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Default Re: Reaction to Bill Deagle's interview with Bill and Kerry

Originally Posted by orb View Post
Hi Jenny,

I am new to the forum, but one of the reasons I chose not to participate earlier is that I felt there might be some over pruning of the forums here to keep them on track. For example, I noticed a number of my comments on the Youtube videos on Bill Deagle were delete, and I am confused why, they seem level headed and not overly critical, although I am not much for his message of what I take as fear, basically.

So when a thread is deleted, what happens to my comments say that are there? Secondly, in say many open source movements very little forum pruning happens, and eventually concepts boil up to a series of issues that become part of a master document that represents the consensus of most of the participants.

With that in mind, I am not sure why one might want to prune a topic that is discussed elsewhere, it just gives another point for people to jump in on the discussion.
Hi Orb,

we seldom delete threads. Or posts from members.
We seldom edit posts.

This is a forum for all to discuss all things related to Project Camelot and Ground Crew issues.

We do try to keep topics together in 1 thread although it is hard to accomplish that.
So be it.
Sometimes a thread is moved to a more appropriate subforum.

If you think you miss comments you made in a thread maybe you want to check in your profile the statistics. It will show you all threads and posts you made.
Maybe you find your comments back.

If you still miss comments you made please PM me.
I will try to find out what happened.


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