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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

Hey, what about this little tib-bit of info... (also- I think this will be FReZoN's flyer #3)
... maybe to do a small section on HAZMAT items that we have in our homes that are being promoted as "green/safe/etc."

poison light bulbs:

(the website has a pic of how much mercury is in each bulb)

The secret that will destroy us all

Most of you are now very familiar with these energy saving bulbs. most of you have no choice but to buy them.

How many of you feel slightly better when using them , knowing that they are better for the environment, and your fuel bills?

How many of you know that each of these light bulbs contain Mercury? your old bulbs didn't.

That's right, the highly toxic metal mercury is dangling above your head. and in every room.. the room your kids play in. the rooms you live in. there is no escaping them . everybody has them.

"Surly not enough to do Any harm though right?
Vacate the room and ventilate it for at least 15 minutes. Do not use a vacuum cleaner, but clean up using rubber gloves and aim to avoid creating and inhaling airborne dust. Sweep up all particles and glass fragments and place in a plastic bag. Wipe the area with a damp cloth, then add that to the bag and seal it. Mercury is hazardous waste and the bag should not be disposed of in the bin. All local councils have an obligation to make arrangements for the disposal of hazardous household waste"- DEFRA's advice on what to do if you drop one.

But even if you scrub and hoover the carpet, you dropped it onto, it is unlikely you will remove all the Mercury. most of it will stick into your carpet for years. leading to long term exposure to the toxic metal.

"Exposure over long periods of time or heavy exposure to mercury vapor can result in brain damage and ultimately death"- en.wikipedia.org...

Exactly how much mercury is in these things?

Most modern energy saving bulbs contain around 5 milligrams, which may not sound a lot at first. BUT it is going to drastically effect the Environment, and our way of life. it is inevitable. Many people will die. many animals will. die. vast areas will become no go zones without the proper PPE.

think about this, how many of these bulbs have you got in your home? 6? 7? 10?
How many houses are on your road? 30? now how many roads are in your village/town/city? lets say 150.

Now that's about 31,500 Light bulbs for an average, size town. THATS allot of bulbs. how much mercury is that?

well 31,500 bulbs times 5 milligrams =157.5 g of Mercury...

now when all, these bulbs are thrown out, they are going straight to the dump.
and 157.5g of mercury being thrown out say every 5 years, is not so good.

when it rains, this is creating a mix of mercury and other ****, at your local dump. many times(especially where i am) this toxic mix, will run off into local rivers/estuaries/creeks/sea/fields/ even drains.

Which is A disaster for aquatic life. and will likely eventually find its way into your drinking water. and crops...


And that is Just one Average town. think how much your county/state is throwing away each week, month, year.

Think how much your country is throwing away. it may be in its tons.

ECO_Friendly Light bulbs my ass.

The fact's are here,it is crazy that these are the new standard. there have never been so many of these bulbs on the planet before.

and countries are lining up to ban the old ones.

Its obvious, why is this being done?

Excellent post, surprised no one has posted this before! This is on the EPA websie on how to clean up after a bulb breaks.

Items needed to clean up a small mercury spill
1. 4-5 ziplock-type bags
2. trash bags (2 to 6 mils thick)
3. rubber, nitrile or latex gloves
4. paper towels
5. cardboard or squeegee
6. eyedropper
7. duct tape, or shaving cream and small paint brush
8. flashlight
9. powdered sulfur (optional)

Interesting notes:

if chidren are present make them leave the room.

After cleanup, be sure to contact the local health department, waste authority, or fire department to find out how to label and properly dispose of the cleanup.

If there are young children or pregnant women in the house, seek additional advice from your local or state health or state environmental agency.


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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

also found a good vid on chemtrails-

and another- german weatherman actually mentions that the military chemtrails have nothing to do with the weather...

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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

here are more referrence videos- hope you can find good chunks to use






and this guy http://www.youtube.com/user/aodscarecrow?gl=AU&hl=en-GB does a weekly radio show and puts together super videos... I have emailed him a couple of months back and asked to use some of his stock to do my videos (but now dont have the time to work on them) and he said I could use anything- including pieces- just for referring people to his link sites... http://thecrowhouse.com/home.html

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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

hey... you still working on your dvd project... are you lacking in any types of clips?

I have 8 days of free time starting the day after tomorrow- I can help you look- what kinds of stuff are you wanting?
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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

I'd love to see the final version of this. Fantastic material here. Would a great concept to make a bunch of copies and pass them around for the masses. This is the change we need. Well done, Shiftmonkey.
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awakening, free energy, healing, ufo

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