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Default Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

It seems that the Pleiadians are preparing for our ascension into the next dimension. They are literally adjusting our vibrational frequencies to enter the new Earth. I know that sounds crazy, but this could be a clue to a connection that you have been looking for on what is going to happen in 2012.

I found a short video series on YouTube where a Brazilian Man had an ecounter with the Pleiadians recently. Here is the link.

These are exciting times. For those of you that are tuning into the new vibrational frequencies in our current universe, you will be happy to know that you are preparing for the Golden Age. Before this happens, there may be some changes on the Earth. But the outcome will be a positive one.

I look forward to being a part of the Golden Age community. Watch the video. I feel it is clue. Any feedback on this subject is encouraged. We are exploring our light bodies and we are waiting to shine to the 5th dimension.

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Chris Parson
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Default Re: Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

i'm pretty much solely dedicated to this cause. i think if people would develop their telepathy, things would move along much quicker
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Wink Re: Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

Hello readers,

Here is the english version of the last post. Quite amazing! Thanks LOCOAZ2008 for sharing this with us!

Here we go:

Zingdad: Hello, Adamu.

Adamu: Hello again, my young friend.

Zingdad: I want to converse with you again about the next apparition of the Ship of Light. We can review the material again counting all since the principle for my new friends in the forum?

Adamu: Yes, certainly. I am going to treat to count it since the principle. We of the civilization Pleyadiana are one of many races of beings that we are connected with the space. This is that we have ships that can cross the vast distances of the space. The other races connected with the space with the ones that meet and we agree a statute of Service to Other and of not intervention and so on, are guests to be join with a called organization the Galactic Confederacy of the Light. The Galactic Confederacy has been involved with its planet in quite direct form of many, many ways for all the history of the planet. Ultimately we have brought many large ships to the environment of its planet to attend with numerous subtle tasks. I can do a list of some few: to attend in the equilibrium of its magnetosphere, to counteract its destructive tendencies disabling the similar and nuclear explosions, radiating and balancing the frequencies of light that support the process of Ascent, reducing severely the negative activities of other races of the space car-servants [N. d. T. : self-serving, service to itself, in comparison with "service to other"], and so on. The list is long. The point is that we have been here in the outskirts of its planet by a long very hard time working to support them in its welfare, to weigh that you have not known about it. They know, we can work through different densities of the existence and we maintain us in different densities to his so that we are not observed. This has been important because our politics of not intervention dictate us that we cannot force our presence in a population that has not asked it, and that is not prepared for our arrival. But now, in recent years, the conscience has been changing in its planet. For many reasons. An is that there has been apparitions in its planet of other races car-servants connected with the space. They are not part of the statutes of the Galactic Confederacy and therefore they behave with impunity. Many years ago behind they did managements to achieve an agreement with the American government that basically gave access to their planet in exchange for useful military secrets. This now it has failed them. They tried to be stealthy in their interactions with the terrestrial humans but they committed many errors. Their conscience of them and of their ships enlarged quickly and they did that the population began to ask questions. Then, with the arrival of the conscience of Light to its planet, all changed radically. Simply you no longer you are willing to believe everything that its government says them. You no longer you are willing to be conducted as lambs to the slaughterhouses of the God of the fear and of the war. You think for itself and questions ask. Thus therefore, along this path you began to recall its lives among us, there in the stars. Or you they sought us with their minds. Or in a state of high conscience you opened their perceptions to our ships in the neighboring densities. As was that have been the case, you began to be conscious of us. We were expecting. Anxiously we were in charge of any that it to receive. We encouraged such contacts with subtle deliveries as the phenomenon of the circles in the crops. And little by little changed the mentality of the inhabitants of the land. And now we are here in the point where a significant quantity of the terrestrial population is list to know about our existence and they are available to the possibility that we could be Pacific, loving and with positive intentions. In spite of all the efforts of the intrigue in the power to paint us as evils and fearsome, its people is list to listen that we are well deliberate. And thus the time arrives. We are ready to do a demonstration. Thus we will do it soon.

Zingdad: Which it is the form that is going to take the demonstration?

Adamu: They can be prepared to see the overflight of a very great ship of alone light, on certain areas well populated of their planet. It will fly slowly and will be visible on those areas the sufficient thing so that they can see it well. Already not more small sparkles in the leaf stalk of the eye. This time you will be able to be stopped and to look at fíjamente. You will be able to take pictures and videos. They can call their friends and to its neighbors so that leave to see. It will be in the sky by a long time and is going to move slowly by a period of several days crossing a good part of the world so that have not neither the smaller possibility that someone try to say that is another thing that what is. The theoreticians of the marsh gas and of the globes probes finally they will have to be swallowed that. Only you will not see the ship but she is going to have an exhibition. We are going to assure that be pretty in sight and with a pleasant one and entertained exhibition of lights in its surface. Also it is going to do acrobatics. Some circuits and the like. What is going to be extremely impressive given its size. See, is a large ship the one that have chosen for this exit. To the wide thing has several of its miles [N. d. T: a mile is 1.6 Km].

Zingdad: Heck! Neither I can imagine a ship of that size in the sky.

