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Default Glue and other material for mending broken things

Things break, and when the shops are out of stuff, or things are not being manufactured anymore, then you need to have some stocks of equipment and materials at hand in order to mend broken stuff.

Here is a little list to get you thinking. Please feel free to respond with any stuff I left out or further ideas:

Consolidated list so far
  • Duct tape. (Duck tape). "Gaffer tape" I am sure the universe is held together with this stuff really. Expensive, but very useful to have on hand in an emergency.
  • Glue - There are many kinds, have a broad spectrum of different glues that are suitable for a wide range of materials. Sniffing mentioned as an alternative use. To include “Shoe goo” - Unified Serenity
    (NB: Technically this is regular polyurethane glue ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoe_Goo ) , but it is a good example of the kinds of reasons you need to have a good range of different types)
  • Araldite - ensure your selection contains Araldite (Epoxy Resin) - for when you have the time to let it cure, this is hard to beat as a glue. If it can bond concrete joins in the Sydney Opera house, then you can be sure it will be good for mending your stuff ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Araldite )
  • Epoxy putty - this is a putty that comes in two parts like Araldite - when mixed it starts the epoxy curing process. Very strong, and can be waterproof. Universal mending agent - bit like duct tape.
  • Hot glue - my favorite, with a glue gun like this http://www.justtools.com.au/prod855.htm there is not much you cant stick - other brands are available, no preference, they are all good! Get lots of glue sticks!
  • Wire. Give me wire and duct tape and I can fix anything – sleepingnomore, (also wire coat-hangers!)
  • Screws & nails - shred, should probably add nuts and bolts to this as well
  • Tie wraps (Zip Ties) – Dantheman62
  • Needles and thread. Sewing awl for leather and heavier materials. Fabric glue and iron-on mending tape or iron-on patches for patching. – Jnana
  • A heavy duty staple gun and staples. Don't forget a heavy duty pair of scissors and a knife sharpener – sleepingnomore
  • Sellotape http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sellotape
  • Electricians PVC tape
  • Self annealing tape
  • Rolls of aluminimum foil
  • String

Thanks for the contributions - really good - if there are any more, keep them coming..


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