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Default Microchips, Implants

Here is a snippet from a shocking article I came across this morning...

"A Silicon Valley company called Proteus Biomedical is developing what it calls the Raisin system of microchipped pills to help to tackle the problems of patients forgetting or refusing to take medicines.

Each pill contains a microchip that can send data to a receiver in a patch or under the skin. This can then be analysed to alert carers if a pill has not been taken... several smart pills that can release drugs for days, months or years were being tested.

The company hopes to have the system on the market in 2011."

Taken from the article, "Microchips in tablets could monitor pills." http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/new...cle4735450.ece

Interestingly, I googled the name "Proteus" and came up with this:

"Proteus syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by overgrowth of various tissues of the body. The cause of the disorder is unknown. Disproportionate, asymmetric overgrowth occurs in a mosaic pattern...

Affected individuals may experience a wide variety of complications that may include progressive skeletal malformations, benign and malignant tumors, malformations of blood vessels (vascular malformations), bullous pulmonary disease, and certain skin lesions. In some cases, life-threatening conditions relating to abnormal blood clotting may develop including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism."


Also, I discovered that Joseph Merrick, the famous Elephant Man, has now been diagnosed with Proteus Syndrome.

Then, I stumbled onto this:

"It is technically possible for every newborn to be injected with a microchip, which could then function to identify the person for the rest of his or her life...

Implanted human beings can be followed anywhere. Their brain functions can be remotely monitored by supercomputers and even altered through the changing of frequencies. Guinea pigs in secret experiments have included prisoners, soldiers, mental patients, handicapped children, deaf and blind people, homosexuals, single women, the elderly, school children, and any group of people considered "marginal" by the elite experimenters. The published experiences of prisoners in Utah State Prison, for example, are shocking to the conscience.

Today's microchips operate by means of low-frequency radio waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted person can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Such a technique was among a number tested in the Iraq war, according to Dr. Carl Sanders, who invented the intelligence-manned interface (IMI) biotic, which is injected into people. (Earlier during the Vietnam War, soldiers were injected with the Rambo chip, designed to increase adrenaline flow into the bloodstream.) The 20-billion-bit/second supercomputers at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) could now "see and hear" what soldiers experience in the battlefield with a remote monitoring system (RMS)."

Taken from the article, " Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics."

And now.... my brain hurts.
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Default Re: Microchips, Implants

This seems to perfectly fulfill the mark of beast prophecy or in other words they will have to kill me before they put that in my right hand or in my forehead.
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Default Re: Microchips, Implants

I'm aware that this has been around for awhile, abiet more within the shadow government arena. Scary if it got that far, yet I'm optimistic. The underlying questions that often go unanswered is, why? Why is it so important to have total control over free will? The obvious answer is of course enslavement. Then there are other questions which pop to mind. Should the planet indeed go through a pole shift, this system would be a means of discovering who survived. Yet, take this to another level and one can see those who transcended into another dimension not being here. Or is this chip implantation a means of preventing dimensional shift for certain folks as their frequency resonance could possibly be altered? Is the chip implantation really from the "not so enlightened ETs" to be used as a means for enslavement? Does it cross over to soul enslavement?

So, so many questions left unaswered and to be asked. What a pandora's box this is.
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Default Re: Microchips, Implants

State Owned Hospital Plans to Implant Microchips in Babies

1) See TIME MAGAZINE, August 9, 1999. Tucked inside article about baby swapping victims at University of Virginia hospital, as a parenthetical, is news that the University of Virginia hospital plans to begin micro-chipping all newborns in their bellybuttons this month to prevent baby snatching, etc. I can tell you now, as an attorney, exactly what is shaping up.
Parents who balk at this procedure or attempt to forbid it will be the subject of Child Protective Services (Family Independence Agency in Michigan) petitions with the court to remove the infant from them on the grounds that a) they fail to offer the child necessary safety and security by denying them by reason of fanatical, "conspiratorial", paranoid,
delusional, apocalyptic beliefs, this basic protection. THey've been doing this to balking pet owners for some time now. What made us think we wouldn't be next. Even as they label people who fear the microchip implantation dangerous, they are carrying out the operations. Our people should expect to be marginalized and know how to combat it. In case you
don't get it, here is a copy below:

AUGUST 9, 1999 VOL. 154 NO. 6
Cradles of Contention
The celebrated switched girls have got on swimmingly, so why are their
elders at war?