Adamu: Yes, it was important that to choose a competent ship. See, their exact terrestrial one is plotted with other that have technology of spatial flight. This is the last thing, the last thing that they want. They will do any thing to impede that this occur, and if it they cannot impede they will do any thing to cause to abort, and if they cannot do that they will do any thing so that seem that we are assailants —invading of its planet. Then they see, we chose a very large ship and very advanced. One of the most they advanced of our fleet. This means that only we cannot repel any efforts of attack but really we can do it thus without against-attack. You will NOT see our ship to take aggressive action, without importing what occur. Therefore any provocation will be obvious for which is —an attack toward us. There will not be absolutely any possibility of confusion. But this goes still further. This ship particularly has the very notable ways attacks to frustrate capacity. We expect for nothing to be attacked. But we prepare us for each eventuality. Him more important for us —the primary objective I number one— is that nobody be damaged in him but most minimum. For this he is for which we endeavor. There is another reason that have to use a so large ship. See, its terrestrial intrigue has some ships at your service. Here I am going to use its vernacular and I am going to call them "flying saucers". These, or the horrible tin plating container gismos, but that can be confused (and at times they are it) with our ships when they are seen for its human eyes, that they are not usual to how our technology is seen. We want that you throw a good look to our technology, so that they eliminate for always the possibility that you think that those tin platings of flying sardines are ours. You are you going to recognize our ships when see it. Our ships are alive light... not tin platings. They are beautiful and elegant and completely silent. When they see them, they are going to echo in their hearts. And never more they will be confused about which is which.

Zingdad: Oh incredible! I am very enthusiastic by this now!

Adamu: Neither you imagine, my darling young friend! We are still more enthusiastic! You cannot understand how much we have desired this moment and how much work has gone in the preparations for it.

Zingdad: Then, ¿for when? Previously you said "before end of year". Since then I have found other channels and all are enough insurances of October. When, then?

Adamu: Your darling and old Adamu has returned a little more conservative in its focus that some of the other [member] of the team of the Galactic Confederacy (laughs). Yes, it is certain that we plan to do this in October but we have to take into account the demands of the moment. This is an incredibly delicate thing. We are deeply worried about what the opposition could try to do and therefore as answer we could need to change a little the date. I did not want that you to feel ashamed if you to have given a date and it had not materialized in that date. I am very conscious of your internal fight by publishing this information. Now are risking you of a new way. You put in play your own personal credibility permitting me that channel this information to your bias. Now, for the first time, is a matter of an event that is going to occur or not, what will do that the people say "the channeling of Zingdad was certain" or well "Zingdad is a little bordered —its channelings are false". I want to work with you in this with care and not to leave you put in the own doubt that could come as a result of a "prophecy" failed. For which, at any rate, I am going to confirm the plan for the middle of October but to ask indulgence by if the date has to be adjusted. Nevertheless we will be blessing its skies with our ship. That I assure it you.

Zingdad: Yes, thanks by the consideration. It turns out to be daring me to publish this. But, you know, the information that have received of you and of other spiritual beings has improved so much my life that, still when all this was false, has been still the best than I have done never.

Adamu: I am happy that you sit down thus.

Zingdad: But that is another discussion for another day. What i would like to ask now is since where will be visible the ship. In which cities?

Adamu: This is a delicate point. Will give you account that none of the channels is going to give that information. It is strategically important to maintain to the opposition guessing. They should not be capable of being prepared for this. If they had the exact locations they could be capable of being anticipated to what we plan and to do our lives a little bit more difficult one. Therefore this information will be retained until we be sure that cannot do anything on the matter. What I am going to say is this: numerous large cities will have a good view of the ship, but we will avoid areas where the retaliations of their army could cause damage to their people.

Zingdad: In agreement, I understand it. There is something that we can cause we help them with its plans?

Adamu: Thanks by doing that important question. A lot. I want to do a call to each one that read this so that: 1. Affirm first its own heart. Please, I implore, be opened to the possibility that the apparition of our ship could ONLY be a good sign. Examine the possibility that could be beings of love that come to help you and its planet to advance toward a brilliant future. Then, when the ship appear, look at. Really look at with the open eyes, the open mind and the open heart. Look at and they judge for itself which do they think that are our intention and our nature. See how do we behave. See that we have technology that is so advanced to his that you not not even to conceive it. See that we would be able, if we wanted, to take militarily to its planet without any difficulty at all. See that its army would be absolutely incapable to stop us. And they see that it do not we do. See that we do an intent of friendly approach —even loving. Simply saying "hello, neighboring". See that our intentions are friendly not because thus should be but because this is our nature.

2. If you already are ready for that or already they are with us then please they help other to recover their fears. They can cause sharing these messages channeled with all their friends. You have not to believe that our ship is going to arrive, neither they have to endorse it and to say that they believe it. Maintain intact their credibility. Share it as a point of discussion or even like a joke. But they do that their friends and family they arrive at the point to say "good, if they COME they appear, then I am willing to maintain the notion that they are friendly". Is vital for their security that have not panic. We need that to it less they be open to look at before entering panic. We need that they share this message. Simply they help to calm to the people and to avoid the panic.

