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Default Re: John Lear

Originally Posted by GoingToFast View Post
"The D-21 drone was a single engine ramjet for reconnaisance. After that accident it was mounted on B-52's. I believe that there were many successful missions over China."

How did they get the engines running on the "drone" when it was mounted on the B-52, as you can see below it had to go over M 3 to fire up, it had to be one hell of a B-52.
I wasn't there but there were obviously modifications. It is unlikely that they got 'one hell of a' B-52 up to Mach 3. You need to get a grip.

"No, it is not a coincidence. First of all it wasn't an SR-71 Blackbird, it was an A-12 modified with a back seat for the launch coordinater who was Ray Torick. Second of all they had to get the D-21 going over M 3 just to get the engine started and the A-12 was all they had. No coincidence there."

The SR-71 and the A-12 practicly are the same vehicle, get a grip man.
What does 'practically' mean? The A-12 was shorter, did not have chines, was a single seater, went faster and higher and there were several other changes.

But it was black. Maybe thats what you mean?
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