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Lightbulb The Secrets of the Illuminati and Freemasons and 2012 on DARKNESSRADIO

You can check the archive of this show on http://www.ktlkfm.com/pages/darknessradio.html.

"SATURDAY'S SHOW BEGINS AT 10:30pm Central Time due to the airing of the NFL Playoff Games.

First up we have movie reviews with Nicole Remini and a short look at National News with Bree Sanders.

Shawn Sellers, paranormal researcher and sensitive joins us for the remainder of the show.

Raised by his grandmother, best described as the equivalent of Minerva in The Midnight of the Garden of Good and Evil, his journey in the spiritual world began at a very young age from her teachings.

Her reputation and understanding of this phenomena was highly regarded as people came for miles for her consultations. His education about the paranormal and spiritual world came the way it was taught so many hundreds of years ago by word of mouth and observation. Shawn states, "I sometimes feel like my spiritual path was chosen for me before I was born."

A grandfather and uncles involved in the Freemasons also had a powerful influence on him. He became a DeMolay at 13, a Freemason, a Knights Templar, Shiner, and a member of the Hillbilly unit by the age of 21. Shawn is also a member of a few more secret societies related to Freemasonry.

Tonight Shawn will discuss the Illuminati and its Masonic connections. Do they have knowledge and understanding of 2012? What is in store for us?

Shawn says, "Something is going to happen. There is a spiritual awakening happening right now. All of these groups are and have been aware of this and the general public is starting to come awake to this change. There are dimensional doors opening. The "illuminati" know they may be able to use this change in the world to take control of society and establish a one-world order.

The Georgia Guide Stones are an example of roosters trying to warn people. Wake them up to how they should live now to protect themselves for the coming change.

UFO activity, hauntings, occult activity, etc. are all tied together. They are signs of this change and they are everywhere.

These secret societies have existed for a very long time and now their secrets are coming out."

Tune in tonight to find out more!

Shawn is a paranormal researcher who specializes in darker research, cleansings, and public speaking. He started Southern Paranormal Research in 2006, a professional and credible investigative team that uses a wide variety of investigative methods to help determine the type of haunting they deal with.

Southern Paranormal Research is comprised of paranormal researchers from all walks of life that share the common goal in investigating the paranormal phenomena and helping people with unanswered questions & strange events or happenings in their life. A team based in a strong faith in God and his powers they feel that having a strong faith in God is imperative for paranormal investigators.

Shawn hosts a weekly internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio Thursday nights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., they are on Y102 weekly, and have a monthly newsletter. They continue to work hard at becoming the best paranormal research team out there.

For more information visit his site : http://www.southernparanormalresearchers.org/"
Bill "the Doctor"
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Ravens and Doves
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Default Re: The Secrets of the Illuminati and Freemasons and 2012 on DARKNESSRADIO

Secrets Shmeekrets!!!

I've been on the mystical path all my life and am so burned out of The 297th Degree of the Mystic Holy Order of the Sacred Bouncing Yo Yo I could barf! There's nothing they know that the newest person on this list doesn't know except a lot of cryptic mumbo jumbo in Hebrew Greek and Latin all spun together with numbers and all... Secrets make power - power breeds corruption.

I can't wait until the last of the old Illuminati dies of natural causes and the rest who want hang on to world power and dusty old secrets will be dragged from their temples, tried and executed for crimes against humanity.... And I don't even believe in capitol punishment!

There's some truly nasty people in the Illumi cage. Don't jump in!

A friend once said, "just because it's old, spooky and mystical, doesn't mean it's right or good for your health." I'll add: Some of it is downright criminal hiding behind pretty robes, false teachings and religious rights.

(a respecter of Wicca and the divine feminine, NOT a Luciferian!)
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Ravens and Doves
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Default Re: The Secrets of the Illuminati and Freemasons and 2012 on DARKNESSRADIO

The Georgia Tombstones,

Something about the "georgia guidstones" gave me the creeps even before I new what was written on them.


All that pretty little verse about the environment is so when the 500 million rich, elite emerge from their secure dungeons.... and after they bulldoze our rotting corpses into mass graves and clean up the cities, they will have the world we and our families built with the sweat of our labor as their playground.

And do you think they will live simply in harmony with nature? HA!

With just 500 million people they won't have to conserve a drop. The are the very people who make billions from war and oil. It will be three Hummers for every garage.

I believe in freedom of speech, but I hope somebody sets a half ton of explosives by those uglyly stones and blows them off the planet.... just as the allies did with that big, concrete Swastika after WW2.

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2012, freemasons, illuminati

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