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14 Chakras
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Lightbulb 350,000 Years of Earth history & BE-yond: The Great Work

I have a blog that so far I have just put a few of my post from this forum on. Except for my newest post, it's not from this forum, so I will share it here like I have shared some of my post from the forum there.

This is not everybody's cup of tea, it's my cup though, maybe another will enjoy tea with me so we can make a pot together.

Here is the first portion, it is quite long, so you can click here to read it all http://www.schoolroomearth.com/human...y-and-be-yond/, or start with the first portion to see if you wish to read it all below:


The following is a transcript of a recent skype chat I had with a friend. I’m “M”, my friend is “K”. Perhaps you will enjoy as I feel this is worth sharing.


M: Ok, so I’ll take a shot at explaining Great Work summary, history, where we’re at, how we got here, and what the plan is, noting importantly that there is always infinitely More, and this is just one view into the full Truth. Sound good?

K: Excellent – been out of the loop too long so have forgotten

M: Well, this I figure I should write out in a word doc, long layered complex…brief summary? Note, this understanding is an ongoing process, not a final Truth. This is my current understanding at this time, and I expect it to become much more detailed and filled in and understood over time, but this is where we’re at.

Lemuria , also known as “Mu” or the Mother continent was the home to the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden may have been known by some at the time as Maitreya’s Mystery School of Oneness.

K: Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, please share the full story.

M: Lemuria was where the Gods walked hand in hand with the people. Humanity lived in their Divine state of grace, where their karma was transmuted by their spiritual teachers. The Divine Beings led the civilization, empowering each individual. Our needs were fulfilled from our source within us, we lived much longer lives.

14,000 years I would guess before the fall, this is ancient history here. We were not in the third dimension. Everything was lighter, the Earth was bigger, everything was vibrating faster, but all of it is tied to our consciousness. Well…

K: Why do I know this?

M: Earth was a pure place… but there were some beings there who were not totally of the light, I don’t understand the exact mix, but essentially it was very good but not yet heaven, because the whole world would need to ascend all the way to the spiritual realms before it was always heaven everywhere..

M: ok that’s kind of another story.

M: Now let’s get back on this linear one.


K: There was a dude there who started off on his own tangent and was playing in areas that should not have been played in and that was where Lucifer came into being.

K: A being with supreme knowledge and an ego that took over and that was when they started off on the wrong path – away from the light and at that point human beings were denied the ability to know and practice what the beings of light were teaching them. Am I on the right page here?

M: Well, as I said there is always more, so we can always simplify things and it may have some truth from one perspective, but the story as I understand it is very complex… many more layers than this.

In the explanation you gave, for me the key thing to focus on, is that the people were not denied their connection to the masters by anything outside of themselves. They literally had to by their own free will fall for the temptations to accept illusions of separation into their energy fields

K: Yes – and because of ego they did.

M: And these illusions eventually hit a critical mass and by their own illusions they were separated from the masters.

K: Now that makes sense.

M: The ego was created when this illusion of separation occurred and it took over and has been running the show ever since.

K: Exactly.

M: Everything has consciousness, even the darkness…it is temporary, the darkness, but in the meantime it has consciousness. So it was our illusions that basically took on a life of their own and we refused to acknowledge our mistakes to our spiritual teacher, to the masters, and by our own free will separated ourselves from the kingdom. And the ego made these decisions for us, because we were not willing to shine the light on it and take back control of our own consciousness

M: So Now is a good time to start doing that… taking back control, owning up to who we are, to the mistakes we’ve made, and surrendering to the still small voice within, making it our voice. We are not the ego, we are the Christ.

So that’s really the key, all the cosmic history stuff is very interesting… from a science fiction kind of perspective…but really it comes down to us connecting to who we really are, to the I AM within, and we will literally experience Truth at the right time. Rather than memorizing some story, that is really just an outer story, that is always limiting.

But that being said, I will continue if you wish…

Ok, so essentially, Truth is cosmic. Unfortunately, Earth is not the only fallen place in God’s creation. In fact, it has even been told to us that the Milky Way, is called “Milky” because it is fallen and there are so many illusions in the whole galaxy that it is not clear, not pure, it is murky, hard to see Truth, see the light.

So here’s where things just get cosmic…and there are layers, so which ones to try and cover? But I will stick with the Sci Fi bit, which is out there, but important in the big picture…

Well first, the war in heaven is important to understand in the realm of ‘the God’s’, the spiritual realms.

K: Can I ask something?

M: Yes.

K: Why are these beings still so patient with us? Why are they still willing to help when we have completely turned away from them? Is it because we have the ability to destroy not only earth but the entire system revolving around earth – other beings being destroyed when they should not be – surely it would be easier to just end humanity?

I know love is the root of all things – but when you have a cancerous growth you remove it to save the whole being.

M: Why are these beings still so patient with us? Because they are us.

You can read the rest of it here:

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Arrow Re: 350,000 Years of Earth history & BE-yond: The Great Work

I read through some it pretty interesting do they have this in video form.
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Default Re: 350,000 Years of Earth history & BE-yond: The Great Work

Thanks Michael for posting it here also. I shall get back to you with some info soon...

~ Espavo ~
~ Dan
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Default Re: 350,000 Years of Earth history & BE-yond: The Great Work

Thank you 14 Chakras for the above information. Once again you have given me much insight, is there more?

Love and friendship
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2012, anunaki, niburu

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