3. Those of you that meditate or they pray or they are in this type of spiritual searches, I ask them kindly that work this event in their spiritual processes. For example, if you meditate, then they can visualize this enormous and beautiful ship of on top light and all the people in land looking at with happiness, with a happy expectation, amazed and with delight. But please they use any form of connection with the spirit to send positive energy of love to the terrestrial humans that be witnesses of this event. Please do it regularly. This it will be thanked. And also you to ask ¡to have a vision in dreams! Treat this: before being remained asleep in the night, they maintain with firmness the following intention: "Desire to see in my dreams the ship of light flying over the planet land and to be part of the ones that happy are witnesses of this event, and to recall this dream when awake me." Treat it. Ourselves have been placing enough solidly the images of this dream in the network of conscience so that last for long time. It would be amused for you to see it and that would help us as soon as that this would anchor in the planet still with greater force the positive associations.

4. And then, finally, in the day of the event please they be very you alert to help the people that show symptoms of extreme fear. Help them with love. We really predict that this answer of extreme fear is going to be very, very minimum. The oppressing probability is that you they witness for nothing such answer.

Zingdad: I am each time but enthusiastic! Then, Adamu, what occurs itself me to ask is "¿then what?" What is what have planned for after the overflight?

Adamu: To the inhabitants of the planet land we are going to give them a time so that they be appeased. This is going to cause a change in massive form in their conscience. When this event occur, there is a good number of beings that are in the just land now that are going to awake suddenly to its memories of who and what are. They are going to jump to the action and to do that to which they came. You are one of them. Other in this forum also they are it. This event will catalyze a massive change. Expect the implosion and the bankruptcy of its old systems based on the darkness. Expect massive changes in its planetary systems. Their financial systems and their political systems and so on they will be altered radically very quickly. Some of these changes they will bring with them some inconveniences while new and better systems are put in their place. Expect something of agitation but please ¡they bring not fear to the festival! Bring confidence and love. Be prepared to help their human brothers and they have a generous heart. These changes will be quite fast. We will be monitoring very actively the situation. If we considered the correct, necessary, opportune and of the major well, we will land and we will do contact personally. Then you they will meet themselves us and they will be able to speak us face to face. But now I do not have how to tell them when will be that. We treat with this first first event.

Zingdad: In agreement. All this is very sensational information. Thanks, Adamu.

Adamu: My darling friend. I am I who thanks you. What do now to remove this information is of great aid. You believe that a small number of people is going to read this but you not yet understand how the conscience functions. This is powerful so that not yet you understand. It wanted also to say that this action —our overflight, our final arrival among you, is in response to its innumerable and senses requests. Almost each inhabitant of the surface of the planet has shouted us for aid, in a time or in another, of some way or another. By a positive intervention. They have begged to it skies or to the angels or to God or to the "men of the space" or to someone, to any, that come and help them to clean the disaster that was being done of its planet. Good, if you they understand it correctly, then we the of the Galactic Confederacy are Beings of the Light, we know our Uniqueness with the Source. We are in harmony with the energy Crística, we are part of what you call the angelic kingdoms. We go, I dare to tell it, ¡to answer its prayers! My final thought is this. Since our perspective we know that this is certain. You are we. This is really certain for us in the fundamental and deepest level. You are so much our children and our parents because you come from inside from our conscience and you they help us to amuse us ourselves by their actions. And you are One with us inasmuch as we are intimately connected by being part of the Unit of the All. Then, that said, only we can desire the best for you. We love them more than what we would be able to express with words.

Zingdad: I feel that, Adamu. Really I feel it. Also I love you. Thanks by this communication.

Adamu: Thanks, my friend. It continues expanding your Light while you advance. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Zingdad: Well. Here is. Now ¿what is what your intuition says you? Is this correct? Is going to occur? You are going to expect to see? Please it understands that specifically I do NOT expect that you create blindly in the noises that emanate of my head. You are the one that carry your truth. If you believe that this they are not more than foolishnesses that I invented to entertain me, really I am on good terms with it. If you want to discuss it then I invite you to the neighboring thread (of the forum). Love and laughters.

If anyone can reveal the source or website of this information, that would be helpful. This may correspond to the October scenario. So keep bringing in the messages from the Pleiadians - our Light family

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Default Re: Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

Very Good Copy Here (maybe original?)

Zingdad: Adamu speaks - by Zingdad on Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:42 pm
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Anja Morit
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Default Re: Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

Wow, thank you so much for sharing this channeled info, Great stuff!
It harmonizes with the Law of One material extensively.
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Default Re: Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

Cool. Thanks for the sources of that information. Good Stuff. Good Stuff.
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Default Re: Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

Originally Posted by Pithiny View Post
Very Good Copy Here (maybe original?)

Zingdad: Adamu speaks - by Zingdad on Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:42 pm
That was good
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Default Re: Pleiadians are HERE with us NOW

Chek out http://eceti.org which is James Gilliand's ranch. He has UFos flying all the time as well as energy burst and orbs. He also has been contacet by several ETs, especially the Peladians.
Bill "the Doctor"
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2012, ascension, contactee, pleiadian

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