Rebecca Chittum and Callie Conley will always be known as the switched-at-birth kids. But do they know it themselves? Depends on who's doing the raising. Becca, as her family calls her, has no inkling of the infamous switch. "She doesn't understand. It's too early to tell her," says Tommy Rogers, her "grandfather," that is, the father of Whitney Rogers, the
woman who brought Becca home from the University of Virginia Medical Center in July 1995. Meanwhile, the woman who took Callie home from the same hospital prides herself on telling her "daughter" the truth. Calling the four-year-old to the phone last week during an interview, Paula Johnson said, "Can you tell me whose belly you were born in?" Callie's reply: "In
Mommy Whitney's." Johnson continues, "And how did you come home with me?" Callie answers, "In the car."

Callie's biological parents, Whitney Rogers and Kevin Chittum, were killed in a traffic accident on July 4, 1998, just days before they would have learned of the switch. And in mourning the young parents, there had been some hope that Callie and Becca's accidentally conjoined clans could let the girls share their lives together. A month after the deaths, the Chittums and
the Rogerses, who share the care of Rebecca, and Johnson met and seemed to get along. The girls went swimming together in a family pool. Then Callie spent a week visiting Becca's extended family. "It went great," Tommy Rogers says. Both sides decreed that the girls would continue to live with all the families raising them.

Within months the truce was over. Each side filed court papers seeking custody of both girls. Johnson turned down a $2 million settlement offer from the state, saying it was not enough, and is suing the state-owned University of Virginia Medical Center for $31 million. She is also attempting to block a settlement for Rebecca reached by the Chittums, Rogerses and the state for the same reason. The case is on appeal before the Supreme Court of Virginia. Johnson's attorney, John Blakely, did not return
phone calls last week seeking comment. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend, Carlton Conley, is suing the state and hospital officials for $4 million. He triggered the discovery of the switched babies when he balked at more child support for Callie. To certify his paternity, he had his blood tested. The results: not only wasn't he Callie's father, but Paula Johnson was not her mother.

Johnson also has a lawsuit against the makers of the identification bracelets used to keep track of patients. She charges that the babies' bracelets were so loose that they slipped off their wrists and ankles. (This month the medical center will begin to implant electronic bellybutton chips on newborns. Alarms will sound if a baby is taken through restricted doors.)
Finally, two of Callie's biological aunts, who helped care for the child last summer, have filed for visitation rights.

The families have stopped talking. "Me, myself, my days of speaking to Paula are over," Tommy Rogers tells TIME. "Paula wants everything--all the money, both kids. I reckon you get greedy sometimes." Johnson has a different view.
"Things just deteriorated over time, and it's got worse," she tells TIME. "No, it doesn't have nothing to do with money, not on my part anyway." Why does she think she is entitled to custody of Rebecca as well as Callie?
"Being a mother, maybe my maternal instincts kicked in," Johnson says. "She's my daughter. I gave birth to her. I carried her for nine months. I want her, and that's that."

The two girls appear to be oblivious to the wrangling. Tommy Rogers says Becca is a backyard daredevil on her blue-and-orange Big Wheel cycle, a sparkling child with a taste for pepperoni pizza, who is "growing like a little weed." Callie, meanwhile, looks forward to starting preschool this fall. And Paula Johnson is already making the child a regular on the local
beauty-pageant circuit. Callie was recently a contestant in a Richmond pageant, winning the titles Miss Photogenic and Miss Personality. Says Johnson: "Callie's doin' real good."

