETI by Gerry Zeitlin http://OpenSeti.org A super anthology

- Anton Parks http://www.zeitlin.net/EndEnchantment/Secrets.html

- John Lash http://www.metahistory.org/

- David Talbott http://thunderbolts.info/home.htm

- Velikovsky http://Passage11.com/Strategy/Velikovsky/Contents.htm

- Marshall Summers http://AlliesofHumanity.org

- The Emerald Tablets http://earthstar.de/Contact/Thoth/Contents.htm

Ecology - Solutions & Architecture

- Earthships http://earthships.com/

- Sustainable Living http://www.solutionsforsustainableliving.com.au/

- Collections http://Passage11.com/Strategy/Eco.htm

If nothing else, on a whim, start with
The End of Enchantment

This is my list so far -
More resources will be added later.

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Default Opiníons & Reviews

The published work,

Readers Comments & Opinions

"Massive time alteration of perception."
~ Michael Donavan

An Amazing Journey of Inner-Space, June 20, 2007

This book isn't for average minds, this book isn't for above-average minds; however, this book is for extra-ordinary minds; the peaceful and spiritual warriors of planet Earth and humanity's sake! It is for the ones whom are beginning to awaken to the fact(s) that we've been lied to by multiple and various PTB's in order to control and manipulate everyone for their own service-to-self agendas.

Over the past several years, I've read and studied everything I could in regards to: The coming Earth changes, spirituality, meta-physics, religion, philosophy, psychology, conspiracy theories, extraterrestrials and suppressed technologies. In "Zen of Stars," Mr. St.Clair puts it together with amazing beauty, clarity and honesty.

Mr. St.Clair not only demonstrates, exposes, explains and shows how occult spiritual warfare is being waged against humans, which has been ongoing for thousands of years; he also provides the reader with a system and solution to protecting oneself against these occult, psychic and spiritual attacks.

I truly believe and feel life and reality is about to dramatically unravel before our very own eyes: The earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, rising water levels, economic collapse, more and expanded wars and etc. are just around the corner. Are you prepared or preparing for these events?

"Zen of Stars" is not only about physical preparedness; but also, and more so, about emotional and spiritual preparedness as planet Earth begins to shift into the 4th dimension reality: Quintessentially, this book is a road-map and compass to help humanity navigate through the rough storms and times which are shortly ahead for all of us.

~ By Roger Dovre "A Spiritual Warrior" @ Amazon.com

“St.Clair's magical work and existence is like the North Star. He is a guide and can lead you to your fullest potential – be it financial success, love, or peace – while steering you away from your darkest fears. The world is full of darkness and light... let this book show you your way to the light.”

~ Kelly Leary, M.S. (Granddaughter of Sir William Hill)

“Just wanted to thank you for making the sleeping seeds of light in me reawake through your writings...”

~ Eriksson Albin

“I have just recently returned from Russia where I was invited to speak at an international conference on nuclear physics. Anyway, when I came back I started thinking about you, and the predictions you made: that George Bush would win the election and that the ultimate theory of the universe would be discovered. It appears that you are exactly right.”

~ Russel Moon, “Proving The Vortex Theory”

“St.Clair's predictive skills could save a government its intelligence service budget. His knowledge of astrology is astounding. He has been correct in his predictions on more occasions than I care to remember. His book’s prophecies are haunting and should be on every world leader's desk. We would be well advised to listen to St.Clair.”

~ Brad Robinson, President of The Millennium Group

“If Dane Rudhyar was The astrologer of the 20th century, then St.Clair is The astrologer of the 21st century.”

~ Linn Ciesla

“St.Clair has combined his psychic recall, his command and knowledge of the history of our world, and his precise astrological calculations to bring you profound insights into the future of humanity. This work drives the force of futuristic thought and calls us to look deeper into our role in Earth’s destiny. St.Clair’s gifts are Prophetic as he was born with Mars in Gemini by ‘Arachne’ by the Ancients.”

~ Rev. Aphrodette North, PhD

“I would like to comment on your latest book… as well as your other writings: They have enabled me to keep my sanity. Thank you for confirming what many of us know in our hearts is true. Keep up your good work and we will do all we can to support your efforts from our end.”

~ Rod Palmer

“I wanted to tell you what a deep impression this book made on me. For years, I’ve been reading all kind of religious, metaphysical or philosophical works, not in a very orderly way but it is all there, the basic knowledge. Now everything I wanted to know I have in just one book. What I liked the most is the underlying feeling of compassion & empathy for all things human & the desire to give active help for understanding the changing times ahead. Thank you for moments of undiluted intellectual & spiritual bliss. Sos lo mas!”

~ Marta Pont

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Default Master of The Light

Update heads up:

Coming soon... with Jupiter in Aquarius in 2009
The Master of The Light Video DVD Presentation

Here a fascinating preliminary trailer
four minutes to enjoy & share


We estimate the full two hours DVD to become available by Summer 2009.
I would like to thank the worldwide team that is hard at work on this one.


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Default Re: Master of The Light

Hey Michael!

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the links. Very thoughtful.
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Default Networks eXpanding

There are two updated current and interactive threads under the topic "Spirituality" at Avalon Forum,
where knowledgeable astrologers and members with solution-orientated suggestions can participate.

It is recommended that everyone has studied both my books and the dialogue book "The Ending of Time" by Krishnamurti & David Bohm in order to be on the same page.

You find more new links here


Radiant Zones - times ahead

Both topics are inter-related.

My own updates are at: http://Light-Seeds.com/New.html
this blog page navigates you through all my new essays now

My new network is here: http://stclairzone.ning.com/ <<< SO U CAN FIND ME.


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