COPYRIGHT © 1999 TIME INC. NEW MEDIA (researchers are permitted to present copyrighted material free)

2)See USA TODAY 8-10-99 for a other developments: a) FBI digitizes fingerprint system;
b) England lives quarantine on microchipped dogs.
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Default Re: Microchips, Implants

Hospitals to begin tagging babies with electronic tracking Micro-chips
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
Privacy advocates protest as half of Ohio birthing centers turn to
tracking technology

Posted: January 15, 2008 http://propheticnews.net/content/view/5054/29/

Over half the birthing facilities in Ohio are being equipped with an
RFID infant protection system placed on infants at birth to prevent them
from being abducted from the hospital or from being given to the wrong

"Standard protocol in the hospitals using the VeriChip system is that
the baby receives an RFID anklet at birth and the mother receives a
matching wristband," VeriChip spokeswoman Allison Tomek said. "The
mothers are not asked."

VeriChip Corp., a publicly listed company headquartered in Delray Beach,
Fla., is marketing though its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xmark, a HUGS
brand tag-and-bracelet infant security system. The RFID tag is attached
to an infant at birth by an ankle bracelet that is detected by monitors
positioned throughout the hospital.

Critics charge the VeriChip system is an intrusive technology solution
to a problem that is rare.

"The VeriChip infant security system is a technology looking for a
solution," said Katherine Albrecht, founder and director of CASPIAN,
Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering.

"Baby snatching from hospital facilities is a diaper full of nonsense,"
Albrecht told WND.

She cited a January 2003 report from the National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children concluding that of approximately 4.2 million births
per year at 3,500 birthing centers in the U.S., abductions by non-family
members are estimated at between zero and 12 per year. Of those, the
mother is re-united with the child 95 percent of the time.

"Ironically, relying on RFID technology could end up making a rare
occurrence more likely," Albrecht said. "Once hospital staffers rely on
computer systems to track the human inventory in their care, they become
less vigilant."

Albrecht is co-author along with Liz McIntyre of "Spychips: How Major
Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch
Your Every Move."

The HUGS system can detect if the RFID tag is lifted from the baby's
skin, if the ankle strap broken or if the baby's RFID tag and the
mother's don't match.

If a newborn is removed from the ward without authorization or a baby is
placed with the wrong mother, the system triggers an alarm that can
cause hospital entrances and exits to lock shut.

"The infant abductions that do occur tend to happen in larger, more
impersonal hospitals," Albrecht emphasized.

"We actually investigated an abduction that involved a baby who was
wearing an RFID ankle bracelet at the time of the abduction," Albrecht
said. "What happened was a woman dressed up in hospital scrubs. Even
though the other staffers in the maternity ward did not recognize this
woman, nobody reported her, because they thought the RFID system would
take care of any problem."

The woman figured out how to turn the RFID system off, Albrecht said,
'and she just walked right out of the hospital carrying the baby,
without anybody stopping her."

VeriChip objects, claiming its RFID anklet-and-bracelet infant security
system has prevented baby abductions. Spokeswoman Tomek, however,
declined to cite specific proof, claiming privacy issues and the need to
keep hospital security procedures confidential.

The VeriChip RFID anklets and bracelets are removed by the birthing
facility when the mothers and babies are released.

HUGS system RFID anklets and bracelets are not equipped with GPS technology.

VeriChip also produces a human implantable RFID chip that is marketed in
the health care area for chronic diseases, including diabetes or stroke,
or memory impairment illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease.

"The only viable part of the VeriChip market right now is this infant
security system," Albrecht told WND. "People in the United States don't
want the human implantable RFID chips VeriChip thought was going to be
the core of their business."

Albrecht said VeriChip hopes eventually there will be a mandatory
program such as the UK has for implanting RFID chips in prisoners."

The VeriChip human implantable RFID chip was cleared for medical use in
the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration in October 2004.

VeriChip currently has a market capitalization of about $20 million and
2006 sales of more than $27 million.
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alternative health, alternative science

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